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DId the Justice Dept inadvertantly reveal evidence of a inside job on the 9/11 Anthrax attacks?

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 03:29 AM
In a effort to stave off responsibility for Ivins actions, it appears that Justice Dept lawyers are admitting that USAMRIDS, where Bruce Ivins is accused of cooking up his lethal batch of Anthrax at, doesn't even have the device used to dry the spores inside the hot suite there at the facility. The hot suite is basically a complete containment zone that is sealed and everyone entering must be fully suited up. Apparently, the device, said to be the size of a refrigerator, is located outside of the hot suite in the open lab.

This is a huge problem because the spores were so pure, they actually floated into the air with the slightest wisp of air. Meaning that they would have been everywhere in the open lab and all over the drying machine. Also, the other workers would have been easily infected, and none were on preventative medication. After the attacks, the lab was tested, they found nothing. All workers tested negative for anthrax. They still claim that Ivins did it, they just don't know how or where he dried the spores.

The major problem here is that drying anthrax is forbidden by weapons treaties, yet USAMRIDS and Dugway Proving Grounds(CIA's Bio weapons testing facility) are the only two places in the USA that have these machines and access to the Ames strain. So if Ivins didn't dry them in USAMRIDS, that leaves two options, as to where the attack anthrax was dried: Outside of the United States or Dugway Proving Grounds.

Now if your a Ivins theory supporter, you have to admit that the Anthrax attacks had to of been a conspiracy, involving Ivins and at least someone else with access to a drying machine. If your like me, you are not exactly buying this Ivins theory. I think, that again the FBI may have tried to pin the Anthrax attacks on the wrong person. Except this time ending with tragic results.

How could it be a inside job, and linked to the 9/11 attacks?
The Anthrax attacks happen basically at the same time as the 9/11 attacks, the first letter was mailed seven days after 9/11. When you factor in the amount of time to prepare the amount bio weapon used in the attacks, for me it is apparent that who ever committed the Anthrax attacks, was also aware that their would be a major attack coming. That this major attack would signal these attackers to then go ahead with the Anthrax attacks.

The Anthrax attacks were a deadly serious threat, a second wave, used to encompass the whole gamut of goals they were trying to achieve with the entire operation(9/11 included). It has been said, and most agree to this, that the Anthrax used in the attacks could not of been created in a couple weeks at Fort Dietrick by one person(as claimed by the FBI right now), more like several months. And of course we are supposed to believe that this lone wolf nut case (Ivins), one of our genius military scientists, decided to cultivate some very deadly weaponized Anthrax, in complete secrecy. Then we are supposed to believe that he whipped up this batch of Anthrax starting in August and by complete chance the 9/11 attacks took place. After witnessing the 9/11 attacks he then, also decided to attack his country. Blaming it on the same same(Al Qaeda) terrorists that attacked us on 9/11.

Also, the FBI admits that the same strain of Anthrax used in the attacks could of come from Dugway Proving Grounds, where the CIA was doing its own Biological Anthrax weapons testing. Although the FBI says they were able to "rule" them out, yet they will not explain how they did this. People that worked in the lab have said that even by the FBI's estimates, there is no way Ivins could have grown and dried the amount of Anthrax used in the attacks, some 463 to 1250 petri dishes worth, in total secrecy , in a blazing fast completion time. Finally, the entire White House began taking Cipro on 9/11, with amazing foresight, they thought a Anthrax attack was going to take place soon.

All of this is clearly pointing to, at the very least, our government having inside knowledge of the attackers and/or their operation, and either Ivins didn't do it or had help. At the worst, it appears to have been some rogue group of US military/CIA, a conspiracy, that tried to first blame it on the easiest scapegoat possible Al Qaeda. Then as a second cover, lead it back to USAMRIDS Hatfill or Ivin. But with the growing amount of opposition to the FBI's Ivins theory, more evidence is coming to light, pointing in the worst case direction.

PBS's Frontline is premiering a new Anthrax attacks report tonight called "The Anthrax Attacks: Ten Years Later" ,for anyone interested I highly recommend checking it

Information about hot suite not having the drying machine in it

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 03:58 AM
reply to post by PersonalChoice

Agreed, and when you factor in that Dennis Hastert from Illinois was bucking Bush on this whole thing. He receives Anthrax and settles right down. Now granted I am from Illinois, but I think that move was transparent enough for anyone to see.

Good find OP S+F from me.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 01:39 PM
How much Anthrax was mailed? Are you sure it would have taken weeks or even months to manufacture it? How much was mailed by day 14, could Irvin have manufactured that much 2 weeks after 911? I am only aware of a couple of letters. I am sceptical of the Ivins theory however, who conventiantly was suicided before he could go to trial.
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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 03:50 AM
So, if you watched the Frontline Special Report: Anthrax Attacks: Ten Years Later. Then you already know that they basically have shot holes all through the FBI's case.

I was surprised though, they only devoted one cryptic sentence to the Justice Dept's lawyers divulging that the refrigerator sized machine used to dry the spores was not located in the Hot Suite. In other words, Ivins, if you still believe did it, had to of dried these spores in some other unknown location.

Frontline was careful to point out that the FBI tested every single place(his home, his daughters home, etc), or property(car, etc), basically any location they could link Ivins. Yet these Anthrax spores, that spread through the entire Senate building after one letter was opened and then quickly sealed, did not leave a single trace of Anthrax spores anywhere the FBI tested for them. This is a huge problem. The scientist(Legget) that was able to link the attack spores to Ivins Ames 1029 flask, said that for her, this would seem next to impossible.

Incidentally, the National Acedemy of Sciences, after being asked to verify their(the FBI's) new testing of the DNA of the attack spores that Legget created , that linked the attack spores back to Ivins flask. The NAS has now issued their findings and said that it CANNOT be verified. Which basically destroys the FBI's most important piece of evidence, in their completely circumstantial case.

Then Frontline, after their own investigation, found that Ivins had been spending long hours in all of the labs at night. Not just that hot suite, where he was accused of spending long hours in, in the end of Aug thru to Oct to create the attack anthrax. They reported that they found he was conducting tightly controlled vaccination testing on animals, and had a completely legit reason for being in the hot suite when he was.

Something they did not talk about , but that may literally force the FBI to start over, is the finding of a high tin-silicone content within the spores. A highly sophisticated weaponizing technique , designed to make the spores highly floatable. This method of weaponizing has never been known to have been produced in the real world until the discovery of it in two of the four letters. It is said by Ivins colleagues that he nor any one within USAMRIDS possesses the knowledge of how exactly to do this. Nor the machines to do it with, particularly the fermentor machine.

The simple fact is Ivins could not of produced the attack anthrax at USAMRIDS, so he either had help or is completely innocent. I suspect the latter, he is only guilty of being a weirdo, yet we are supposed to believe that he lost his mind for a month or so, then went right back to the way he had been his entire life, a upstanding Bio weapon scientist, who was given the defense dept's highest award for a citizen, and who had been helping the FBI from day one with their investigation. I predict that Ivins will be cleared eventually, lets not forget the FBI has a very bad habit of framing the wrong person, and swearing by it right up until the very end. They have already done it in this very case, costing them 5.8 million dollars in payment to the wrongly accused Hatfill. That is of course, if the FBI isn't assisting the White House in a complete cover up of the real perpetrators.

Thanks for the S&F's everyone , I'll keep you posted.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by PersonalChoice

Always been something fishy about this part of the 'terrorist' attacks. Thanks for posting this info, I will be checking in to see where this discussion goes.

One thing is almost certain, the usual 911 OS believers will avoid this like the plague!

Where's GoodOldDave?

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by Ittabena
reply to post by PersonalChoice

Agreed, and when you factor in that Dennis Hastert from Illinois was bucking Bush on this whole thing. He receives Anthrax and settles right down. Now granted I am from Illinois, but I think that move was transparent enough for anyone to see.

Good find OP S+F from me.

Hastert wasn't one of the recipients of the antrax letters.

posted on Oct, 18 2011 @ 12:44 PM
The Anthrax attacks were an act of opportunity, those actually involved used the early aftermath of the 9/11 attack to test the effectiveness of their work... And blame it on "terrorists" when it failed, they needed a scapegoat, and the rest is history.

Dougway is not far from where I am now, and I've known people who have worked there, I live in Utah.

You get in too deep, and try to get away, it will end badly for you. Even if your only publicly known position was as a "janitor"

There are neurotoxins, bacterial and viral weapons development and testing there, though, officially they claim to only to test defensive systems against these agents and biological weapons... That is a lie!

They have variants of viruses that could literally wipe out millions of lives... They also develop vaccines against their own weapons... What good are these, if you kill your enemies, and yourselves in the process?

What you don't know can't harm you they say, however, that is not true in this case.

No government, or military should have this kind of power, if they have an accident, or fail to contain/control it?

Some of the people involved in research and development are contracted from the private sector... Who keeps them from secretly sharing their work with others on the outside?

All in my opinion, of course.

Dugway's secret weapons facilities should be burned and destroyed.... Before something else can happen, or worse something that can't be stopped.

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