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Space Shuttle and defeating Gravity

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posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 03:57 PM
First off hello all i just joined today, been a lurker for a long time and "finally" decided to join, but anyways to my question .

About 10-15 yrs ago there was a tech race between the US and Japan scientists to develop a " super conductor" material...the US won the race but the Japanese are actually experimenting with it.

This was announced on live TV at that time and what they showed just blew me away, they shot liquid nitrogen? to a small disk of this new material and it floated !

It didnt cancel gravity completly but canceled out some of its effects and this was on live TV at the time.

Now this stuff has to be reduced to subzero temps fast and sustained to get this effect...At that time

That said they have now refined this tech to where you get this super conductor property at close to room temps.

So my big question to you gurus out there is why hasnt Nasa looked into this stuff to reduce the launch weight of the shuttle?

Doesnt it have a liguid nitrogen tank on it at launch already?

Think about the possibilities if this stuff could be used for our space fleet and regular aircraft and floating cars.

Anyone have any new info on this or has it just died into oblivion?

posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 04:12 PM
This technology is indeed being investigated by NASA and many other organizations and corporations.

The issue here is that it is not covered by the media or activly publicised by the researchers. One thing people often forget is that when you read an article in a journal or something in a news source it is probably much after the fact when it comes to science. For example, some of the research I did took 4 years of work yet no one except myself and 3 other people knew of any of it til we released our data and published.

Also, any breakthroughs would be carefully guarded secrets no matter who was doing the research. Until one is ready to stake claim to a technology or discovery you try to keep it to yourself. This is how a lot of science and technology works in a capatilaistic society.


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