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Grand Conspiracy

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posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 04:41 PM
This is a grand conspiracy that covers all conspiracies and effects mostly people who seek the truth. This conspiracy is perpetrated by large corporations, governments, and even individuals. And the reason proving this conspiracy is so hard is because all participants act independent of each other. There are no direct ties among the conspirators and this is what cloaks the truth behind it all so well.

What is this conspiracy that is so wide spread and hard to see you ask? It is the conspiracy of conspiracies and the paranormal.

From the dawn of written history, and probably before then, mankind has told stories, had legends, and been fascinated by the unknown due to our curiosity. For thousands of years religion and stories filled us with wonder, then came the printed word. Over the last several hundred years new aspects came into play. Books stop holding vital data and started existing just to tell stories. Comic books, novels, non-fiction, things that fascinate the mind. Few would argue humans are not an inquisitive species.

This is the foundation for the Grand Conspiracy.

The UFO, Paranormal, and all the other conspiracy related fields are fakes. They are fables, and stories, and accounts of improvable events. Natural humans are drawn to these. And this is where capitalism took over. Publishers of books and websites brining in large amounts of money for the stories once told around the camp fire for free. Books and videos offer “evidence” and conclusions without having taken steps through logic. But logic isn’t needed to fascinate a person, to entertain them. Logic and the scientific method only comes into play when looking for the truth, not when selling a book.

Just like the tobacco companies these people and groups profiting from conspiracies want to get the kids hooked so they make better buyers as the grow up. While public schools in many countries have serious issues it is the first chance to learn logical thinking, the scientific method, critical thinking, and a general sense of how to find THE TRUTH. So if you can flood a young mind with an innate distrust of stable governments and teachers and build trust in books and media, then you have a customer who will never catch on and stop buying things.

This is not to say aliens and ghost and the lock ness monster aren’t real. However if logic and proper thinking could determine if these things are or are not factual. If people do not have the tools to truly know then it doesn’t matter if they are real or not, people will still keep buying the books. If the TRUTH was known there would be no need for books on conspiracies. It is ignorance that drives the industry.

So, I ask everyone here on ATS to DENY IGNORANCE and not buy books that claim to seek the truth yet profit from the unknown. Rather seek out free information, while even if incorrect, is not profiting from ignorance. Go to free libraries, learn everything you can, including what you may think is a lie.

Most of all, teach yourself logic and critical thinking. Start to see through the haze of capitalism that lives off of avoiding the real truth, logic.

(BTW, does ATS advertise for profit or at cost?)

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 06:38 PM
i think ATS advertises to just cover costs of the site. that would be the logical conclusion

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 06:54 PM
I believe in "a grand conspiracy" but disagree that your request would further knowledge.
- - - - -

This reminds me of a kid-school story:

Every kid in class had to bring something for a science project. All had made their presentations- from light bulbs using batteries to vinegar and soda making expansive foam.

Johnny was last (naturally). He went to the front of the class and held up a metal thermos bottle. He untwisted the top and out came hot coffee. Smiling he replaced the lid and went back to his seat.

The teacher, looking perplexed asked him what he thought he had just shown.

“Oh teacher, its easy. This bottle has a mind of its own and doesn't need any electricity or batteries to work.” He smiled.

The teacher was exasperated. “What do you mean? How can you say that?”

“Well teacher, you put in hot stuff and hot stuff comes out. You put in cold stuff and cold stuff comes out.” He smiled again.

At the point of tears the teacher said,” so what? What does that show?”

Beaming with self-fulfilled satisfaction because Johnny only believed what he personally saw and never bothered to read anything he proclaimed, “how do it know?”

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