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LED looking orb- My story

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 04:38 PM
I’d like to start by saying that my fiancé and I are not drug users or hoaxers. We are both blue collar worker ants who had never talked about ufo’s or orbs before in our 4 years together.
On October 17 of 2009 my fiancé and I went to the everglades in florida to watch stars. She loves the study of stars and for one birthday, she bought me a star and named it in my name. It was a very clear night that night in march. She drove us in her Toyota yaris. We live together in Miami and had never visited the everglades together before.
The everglades at night is extremely dark. You cannot tell how far things are from you because it is just a vast open space of swamps and low lying brush. It is about 30 miles from city lights also.
We parked in an area with no obstructions, no trees, no camping grounds, etc. we were near a small pavilion about the size of a small shed, about 20x20 feet that had benches where park rangers give presentations with the vast open-ness as a back drop behind them.
We got out and looked at stars, pointed them out, etc. Keep in mind we are alone. No one near us for miles. Its about 10:30 at night. The nearest camping grounds are atleast 5 miles away in the park. We were out there about 45 min. There was nothing out there except that pavilion, benches and maybe a garbage can. Her car was about 25 feet from where we walked to, turned off.
Here is where it gets good. We got into her car, she turned it on and she began to reverse. We had both windows down to see behind us and she stops the car after moving backward about 2 feet, looks out my side (passenger side) and says “what the hell is that?” I look at her looking out my window and what we see is a small bright white what appears like 10 feet from the car.
Im going to describe the light as a 1 LED keychain light. It was bright, glaring, but it did not illuminate the ground around it. We couldn’t tell how far it was away because of how darn dark it was out there was no way to know my bearings. Kind of like SCUBA diving at night. What we do know is that this thing was about 4 feet off the ground, motionless, and made no sound. As I mentioned, it looked as if someone turned on their LED keychain light on from a distance but it wasn’t strong enough to illuminate us, but since we were looking straight at it, it was glaring to our eyes. It did not blink, it was a constant on.
It gets even stranger, I had on me a pen light that my fiancé uses to examine her patient’s eyes ( we used this to read the constellations for the night). I shined this weak thing towards the light and then it split in two, like it duplicated it self exactly! It was now two LED looking lights about what looked like 6 inches apart laterally, looked like a pair of white LED eyes. They still were perfectly still, did not move up nor down. That’s when my girl quickly put her car into drive and stepped on it. This all happened in no more than 10 seconds.
Up to that point I had never had any experience like that. I only gave the probable chance we were not the only beings in existence. I have done much research since then and I now KNOW we are not alone. This thing was probably an orb. From what I have read these things are spiritual beings. I know now that besides us there are many other things out there that are physical beings and not physical. My now wife and I spread this experience with others so much we’ve been told we’re evangelizing science fiction. My answer as always is science fiction is real. I see now why there will be no disclosure ever because the world will freak out if what they have been told was make believe all of their life is now real.
This story right here is one of the reasons I joined ATS. I read the posts with an open mind because of my experience. I read the posts here and never doubt anyone’s story or credibility. I believe all because I know all is possible. There is nothing ‘way out there’. We are just in naive.
For the record I have never been abducted (that I know of) nor seen a flying saucer.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by miamibombero
From what I have read these things are spiritual beings. I know now that besides us there are many other things out there that are physical beings and not physical.
That's an interesting story. I don't really have any reason to doubt it, most of us have seen some strange stuff.

However you seem to be confused about the difference between spiritual and physical.

If something is visible to you, and at least one other person, it's more than likely physical.

I also appreciate the statement you made about how difficult it is to judge distances. Many people fail to realize that problem but I'm glad you do. It's impossible to judge the distance of an unknown light in a dark sky, so if we can't tell how far away it is, distance estimates are usually useless.

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