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Personal Encounter - Yes or No?

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 06:31 PM
Early this morning, around 7:30am, i was dreaming. I dreamt that I was playing GTA4, and was actually Niko with a third person view (you know how dreams are). I was in a computer centre, replying to messages about getting another girlfriend (which im pretty sure I had one already in the dream). For some reason there were several messages that asked "are you sure?" which i replied yes to 3 or 4 times in a row. Looking back, it seemed to be making sure that I absolutely wanted to continue. Closing the computer, I went outside to meet with this woman as we had just set a place to meet. However, I didnt have a car so i jogged around a corner (maybe to steal one?). When I did, a motorcycle-moped crashed into me and knocked me to the ground.

Immediately after being knocked over in the dream, I woke up as I felt what seemed like part of my back lifting away (I was sleeping on my stomach). It felt as though a portion was being pushed/pulled out of me. For some reason I knew instantaneously exactly how much of my back was experiencing this, a rectangle around the spine, starting from just above midway to downward about 12 inches. It didn't hurt, but I knew at once that it wasn't right. I jerked upright and looked around, and the sensation stopped as soon as I moved. Whats interesting is that I knew exactly what was happening, and wasn't the least bit disoriented upon waking up. I just wanted it to stop fast.

I lay back down in bed, thinking about what had happened. Funnily enough, for whatever reason i lay down in pretty much the exact same position as before. After 10-15 mins of reasoning, my puzzlement turned to fear as it started to happen again while i was awake! I thrashed around and once again it stopped as soon as i moved.

I know the immediate response is to blame it on the back simple acting up, but it wasnt. Ive had back pains before, and this was nothing like it. It felt as though a portion around my spine suddenly turned immaterial and was being pulled out. Maybe the dream has nothing to do with what happened. Maybe I had too much stuffing yesterday lol. I just want to hear your opinions.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by mattime

Well I cannot say what was really happening to you but muscle and nerves are funny things. You could have been compressing a nerve or having a minor muscle spasm. I sometimes get spasms that are not painful but feel like I have a tiny animal crawling along under my skin. I guess what makes me wonder if it was something physical is that it stopped once you changed position and it started after you lay down in that exact position again.

Also, I don't think it is uncommon for someone who is experiencing a body event like a spasm during sleep to have that influence a dream. You could have been hit in the dream to either encourage you to change position or wake up. Once I had a dream that I was walking along and suddenly someone reared up and stabbed me in the stomach. I woke up immediately to find I had a broken vein (that was painful ) right where I had been stabbed in my dream. Weird huh?

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