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How to OWS with NVR and prolonged occupation strategy.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 12:26 AM
A thanks to Gene Sharp for his Non-Violent Resistance strategies or NVR which have helped to free suppressed nations around the globe.

The Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion

Formal Statements
1. Public Speeches
2. Letters of opposition or support
3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
4. Signed public statements
5. Declarations of indictment and intention
6. Group or mass petitions

Communications with a Wider Audience
7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books
10. Newspapers and journals
11. Records, radio, and television
12. Skywriting and earthwriting

Group Representations
13. Deputations
14. Mock awards
15. Group lobbying
16. Picketing
17. Mock elections

Symbolic Public Acts
18. Displays of flags and symbolic colors
19. Wearing of symbols
20. Prayer and worship
21. Delivering symbolic objects
22. Protest disrobings
23. Destruction of own property
24. Symbolic lights
25. Displays of portraits
26. Paint as protest
27. New signs and names
28. Symbolic sounds
29. Symbolic reclamations
30. Rude gestures

Pressures on Individuals
31. "Haunting" officials
32. Taunting officials
33. Fraternization
34. Vigils
There are total 198 NVR strategies,the remaining can be seen here:..(See source below)

Practitioners of nonviolent struggle have an entire arsenal of "nonviolent weapons" at their disposal. Listed below are 198 of them, classified into three broad categories: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation (social, economic, and political), and nonviolent intervention. A description and historical examples of each can be found in volume two of The Politics of Nonviolent Action by Gene Sharp.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 04:37 PM
If everyone is going to Occupy Wallstreet together in solidarity,then forming a "Vision of Tomorrow" is the first step in co-ordinating the efforts for N.V.R..

Every long journey starts with one small first step.In the case of a strategic nonviolent struggle this step is the simple and precise answer to the question:

What does your movement want the society to be like when the struggle is over?

The answer to this question,known as the “Vision of Tomorrow”,provides a picture of the future society you are striving towards.Once formulated,the Vision of Tomorrow becomes your movement’s primary objective.It is a permanent guideline for your movement’s supporters.Your strategic nonviolent struggle becomes a journey towards achieving that vision.

To read more about the first step in forming N.V.R. check the source below for more information.

In strategic nonviolent conflict, a movement’s Vision of Tomorrow should attract the widest possible base of support.The more your vision becomes a shared vision in society,the more forceful it will become and it is possible that one day it will become true.Otherwise,your vision will only be a list of nice wishes shared by a few people.

Most people will struggle and sacrifice only for goals that are concrete and realistic enough to be reasonably attainable.Widely shared objectives create the potential for more widely distributed risks and reduce the likelihood that any single part of your movement will become a decisive target for your opponent.


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