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Obama "Aimless" "Loner"

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 03:13 PM
This is interesting in that it confirms the disconnection of Obama from the rest of the US government.

In President Barack Obama's sales pitch for his jobs bill, there are two versions of reality: The one in his speeches and the one actually unfolding in Washington.

When Obama accuses Republicans of standing in the way of his nearly $450 billion plan, he ignores the fact that his own party has struggled to unite behind the proposal.

When the president says Republicans haven't explained what they oppose in the plan, he skips over the fact that Republicans who control the House actually have done that in detail.

And when he calls on Congress to "pass this bill now," he slides past the point that Democrats control the Senate and were never prepared to move immediately, given other priorities. Senators are expected to vote Tuesday on opening debate on the bill, a month after the president unveiled it with a call for its immediate passage.

Obama disconnects rhetoric, reality.

The reports are not good, disturbing even. I have heard basically the same story four times in the last 10 days, and the people doing the talking are in New York and Washington and are spread across the political spectrum.

The gist is this: President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government. He talks mostly, and sometimes only, to friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett and to David Axelrod, his political strategist.

Everybody else, including members of his Cabinet, have little face time with him except for brief meetings that serve as photo ops. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner both have complained, according to people who have talked to them, that they are shut out of important decisions.

Aimless Obama walks alone.

Time and again in our reporting over the last few months, this strain of thinking has come up — and the deeper President Obama’s political troubles grow, the more often we hear it.

In the wake of President Obama’s press conference last Thursday, there was considerable skepticism — bordering on contempt — for his assertion that now was the time for the Senate to pass his jobs bill.

And, this morning the New York Times’ John Harwood wrote that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) views White House chief of staff Bill Daley as “ham handed” and that leading Democrats believe that “Team Obama’s zeal for secrets creates more problems than it solves.” Message. Sent.

Obama the loner.

A majority of Americans now oppose giving President Obama a second term, reflecting the country's continued weak economic performance, according to the latest IBD/TIPP survey released Monday.

By 51%-41%, respondents in October picked "someone new deserves a chance" over Obama "deserves to be re-elected." Among independents, it was 54%-36%. Back in September, the readings were 50%-44% and 53%-38%, respectively.

Americans are frustrated over the continued sluggish economy, says Raghavan Mayur, president of TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, which conducted the poll. As Vice President Joe Biden recently admitted, after nearly three years in power, the Obama administration owns the economy.

51% Don't Want Second Term For President Obama.

It looks like that everyone is realizing that he is completely disconnected for all reality, not just the political train wreck that has happened while "he is in charge". One has to wonder how much more it will take before his own advisers start packing their bags. The "common man" has realized that Obama's in way over his head wonder if he ever will?

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by barkingdogamato

I think even most Democrats, including most Democratic politicians, are starting to realise that Obama is completely unqualified and unequipped for this job. He cant get votes on his jobs bill, because even the majority of Democrats in the Senate realise it would be a waste of money.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 03:30 PM

centurion1211 already beat you to the stars and flags.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by negativenihil

centurion1211 already beat you to the stars and flags.

Thread closed.

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