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The “elite” is a brand!

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 01:06 PM
I was thinking about how often I hear about how the elite did this and bankers did that. This I have started to notice poses one or two negative drawbacks that I felt I should mention if not only to remind.
So first of, why do people start a company or brand?

I would say it has a lot to do with attracting or dissociating another with interest depending on the intentions. Creating a company lowers the risk to the individual and a brand can be thrown away and reinvented if contaminated.

Now obviously it is a lot easier to group rather than name individual people but those causing these issues will not absorb the consequences of their actions when we continue to jab them with such a broad brush. At the moment I feel myself among a lot of us are projecting our anger at an image that eventually will/is being reinvented due to the obvious growing contamination. This worries me considering many recent events and certain people gaining huge popularity which could potentially be a rebranding to at least temporarily glossy over the exterior.

Now another point I wanted to make is, despite what many might think, those in power probably don’t want to murder and destroy civilisation for the sake of it. A lot of the issues are obviously from greed; however, I think we have other serious problems at hand. Once you are high enough up the ladder of military or pharmaceutical companies for example life will obviously be very different. Friends will most likely be of the same mentality and unfortunately the perception is likely to change which is an issue in my opinion far great than any policies changes etc.

If we want changes to how people in those positions affect us we not only have to take away power but also realise who the enemy is. I myself will be doing more research as for too long I have been accusing the rockerfellla, feds, banks, tptb, elites etc. These corps are well aware of branding obviously and I think it’s apparent they are using thing brands for more hidden motives. Some form of associating real people with real problems is needed because what happens when a political party messes up for example. They move over for a new brand only to re-emerge but they still exist, and will have power.

If I’m honest I’m not trying to get at anything particular aside from ask yourself this the next time you bring up one of those terms mentioned; Do I even know who the [enter label here] are?

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