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Blue Horizons - USAF Chief of Staff's Comprehensive Future Study

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Blue Horizons - USAF Chief of Staff's Comprehensive Future Study
The Blue Horizons study is designed to answer questions similar to those addressed in the Air Force 2025 study. These include: What are the emerging technologies that will shape the US Air Force and the conflict arena in which it must operate in 20 years in the future? What could air, space and cyberspace power look like 20 years in the future? Who will have access to emerging technologies that can make a difference? How soon will these important technological achievements become fielded systems?

Everything from A.I, energy weapons, HAARP, weather control, psychological warfare, nano air vehicles - you name it, the military is interested in it and when you read the PDFs on the unmanned UAVs first penned in 1995 through to the resurgence of China penned this year, you will realise this information is a guide to the present and a template for what we know could be possible future warfare.

One theme runs throughout all the documentation and that is world domination. Even the Red Eagle on their logo has the DNA double helix on it's breast. (Click to zoom in)

There's a load of documents here covering the basics of nano technology to descriptions of full scale air/satellite laser and microwave cannons. I suggest you grab a mug of cocoa and enjoy an evening in front of the fire while you read about all the fun stuff your tax dollars are being spent on.

Blue Horizons

Air Force 2025

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