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Purgatory Courts Apartments Starting at $666

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:16 PM
The story of Michael Lord the owner and manager of an apartment
complex in a little outlier neighborhood of Boston Mass. The
year is the present and the apartment complex was built in 1972
on the site of the old St. Michael's Church that burned down in
the great Boston fire of 1872.

The name of the apartments in the phone book and on the side of
the building was Edgewood Courts, The sturdy brick and concrete
structure was home to some 700 apartment dwellers.
Many of the apartment dwellers privately called these cheap
apartments "Purgatory Courts". They were some of the cheapest
this close to downtown,

It was easy and cheap to get in with no deposit and all
utilities paid. At a cost of just $666 per month for a 1
bedroom 1 bath it was hard to match the price.

The complex also had 2 bedroom 2 bath town homes on the
courtyard side. The street side had the cheap units and they
faced other buildings in the neighborhood.

The courtyard was only accessible from one of the inner larger
apartments. There were windows around the corridors of the
complex that showed the inner courtyard but no doors accessible
by patrons and guests of the outer street side apartments.

The cost of the inner larger apartments was $777 and also
included all utilities but required one month in advance and
the first month for a total move in of $1,554. The differences
were striking for the outside observer of this very strange
place. The inner apartments were laid out in 2 story for each

The entire complex was only 7 stories high with the entire
ground floor made up of only roadside facing units on the
outside and the courtyard facing side outfitted with the
utility room, laundry facility for the complex, a post office,
a general store, a game room, and the gym. Each room had
windows that show the inner courtyard but none opened to the

A staircase on each side of the courtyard let tenants and their
guests down to a rather lovely courtyard with a fountain, a
waterfall, small shrubs and great and small trees throughout
the 5 acre courtyard. It had a duck pond as well as a

----------------the new tenant application process---------

Becky Herse and Jack Stroud were lovers and friends. They
wanted to live together but they both had their problems. Becky
was a waitress in a small club and she also liked to drink and
smoke. Jack was an unemployed writer and a bit of a drinker and
smoker himself. Jack liked to gamble as well and this often
left him either flush with cash or dead broke. Right now he was
dead broke so he and his new girlfriend Becky were looking for
some place cheap where they could save money to get him a stake
for his gambling efforts.

They looked around Boston on the various rental sites and found
the Edgewood Courts. The ad said apartments ranging from $650-
$800. Certain rules and restrictions applied that determined
final pricing. They looked at each other and thought well that
is weird. Rules and restrictions determine final rental price?
They had neither one heard of that kind of deal for an
apartment. There was a link at the bottom of the page to
download the application and you had to read through and agree
to the rules and then fax or email the form contents. If you
are approved then you are sent an invitation to come by to
check out the apartments.

This all just seemed kind of weird to the couple. They would
have to apply and be approved to get a final price and only
then get to come and check out the apartments. They kept
reading down the page. Near the bottom of the page was a link
that said NO Credit Check, No application process >>click

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:51 PM
That is the series opener. I will be expanding this series in characters and a number of events in each of their lives. check back soon for more installments. Thanks for viewing and commenting, staring and flagging as you see fit.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 01:06 PM
----------------------------------------outside looking in-----------------------

After a fitful night Becky and Jack awoke to the loud noise of a door slamming. It was the next door neighbors Tim Marshal and Kim Baker. Tim was leaving the apartment and Kim was shouting something after he had slammed the door. Becky and Jack looked at each other and smiled. We never fight like that do we babe Becky said, Jack smiled back and kissed her and whispering to her 'no babe we got each others backs.”

After breakfast Jack told Becky that he had to hit the ground running today to find some work and bring in some money. Becky smiled and said “be careful babe” I will he said. Before he left Becky gave him some money for the bus and to get some lunch if he needed and enough to get another key made. Jack took the money pocketed it and gave Becky another kiss before heading out the door.

Becky was alone now in the apartment. It was a dreary rainy October morning and the view outside the fire escape was an ally way through those security bars. Not much to look at for her morning coffee and smoke. She finished her cigarette and then took her coffee and grabbed a load of clothes and headed to the laundry room. Becky found the place empty with just one dryer going. She piled her clothes into one of the washing machines at the back near the windows facing the courtyard.. Once her clothes were started Becky moved to the window and sat on the edge of the table provided for folding clothes and sipped her coffee. The gentle rain was all over the leaves of the trees and bushes and the ducks were sitting next to the pond waiting for the rain to stop. The fountain at the center of the pond shot a column of water about 30 feet into the air. There was a waterfall that was built into one of the far courtyard walls. It provided a lovely tranquil view. Becky's moment of peaceful reflection soon ended.

Becky heard the door slam down the hall. She heard scuffled footsteps like someone walking in slippers or flip-flops towards the laundry room. Kim Baker rounded the doorway to the laundry room a few moments later. Kim was an attractive lady but not in the morning. She had her hair in curlers, a cigarette in her month and a big pile of clothes wrapped in a sheet slung over her shoulder. She gave Becky a weak smile and a nod of acknowledgment as she unburdened herself of her clothes bundle and began loading a washing machine near the front door of the laundry room. When Kim had finished loading the machine and started to put some quarters in to start the load, she realized that she was short by 50 cents to get the washer started. Kim set down her cup of coffee and put her cigarette out in the near empty cup and went into her pockets to find a bill for the changer. She found a 5 and straightened it out and tried to get the bill changer to accept the badly wrinkled bill. There was no getting that machine to accept the bill. Kim looked over at Becky. Becky was sipping her coffee still looking out over the courtyard and admiring the calm peace of the place. Kim walked over to the other side of the table and looked out at the courtyard.

This got Becky's attention and when she turned to look at her approach Kim stuck out her hand to shake and introduced herself. Hi I'm Kim, you must be one of the people who moved in next door to us. Becky stuck out her hand to accept the handshake and said I'm Becky. Then Kim said hey Becky you don't have a better straighter 5 than this one do you as she held up the badly wrinkled bill. Becky remembered giving all her small bills and most of her change to Jack just moments ago. She apologized saying that she did not have any fives or ones for that matter. She checked her pockets and came up with 50 cents in quarters and showed them to Kim. Kim said “hey that's how much I'm short. Becky smiled and handed her the change. Here you go no problem she said. Then she thought about the cigarette Kim had just put out. You don't have another one of those do you? Kim checked her pack which was stuck in the back pocket of her shorts. She came up with a cigarette and handed it to Becky and then offered her a light. The 2 ladies now both smoked their cigarettes and looked out over the courtyard.

After a few moments of silence Becky opened the conversation up with “so how long have you been here at Edgewood Courts?” Kim thought about this for a few seconds. She had to think hard. I guess about a year now give or take a few months. What a curious answer Becky thought. Becky then ask her about the courtyard. Where was the entrance door to get into the courtyard she questioned. Kim looked over at Becky and thought of what to say exactly. There is no entry door or gate to the courtyard that can be accessed from the outer ring of apartments. Becky thought that seemed strange. Kim could see the puzzlement on Becky's face. You have to sign a lease and you have to be in one of those inner townhouses to have access to the courtyard. It cost like 1500 to get in and they are real nice I hear but the rent is higher and you have to sign a lease and agree to all of these rules. We checked into it after we noticed how mice the courtyard was.

The rules are pretty strict to stay in those townhouses. No smoking, no drinking, no unwed couples, a curfew for kids at 8PM and adults have to be out of the courtyard by 10PM. Becky thought about this and said, wow I had no idea. We had seen that there was a form to download and we just didn't bother since we did not want to sign a lease and agree to follow a bunch of rules without even seeing the place. The 2 ladies sat quietly for a moment. Becky finished her cigarette and put it out and looked out the window one more time. Kim then added. We are kind of on the outside looking in in this place. Becky nodded her head in agreement and said “I guess so”. It sure is nice in that courtyard though.

---------------------------------Checking out the Edgewood-----------------

Becky waved at Kim and said see you in a few. She headed back to her apartment to check and make sure no one had gotten in there while she was in the laundry. The door was slightly ajar again. This time she felt sure it was that darn cat and so she approached the door very quietly. This time when she got to the door she opened it with caution and there was that cat over by the couch. The cat spotted Becky and did not figure she could get out of that door with Becky standing there. She hissed and turned to the fire escape and took a running leap and hit the door to the patio and practically walked up it and clamored out the upper window. Up and out she went and over the security gate and onto the street below. Becky ran over to the window to see where the cat went. It was on the street near the alleyway staring back up at her. The cat then turned and ran away into a nearby storm drain.

Becky thought this is the weirdest cat. How was it getting in the front door she wondered? Becky still felt a bit shaken from the intrusion of this crazy cat. She needed to walk it off she thought. She grabbed her wallet off the dresser checked for some bills and found a 20 and pulled it out. She put her wallet back this time under her mattress since she could not lock her front door until Jack had returned with a spare key.

She put on some of her walking shoes and ran a comb through her hair checked her face and then headed out the door of her apartment. She would check out the rest of this place she thought. Once she was familiar with the place it would not seem so strange to her she reasoned. Becky started down the hall. She passed by the laundry room and it was empty. She passed by the game room and there was Kim, sitting on a motocross simulator game and still smoking a cigarette. Becky stopped and stuck her head in the game room and ask Kim where she got the change for the game? Kim said that the general store was open now and Nick the shopkeeper gave her change for the wrinkled 5 spot. Kim smiled to her and waved off and headed to the general store. As she passed by the gym there was one guy in there on the curl machine. He was a big guy she thought. He was facing away from her looking in the mirror on the back wall. Her stare caught his eye and he kind of smiled wryly. Becky blushed a bit and backed out the doorway and continued down the hallway to the general store.

Nick the shopkeeper was near the register by the front of the store. Mr Lord was there next to him talking with him. They both stopped their conversation and looked up at Becky as she entered the store. Nick spoke up first. Good morning Miss Herse. Welcome to the Edgwood Courts general store. Becky nodded and said thanks. Mr. Lord spoke up. Morning Becky are you settling in OK, is the apartment alright for you?

Its fine Mr. Lord, I am wondering though about this black cat that keeps getting into my apartment. Mr Lord smiled and looked over to Nicholas who smiled back. Then Mr. Lord told her the story. You are talking about Sabrina. She used to live there. We have run her off a few time but somehow she keeps getting back in. She has never bitten or scratched anyone so animal control does not have her in a very high priority I guess. Keep your door locked and she will not bother you.. Is there anything else. No Mr. Lord we are enjoying the new apartment and we really love the price. Michael smiled at her and nodded towards Nicholas and then bid his goodby for now. I will let Nicholas take care of you I have other matters to attend to.

Becky picked up some sandwich meat, a loaf of bread, and some chips. When she was ready to check out she saw that the shopkeeper has a name tag that read Nicholas. She said I am told that you go by Nick. Nicholas smiled and said yes I am often called that. Becky ask for bills for the change machine for her dryer load and Nicholas handed her several nice straight bills in her change. She headed back to her apartment. This time when she got to her door the door was still closed. I guess that cat is not coming back for a while she thought to herself.

Becky unloaded her shopping bag and put away her groceries and headed to change her clothes to the dryer. She entered the laundry room just as Kim was finishing folding her clothes. She went over to the change machine, put in a couple of bills and got her change for the dryer load. She then noticed the price on the dryers. $2 for a dryer load she said aloud. Kim looked up from her clothes folding and smiled and said that will get them almost dry if you don't have jeans or towels in the load.

Becky shook her head, loaded the coins into the dryers money slots and started up her dryer full of clothes. Once the clothes were started she walked over to the window and lit up a cigarette. She offered one to Kim who waved her off and said “I'm good thanks.” Kim picked up her bundle of laundry still in that sheet and headed back to her apartment.

Becky looked out the window over at the courtyard. The sun was out now and the rain had cleared. There were children out there now playing and laughing on the playground with their mothers close by watching and either chatting with friends, working on their laptops or wireless devices, or just watching the kids play. Becky felt something she had not felt before. She felt a kind of loneliness she had not felt before. She rather felt a bit of envy for these happy people. She also noticed that there were no ashtrays in the courtyard. Just a trash bin with a bag caddy for animal waste handling out near the edge of the courtyard's grassy area. There were tables and umbrellas and swings and slides and the ducks were now in the pond swimming around. It was such a peaceful place she thought.

She decided to help make herself feel less lonely by sending Jack a text message. She sent, LUVU MISSU. A few moments later she received a text in reply. LUVU2 Babe. She smiled and thought about Jack for a moment.

Jack was at the track picking up some quick money by taking notes on the horses condition for big Jim. Big Jim Clancy was about 60 years old. He was in a wheelchair now and could not go down to the track or the stables and check out the horses. He had taught Jack what he needed to know about the horses and Jack was down there taking notes before the first race. Silver Slipper was picked to win. He checked out Silver Slipper and watched the horse move around during the trainers warmup. The horse showed the tell that Big Jim had taught him to look out for. The horse smelled of DMSO and was walking kind of tight. The horse had been run pretty hard in his last race and had placed first. Now Jack went on to the second horse in the lineup. Caesars Ghost which was a beautiful white mare was just sparkling that morning. She was perky and full of energy. She was working intently with her trainer. She was in fine form that morning Jack thought to himself. Then it was onto the next horse. This one another mare called Queen Bee. She was a lovely gold colored horse with a black tail and black mane, with black boots. She was fighting mad about something. She was in good form and walking fine but she seemed distracted or upset about something.

Jack got his report back to Big Jim. Jim looked it over and talked to Jack about his evaluation. Jim gave Jack a stack of bills and told him how to bet this race. Jack then got over and stood in the line at the ticket window. This is one of the things that Big Jim paid him to do. Not only did his condition not allow him to get down to the stables anymore he also could not stand to be in line in a wheelchair. He had Jack for that and the young man was showing promise. He would make $100 just for doing the evaluation of the horses and standing in the ticket line and bringing the tickets back to Big Jim. It was a good deal for both of them. If they won Big Jim would pay Jack 10% of the winnings. Some days this amounted to a lot. Some days not much at all.

Jim had picked Caesars Ghost to win, then Queen Bee in second, and finally Silver Slipper for third. He was going for the trifecta. He had Jack put down $1000 and the payout was 30 to 1 for the trifecta. The race started and the horses ran their race and sure enough Jim hit the trifecta just as he had hoped. Jack was exuberant. This would clear him with Benny he thought with some left over. Big Jim handed Jack the winning ticket and positioned himself by the exit door to wait on him. He knew that Jack kid pretty well but there was just no sense tempting fate that the kid might bolt with his winnings. Jack went to the teller and cached in the wining ticket. The teller just kind of smiled and handed him his winnings. That Big Jim has got a system don't he he said to Jack. Jack just smiled and said the man is a genius.

Jack made his way to the spot near the exit door where Big Jim would be waiting. It did not offend Jack at all that Jim was cautious in this way. $30,000 was a lot of money to trust even a family member with not to mention some kid who you have only known for a few years. He smiled and Jim smiled as he handed him the money. Jim counted out his winnings and then subtracted out of the stack the $3000 for Jack. Handing the smaller stack over to his young apprentice he said “walk me to the van Jack”. Of course Jack always walked him out after they had a win at the track. The Big fella carried a gun hidden on him but would rather not have to pull it. Having Jack there just made the situation more secure. When they got to Big Jim's van and were waiting for the lift gate to come down Jim looked up to his young apprentice and said, you know Jack the secret to hitting the trifecta is not just about picking the winners in the right order. It is also knowing to walk away with your winnings and not pushing your luck or bringing undue attention to your winning streak. Jack looked down at his mentor and nodded his head in agreement. I got you boss. Know when to say when.

Jack hurried home from the track with his winnings burning a hole in his pocket. He could hardly wait to tell Becky about their luck. As Big Jim drove away and saw Jack getting on the bus he wondered to himself if this kid had what it takes to win in the long game. The game of life can be cruel to the unwise.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 11:01 PM
----------------------temptation and redemption----------------

Jack made it back to the apartment at about 4PM. Becky was not due into work until 7 that evening so they had some time. By 5 they were in bed lighting up a smoke. That is when Jack no longer able to contain himself dug into his pants pocket and came out with his 3 grand of days winnings to show to Becky. Her eyes went wide when she saw the wad of cash. Babe me and big Jim hit it big today. We hit the trifects in the first race at Suffolk downs this morning. They were both very excited still when Jack hit her with the news of his debt. I am so sorry I didn't tell you babe I was just so embarrassed. We still have this $1000 left over after I pay Benny back and he then handed it to Becky for safe keeping.

Tell me you will not gamble this remaining $2000 away before you repay it to Benny. Jack knew he deserved this but he put on that hurt face just the same. Becky gave him that stern look of knowing and started to say, promise me again when Jack spoke up. Babe we got each others backs so no problem I will get this to Benny first thing. Becky smiled at Jack and said If you want to hold these again I am going to hold you to your promise pointing down at her chest. Jack smiled and nuzzled her and said in a muffled voice, I Promise I Promise.

Jack was off to the club with Becky. He would take her to work and then go and meet Benny at his club on the other side of the Hell's Kitchen. Benny was sitting alone in his booth talking on his cell phone as Jack approached. Jack waited until Benny had a break in his conversation. Then he indicated that he had something for Benny by patting his jacket pocket. Benny motioned for Jack to sit down and then ended his phone conversation. Jack what you got for me? Jack reached into his jacket and pulled out the neatly stacked hundreds and handed over a stack worth 2 grand. Benny licked his right thumb and began counting. 20 x $100 bills does not take long to count so soon Benny was looking up at Jack with a smile on his face. Man this is a relief to me, you just don't know. I like you Jack. I was not looking forward to having to lean on you to get my money. Jack smiled back and said I told you I would get straight with you Benny. Yea you did man and I appreciate that. Here let me buy you a drink. What you having? Anything you want it's on the house. Benny waved over a waitress to handle Jack's drink order. Jack said Run and Coke. She looked over at Benny for approval. Benny shook his head in the affirmative and said in a quiet voice. Make it a double Shauna. She turned and walked away and soon returned with Jack's drink.

Jack sat silently thinking, and enjoying his drink and his success of the day. Benny sat silent taking Jack in for a moment. Just how did this peckerwood come up with 2K in a day? That was the question on his mind. What was this cat's secret? He decided to just ask Jack straight up what he had done to come up with the money so fast. Jack thought of big Jim and his warning about showing your hand and keeping a low profile for the long game to be a success.

He wanted to be big in Benny's eyes to bolster his ego but thought better of it since he did not control that situation with Big Jim. Finally he fessed up, I won some money at the track today. I got lucky and ended up guessing the trifects correctly. Nothing magic about that just some good luck on a cheap bet. He played it to Benny like he had won 3K on the trifecta on a $100 bet.

Benny played nice and purchased another round of drinks. Then Jack had to beg off since it was late and he needed to walk his girl home from the club and had to get across town. Benny shook his hand and said we are good man. You can barrow from me any time you like since now I know you are good for it. You are a straight up player and I respect that.

Jack headed for the bus stop. Benny stroked his close cropped beard and thought about this deal for a moment. Perhaps this peckerwood had a system and could beat the odds with the horses. He would be watching out for this dude to see what his game was.

Jack stopped into the late night Walmart store to get a key made before he had to get to the club to pick up Becky. If he failed to get that key made he was sure he would take some grief for it. He got the key and took the bus that went to the club where she worked. When they arrived there was Gabe and he buzzed them in. Evening Mr Stroud, Miss Herse, he said. Jack turned to him and said, Gabe please call me Jack. Becky chimed in and said and I am Becky. Alright Jack, Becky you have a nice evening Gabe said as they walked down the hall to their apartment.

The couple went to their apartment. They got inside and started to relax and peal off street clothes. Immediately Jack sensed some concern from Becky. He told her straight away that his debt with Benny was square and that Benny was happy and was even willing to back him on a future play if he wanted. This kind of concerned her and Jack paped up to say don't worry babe. We will save for any future stake and we will agree on the risk at the time I am not going to put you through that again.

Becky smiled. Jack had the money and the backing and had not taken the short cut and taken the easy way. There was perhaps hope for this guy. Maybe he would make it as her Bo. She would see soon enough.

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