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2 fingers to you I*M

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 04:02 PM
hi ats members and lurkers

this is just a thread to explain how i got past bios security

my brother just brought a 2nd hand laptop
his password was on the bios
he forgot the p/w and asked me for help

the laptop is an I*M thinkpad t61 lenovo
so on start up i press f2 to enter bios
it says entering bios then straight away comes up to p/w insert, with a padlock emblem
there was no way i could get to the bios after many tries

so i searched the wonderfull world of web to discover that..
are boasting about the security on their think pads
i said to my brother theirs no way round it do you mind if i strip it
he was fine with that and i took all the screws of at the bottom
gently prized of the mouse cover to reveal the internal battery
pulled the battery plug from the board of and restarted..still did not work p/w needed still

so more net searching and more ibm boasting of their security
i thought bugger it its buggerd anyway (beaing 2nd hnd ibm wont help)
so this is what i did

laptop is off, internal and external battery disconected, pull out the hard drive
put in external battery and press power button
it will start doing some sort of self post then it will proceed to restart
press and hold power button till it goes of, then plug internal battery back in..
press power on and it will come up with a check sum clock warning then it will boot into bios
push the hard drive bk in whilst its in bios, it does not fry the board

there you are free to do what you want with the bios

my last words

2 fingers up 2 u IBM
if you boast about security then somebody will want to break it

all i know of programming is copying code from a zx magazine into my zx spectrum lol

hope this helps some of you

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 11:31 AM
In the past with desktop computers it was as easy as turning off the power pulling the Mother Board battery and tapping the power button until the BIOS memory was clear.

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