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A check you should do when a window gets replaced

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 12:13 PM
A bit late for me, as I'm noticing the problem years after the repair was made. But I suggest this for any others out there that may need replacement glass.

When getting a window replaced on your car, if you can - check out your windows through a polarized filter. Some glass has patterns that don't show up when viewed the naked eye or through non-polarized lenses. Thus not all replacement glass is the same. If this is noticeable, bring this up with the company doing the repair work and see if you can a window that better matches the others.

I'm mentioning this, since I now got a new pair of sunglasses with polarized lens - and I can definitely see patterns in the replaced window that aren't there in the factory ones. The pattern that is visible when wearing the sunglasses is dark enough to be annoying at times.


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