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Time to use the Media's Labeling Tool to our favor!!

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 04:01 PM
Hello All,
Below is something that has been toying with me for a couple years now on how things are spun and a way to change the tactics of the game. Remember, this is my opinion, my first time putting it in words. Think of it as a draft that can be added or edited.

Constantly we see over and over again “Anti-_____” organizations which to be honest is catchy and easily applicable to many causes. However the focusing on the negative concept for instance ,“Anti- War” leads a person’s mind to visualize and think of killing, bombs, soldiers etc.. not really an uplifting thing to inspire ones goal to be achieved. Now I know it’s very important to recognise things that are wrong. I’m not one of those “only focus on the good and ignore bad things” person. This is simply about the naming and labelling of people, groups, goals and ultimately the betterment of society which is currently squandered by the media and vested interests. For the media this is a Huge tool used to get what they want that we need to use it in a positive way.

We have seen countless times the demeanour that is used at anyone “different” or against the current politically correct fashion, shown in the media. Groups including the famous “War Against____” are obviously not helping, it’s a spinning tire method to make money and not get anywhere.

Many times over, advertisers, athletes and for example people on a diet set positive goals to accomplish there outcome, notice how that method is not applied in protests.

Wiki Definition: A protest is an expression of objection, by words or by actions, to partic
ular events, policies or situations.

Protesting with an objection to a war is simply not enough when you have a corrupt and Incompetent Government that will not change or listen. If you REALLY wish to succeed you need a detailed outline, explaining what needs to be created to reach the goal with catchy words and soundbytes to get the attention of the masses. Most are too busy watching American Idol or is off to Mcdonalds.

Walking around saying “we want our bailout money back Wall St” or “End the Fed” are not going to cause immediate change. It’s a good step, identifying the problem, but it’s not going to get you were we need or want to go. I can go into more detail about this but I know attention spans are a dwindling resource. My point is, if you want serious change there needs to be a serious well thought out consensus of the people with it adaptable enough to reach all the people who are divided by everything that they are spoon-fed.

The Information needs to be ironically in the shape of a Triangle;
At the point, is your “sound byte”
Secondly, A few quick main points and goals
Thirdly, A small description on what needs to happen to achieve it
Forth, A detailed method on how to get there.

This way people can receive a standardized and organized message that draws them in at the level they feel comfortable with.with minimal confusion of the group At first only needing to catch the soundbyte.

Small changes with Huge implications (Pro being a common replacement)
Before After
Anti-war For Diplomacy
Anti-Government Pro Honest Goverment
Pro- Transparancy
For Accountability in Goverment
War on Hunger Feed the world
MADD Mothers for Sober Drivers
Conspiracy Theorist Open Person or “Alternative Methodist” (I laughed too at first)
Fight against cancer Creating Good Health
End the Fed Create/Pro Sound Money
No more Bailout’s Let the Corrupt Fail (Pro- Accountability)
Anti-Corruption Pro Justice

This is just me sitting here and quickly coming up with a few examples. A lot of these terms in the broader scope are unnecessary, the problem is at its core where the current system no longer benefits us. It is to easily taken over and swayed my so many influences. But this could be a start for groups who wish to create there specific outcome. I plan to spend a good amount of time and think tank this subject and create sound bytes that would influence and possibly spread virally backed with planned concepts on how to execute them for groups. First I feel I need to throw this “Draft concept” out there for constructive criticism. Sound bites that are catchy in my opinion are so huge, so expansive with massive effects and use that I feel is monumental and very much at the people’s disposal to get any desire out there.

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