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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 06:01 AM
I will be posting some cross subject philosophy/theosophy/alt-science threads which have implications that cross into other sub factors of each. I figured it be best to post the general philosophy body in the philosophy fora. However as each subject co-linearly utilises each in describing and laying forth scaffolding for furthering the articulation of epiphanies that will further discussion on the main body, I think some topics that are very science oriented would be best posted in the science forum and then linked back to the main philosophy thread. Also I will copy and past some info I myself have posted on other sites (they all have citation to sources both books/documents and websites but they are all reworded by me.) Am I correct in believing this is acceptable in relation to the below rule.

No Big-Quotes: Please edit-down posts you quote to just the important parts as it greatly improves the readability of your response. [all parts of the posts are Important] do you wish for me to still quote the website I originally post on?

These epiphanies are principles that I have come to understand through direct cognition; visual impressions and intuitive knowingness of what they mean during spiritual experiences. I have had many people who know me personally, suggest that I hold workshop's.


1. I cant charge. (I will explain later why this is)

2. In a workshop setting some people are not always ready to delve into the facets of these bodies at the same pace even though they may all be interested, each individual must take the information in at a frequency that is manageable for them.

3. If an individual finds that a certain notion is to wacky then they will likely (and it is advised to) cease entertaining the further articulation of the epiphanies that centre on the notion. Once you understand a concept completely you cannot remove it from your mind, you can only unlearn the notion that it is the truth, one achieves this by learning something that is closer to truth which nullifies the principles previously learnt.

When potent content is written and presented the author has the responsibility to not entice the reader to wade through concepts that are not of their current level of understanding or relevant, in order to get to something of interest that they can fathom. As such the author who writes responsibly indicate the notions of which will be presented in a given topic so the reader may discern carefully as to whether they are up for the dive.

Thanks for hosting a great site.

Having said the above I may now lay forth a couple of pertinent notions:

First why Iwill\ not charge for my epiphenomia. I feel unable to concede to sophism with these epiphanies i.e. sophists are people who place a condition of pay before you receive spiritual/consciousness enhancing related services. Rather than trust that their services will be rewarded by the gratitude and supportive service of people who benefit from them. This is the law of unconditional love. Service unto others without expectations, the effect of such attitude if not immediately, will eventually be met with the inverse of the connotation of selfless service that is usually interpreted by the statement. However its a double negative; if one has no expectations it also means they have no expectation of not receiving reward, thus rendering themselves as a receptacle for reward. It is true that it is a stance that must be ardently maintained, and one who is used to the proxy method of the monetary system will have to de-program themselves if they have been charging for spiritual services. This is not judging others, but simply sharing what I intuitively perceive as fact. Which is, the highest potential that one can attain of which contributes to the whole/highest intent, is compromised to an extent when ones motives are centred on the survival sacral chakra. The healing as in reki will simply not be as effective. One must come from the heart unconditionally; this is not to say that one who comes from the heart and knows this cannot be to some extent centred on this high intent whilst also having a non-conditional bracket of expectational re, if they know they can remain open to heal one whilst being certain that it is worth what ever the client can offer in monetary or supportive means i.e. repayment by sharing something of value (even at a later time), ex. Taking their healer out for lunch/dinner. It costs nothing to love another that is broken and in need of healing, so that they may in time learn to do the same for others.

Where my own position is concerned, is that the epiphanies I offer for enhancement of awareness, may help others shed old perceptions which have kept them in mind frames that squander contentedness. However the intent behind the purpose of sharing these understanding is compromised when one demands reward first.

continued next post

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 06:04 AM
reply to post by Spiratio
Now in reagrds to point 2:
“In a workshop some people are not ready to delve into the facets of these bodies at the same pace...”[i/]

If you have ever noticed a presenter cough and/or continually clear their throat during their speeches, this is one of the reasons; they are simply offering too much information (however it is always wise to be conserved in assumptions) insincerity and lying are the others (of coarse this applies to all other common discussion settings in general.) Insincerity can also be present in a passive manner when one should probably say something in assertion but chooses not to.

In all cases the throat chakra will lag in capacity to stay equilibrated and essentially is alerting the individual/s in the situation that.

A. Insincerity is a foot.
B. A person is lying
C. The person is unable to discern, they are proliferating info at an unmanageable rate to others, thus the collective vibe of the emotional atmosphere and themselves by proxy of the immediate radiation collective consciousness, is lowere.

The cough occurs in relation to these causes, because the human EMF/Bio-plasm/Auric field, is a number of Torus (twin north & south vortex) fields all stacked within one another.

A Torus

They all oscillate/vortate at various wavelengths and all have an input output along the shared prime vortexual (vertical) axis (pranic (life force) tube.) The input output of each stacked Torus are the chakras which are smaller Tori that align their corresponding Vortexual axis perpendicular( horizontally) vortating from front to back whilst the central point of their axis crosses along the prime vertical vortexual axis of the overall Auric field. The Pranic tube receives prana in through the north end of the Auric fields vortical axis and the chakras receive it as it comes down.They then spin it through into the voluminous cavity within the Auric fields envelope. This cavity then becomes saturates with life force and the body resides healthily within this energy field as it serves as a carrier wave for matter. When psychelogical debris is acquired from mundanity and cynicism the throat chakra contracts so that the debris only circulates on the mental layer of the aura (in the sub-conscious for most) i.e. the third eye. The contracted throat chakra does not inhibit the pranic energy from moving into the rest of the bodies chakras as it still passes through the neutral point of the throat chakra, but because the mental energy is unable to circulate beyond and through the heart, it radiates out back to the source of its cause i.e. the individual/s who proliferated the thought forms externally through their own voice. As this occurs the responsible individuals will have their own throat chakra bombarded with the negative frequencies leaking out of the throat chakra of persons inflicted, as the chakra is no longer containing and circulating useful energy it is filtering and rejecting unuseful energy back to the resonant cause. As this occurs the inflicter's own throat chakra begins to be slowed in vibration, (not contracted just slowed down in charge) and the EMF of their Aura in that spot cannot repel the Auric/EMF charge of bacteria so easily. This is the prime cause for sickness. The inflicter's own thoughts/words do not effect their own throat chakra i.e. cause it to contract, because their 3rd eye is closed (contracted) thus vivid impressions do not hamper their conciousness only their sub consciousness. But individuals whom are very imaginative are. In most sociological circumstances a sensitive individual radiates inflictions back out to many individuals who are collectively responsible, so the inflicter's do not get sick as they all share the responsibility to receive the unuseful energy. It is usually only in cases that an individual actively seeks to inflict a specific person that sickness will occur.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 06:04 AM
reply to post by artura

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