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not many earthquakes today

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 05:33 PM
I check for earthquakes regular for the last 6 months and today seems real calm almost to calm on a normal day there are atleast 15-20 quakes around the world with a ave variation of 3-5 that show up on the map today there are only 7-8 for the last 24 hours showing up.
Thats the site i use not sure if theres a better one than that if so leave a link. I'm not sure if i'm the only one who finds the lack of normal movement strange but could it be building pressure somewhere? Only time will tell

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 05:34 PM
I noticed the same thing. Is it the calm before the storm?

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 05:38 PM
I personally believe its the earth concentrating her efforts towards el hierro, which is oddly not recognized on usgs as well.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 05:48 PM
According to, there has been an active swarm of quakes in the eastern Mediterranean. Also, California and Nevada have been shaking with little quakes like crazy. Virginia had a 3.0 within the last 24 hours.

The area that was very active, the western Pacific, is relatively quiet today.

I don't like the USGS site, they don't give you the same info as the global incident site.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 05:57 PM
I'm wrong then must just be a USGS problem. the site you linked shows quite a few for the day and its in a better layout also quick and ez to read. thank you for the link

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:00 PM
Maybe it's just a quiet day, ever thought of that one?

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by FissionSurplus

That is because Global Incident download from USGS and from EMSC, and probably Geofon. USGS is hardly going to display EMSC quakes.

I agree with you that the combined sites are better basically because they give a wider view.but remember this:

USGS list 1.0+ in the US and 4.5+ in the rest of the world
EMSC list 2.0+ in Europe and 4.0+ (I think) in the rest of the world.

Neither of them list Australia and New Zealand, or cover quakes under 4.0 in places of importance such as Chile.

If you want USGS, EMSC and New Zealand quakes directly to your computer with alerts including audio alerts then take a look at QVS Data - free - which runs on Windows. It is only beta at present. See the links in my signature.

reply to post by warsight

Not USGS 'problem' - see above. By the way the list you were looking at was not a full list anyway.

You might want to look at the USGS map site:

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

I was just going to comment on this in the quake thread. So Puterman, is USGS having issues, or has there really NOT been a quake globally above a 3.5 or over 2.5 in the US in over seven hours?

Because THAT is unusuall.
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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:07 PM
Ever since the quakes here in Christchurch, i've been following avidly. However there is no reason to worry yet, we have had quiet periods like this before.

Personally I do not see any area that has had a lack of movement when i look at earthquake 3D over the last seven days.

However if I had to pick a spot that seems a bit odd, I'd say look towards Greece. Had atleast 4 large quakes in the past fortnight going from nothing in recent months. Maybe a big one is due there?

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:09 PM
It's been quiet in Cali for a while now. I've seen it peak over 800 many a time. For the past week and a half we dipped from about 600-700 a week to a little under 400. Could buildup some pressure and make some larger quakes. Or not.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by westcoast

I see 4.8 quakes. Here you are in magnitude order

Date/Time UTC,Latitude,Longitude,Magnitude,Depth(Km),Location
2011-10-12 08:59:56, -3.796, 100.549, 4.8, 32.0, Kepulauan Mentawai Region. Ind.
2011-10-12 03:00:47, -26.731, -178.046, 4.8, 56.7, South Of The Fiji Isls.
2011-10-12 14:51:15, -0.369, 124.124, 4.6, 76.7, Molucca Sea
2011-10-12 10:54:34, 18.519, -106.660, 4.4, 10.1, Off Coast Of Jalisco. Mexico
2011-10-12 08:44:20, 50.058, -176.165, 3.8, 4.2, Andreanof Isls.
2011-10-12 10:01:31, 18.867, -64.852, 3.1, 53.6, Virgin Isls. Region
2011-10-12 16:40:00, 37.940, -77.983, 3.0, 4.1, Virginia
2011-10-12 05:20:44, 60.393, -150.758, 2.7, 74.9, Kenai Peninsula. Alaska
2011-10-12 20:46:16, 59.580, -153.967, 2.4, 195.4, Southern Alaska
2011-10-12 15:56:52, 38.811, -122.814, 2.4, 1.9, Northern California
2011-10-12 14:41:32, 32.694, -115.401, 2.3, 16.5, Mexicali-Calexico Urban Area. California
2011-10-12 01:47:54, 32.798, -116.155, 2.3, 5.6, Southern California
2011-10-12 21:06:22, 61.383, -146.474, 2.2, 15.3, Southern Alaska
2011-10-12 17:58:56, 36.123, -114.823, 2.2, 3.5, Nevada
2011-10-12 15:45:58, 36.095, -117.848, 2.2, 2.5, Central California
2011-10-12 03:02:44, 35.365, -92.256, 2.2, 4.6, Arkansas
2011-10-12 21:07:54, 35.358, -92.273, 2.1, 5.9, Arkansas
2011-10-12 18:11:33, 32.617, -115.685, 2.1, 10.5, Baja California. Mexico
2011-10-12 17:15:27, 60.969, -147.016, 2.1, 23.8, Southern Alaska
2011-10-12 16:18:53, 35.357, -92.253, 2.1, 3.6, Arkansas
2011-10-12 16:24:58, 36.083, -114.763, 2.0, 5.2, Nevada
2011-10-12 00:55:23, 32.803, -116.153, 2.0, 5.6, Southern California

Mm. just noticed you said in 7 hours. No probably not. But this is October and the Hunters Moon. Mother Nature is just playing tricks on the Moon/Earthquake aficionados!

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On this day (12th) One Year Ago

Date/Time UTC,Latitude,Longitude,Magnitude,Depth(Km),Location
2010-10-12 12:02:56, -20.430, -173.920, 5.9, 10.0, Tonga
2010-10-12 12:02:55, -20.485, -173.950, 6.1, 9.9, Tonga
2010-10-12 12:01:10, -20.353, -174.196, 5.5, 23.2, Tonga
2010-10-12 12:01:08, -20.340, -174.220, 5.6, 10.0, Tonga
2010-10-12 10:21:35, -4.936, 133.722, 5.9, 9.9, Nr. S. Coast Of Papua. Ind.
2010-10-12 10:21:34, -4.910, 133.760, 6.0, 2.0, Nr. S Coast Of Papua Ind.

So yes quieter than last year

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:41 PM
I was checking usgs for awhile but stopped. if they happen they happen, if they dont they dont. I dont know if we will ever really be able to tell.

last night I had a dream that Arkansas will get hit with earthquakes this weekend. pretty sure nothing will happen. the best way to guarantee something will not happen is to predict it.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:45 PM
Have you checked out how much are happening around Greece. USGS are not reporting on them , but this site below are. Immm

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by aarys

USGS are not reporting them because they are under Mag 4 and they are in Greece.

Simple as that.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

Thanks for that. That will be why they are not reporting them. Still there is alot of activity there.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by aarys

Yes there is a fair bit. It would be so nice if all the centres reported all the quakes, or if there was one global centre that reported them all. I am working on it.

I currently have USGS, EMSC, GeoNet and JMO (Japan) and Chile and Iceland are just about done. Then I have plans to collect Greece, Iran, and Canada even though Greece is covered by EMSC.

Then all I need is a server and a website!!

Ah pipe dreams I guess. Can't afford that sort of bandwidth. You can imagine the hits it would eventually get.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by PuterMan

Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah. I can imagine. However, in all the time I've been serving up (The Yellowstoner) through a cable modem, I haven't really had bandwidth problems because of it. Let me look up some stats... odd, the hits seemed to go up nearly an order of magnitude on March 11th for some reason... March was the busiest month this year by a factor of 2, yet there was only 41 GB sent out during the whole month (2.2 million hits), even with all those enormous seismograms. So running your own web server out of your bedroom over a cable modem is definitely doable; the power of the server itself probably has more of an effect than the size of your netpipe. I wish I had more than just Yellowstone under observation now; I should've designed the thing with the whole world in mind... but I do have a toy or two generating fun things just for me, like... where'd I put it... yes. I can make things like this animated GIF showing every mag-7.5+ quake since 1980:
But all I have to go on is whatever USGS filters out to the NCEDC. It's my only data source, but if I have geographic data, mapping it's easy. Maybe we should join forces...

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 11:50 AM
PS, OP: yes, 10/12 was freakily-quiet. Almost unprecedentedly-so. And that scares every geo-scientist. My skin is still crawling...

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