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Avenge Amanda Knox! Give Italy Nothing!

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by denynothing
reply to post by AGWskeptic

Yea your right I realized my stance was wrong after I actually did research, but I wanted to win the argument. A bit of suppressed evidence on my part.

You have earned my respect for admitting it.

Shows character.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by Walkers
Well, you want to boycott us, go ahead. Give up the language you speak.

Because you own the English language. lmao Are you srs? Are you listening to yourself?

Where? I see no German Italians anywhere. I just see another American pretending to be European.

"American" is not an ancestral origin you tard. Dont like it? IDGAF!!!

Our inferior country? Oh you mean the one that has actually won wars on its own without allied support within the last 50 years, unlike the US. Just remember who called for the Libyan bombings (EU), and who is putting in the most work.

What wars have the brits won in the past 50 years? If you think Britain was completely "alone" during the Falklands excursion, you are not being intellectually honest.

Also, FINALLY the other NATO members decide to pull some of their fair share of the load. Even then, you still had to have the US aboard to complete the task...something about need our "unique capabilities" to soften the Libyan air defenses.

One has to wonder just how successful the brits and french would have been without the American tomahawk missiles. Still, the US is the backbone of NATO (as it always has been). I would have preferred that the brits and french do this on their own though.

(US) Good doggy. But we all know you were just on loan from your real owners. I'd be careful; I hear the Chinese eat their dogs.

Implying that China owns the US? How, when they own exactly 7.5% of all US Debt?

I would be far more concerned if I were you about your own country. Your external debt is MASSIVE, and equates to 400% of the UK GDP...


UK's total debt forecast to hit £10 trillion by 2015
Britain's total debt will top £10 trillion by 2015, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, which warned the burden could slow growth for decades as interest rates eventually rise.

Those who live in glass houses...You really have no room to talk, as you're country is FAR deeper in the red than mine.

Did that years ago.

Obviously you don't speak for everyone.

Really? Your tanks use German guns and German engines. Your troops are carried around in the M113 which is made by BAE, and when they need big gun support, they call on the M109 Howitzer, also BAE. They might need covering fire from an M2 Bradley, a BAE product. If after all this British firepower, they need air support, an F22 might come along, and thanks to it's BAE electronic war systems it might be able to help. In a years time, those same troops might need more air support, and an F35 Lighting will show up, built by BAE systems and powered by Rolls Royce engines. What about in 20 years time when they are at the coastline, and the Navy is required. They can rest assured that the Advanced Gun System developed and built by BAE will get them out of there alive. That ship (Zumwalt Class) will have been powered by Rolls Royce gas turbines. You were saying?

Despite your twisting of facts in the above post (too many to go line by line with) BAE actually is a fine defense manufacturer. In fact, the US is BAEs largest customer...(however, they only rank 17th in contracts offered in the US for defense contractors) given all the economic turmoil, would you really like to see the US stop buying BAE, perhaps putting several of your country men and women out of work, further exacerbating the issue in the UK? The UK needs all the help they can get. Seems counterproductive to piss off a large consumer like the US.

Cut of your nose to spite your face much?
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