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BlackBerry services collapse

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by scotsdavy1

I have an iPhone4 too - and I often send a text message to multiple people at the same time?
Did you mean the BBchat service?
I echo a post above as well about these so-called "communication" devices and their inability to just work with exchange in the same way all other smartphones do without installing an expensive BES server. Garbage.
The few times I gave to support them as well - I can't type on the keyboard as I keep hitting 2 keys - and I don't even have big hands!?!?

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by scotsdavy1
reply to post by havenvideo

i myself use iphone 4 but i believe blackberry mobiles can send a text message to multiple people at the same time which is unique for cell phones..................

No its not my htc wildfire does and so did my old nokia 5800 and btw my wife's new blackberry is not working properly since yesterday. ( she wanted one because she doesn't like touch screens and I had no idea they used a complicated and floored system) Just hope they sort it out soon.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:06 AM
Funny how BB servers went down on the day Blackberry announced the new Tag technology. hmmm.

New Blackberry Tag technology

This will take riot communication to whole new level, not only can it not be hacked, but its not server dependent ! All you need is a few friends and presto the message grows exceptionally without a server.

BlackBerry® Tag, which will be incorporated in the next BlackBerry® 7 OS update*, will allow users to share contact information, documents, URLs, photos and other multimedia content by simply tapping their BlackBerry smartphones together. BlackBerry Tag will also enable friends to instantly add one another as contacts on BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger).

One thing about blackberry's that TPTB do not like and that is the public own Blackberry's too. Think about it ; a blackberry kind of levels the playing field here in this day and age.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 06:05 AM
My immediate thought was it was the Government having a cheeky go at seeing if it were possible to disrupt without Blackberrys backup.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by havenvideo

I have no idea..thats just the JEDI MIND TRICK that was in all the papers and news here in the U.K shortly after the riots . blackberry and facebook leaders met with the government 'to discuss measures to prevent these pockets of scum-(D Camerons actual words) happening again., I believe TPTB are worried about real protests(i.e occupy london) once the cuts really begin to effect the middle class, so they pre-empt the moves chinese style.

Also with new laws on protest marches in certain districts of all smells like a conspiracy...that is why we are all posting here in the first it not?

what better way to cut of lines of communication that the police cannot incript? to use as evidence in courts when kids get a little out of hand..yet the bankers..well their BBs are working just fine. coincidence?

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 01:24 PM
I don't usually post without evidence. But I can't find any at the moment other than logic.

1) RIM's network allows Blackberry devices to be secure.

RIM and Neomar also announced that the first output of this alliance will be support for Lotus Sametime Everyplace using BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds. Lotus Sametime Everyplace is a new product that extends Lotus Sametime's Awareness and Instant Messaging features to mobile devices. Lotus Sametime Everyplace gives mobile workers a way to locate and instantly communicate with connected colleagues, while providing office-based users awareness and access to remote/mobile staff. RIM is demonstrating Lotus Sametime Everyplace with BlackBerry at the Lotus DevCon2001 conference this week in Las Vegas. "End-to-end security is one of the critical underpinnings of BlackBerry's success in the corporate sector that has already allowed us to deploy the BlackBerry wireless email solution in more than 8,000 organizations. RIM and Neomar will now begin to enable a range of additional wireless applications with continuous encryption at all points between the corporate servers behind firewalls to the BlackBerry handhelds." said Jim Balsillie, Chairman and Co- CEO at Research In Motion. "Our first application of this technology will allow support for Lotus Sametime Everyplace which means that BlackBerry customers will be able to manage their instant messaging as well as their email and organizer from a single wireless handheld."

2) Riots in UK and now demonstrations in Washington present issues for Western governments.

Fact........http:/ /

The Occupy Wall Street activists are no strangers to social media. In addition to live-streaming their demonstrations and publishing a professional newspaper to document their efforts, they are also turning to Vibe, a free application that lets people post short messages anonymously to a microblog, similar to Twitter. But unlike Twitter and most services on the Web these days, Vibe does not require users to create an account or log in to to read and share messages. It is still very small, but has recently started to grow. Vibe was created by Hazem Sayed, a 53-year-old New York business consultant who has been working on mobile applications in his spare time for years. He recently helped release a service called AskLocal that lets people pose questions to one another in a specific location. He decided to build Vibe in May after observing a march in Manhattan and realizing that a similar service would be helpful for people who needed to quickly communicate with those directly around them. Twitter, he felt, had too many users to do that efficiently. “Instead of using hashtags to try and filter messages, you can use location to filter what you share and see,” he said. Anonymous messages can be broadcast to others using the application within an area as narrow as 150 feet to as wide as 300 miles — or shared globally.

3) The turning off and on (reset) of the Global RIM network (ie every node, server or router) can happen when a major software change (patch/upgrade/IOS) takes place. Fact...........

Trust me, your Blackberry is still secure to all.
Apart from the UK and US security services...... Presumption...............
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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 07:16 PM
I thought this was very strange. Considering that the last time Blackberry was in the news is when its bbm service was partly blamed for the organisation of the riots in London...and before that...Egypt.

Lord Alan Sugar (founder of Amstrad) tweeted: "In all my years in IT biz, I have never seen such an outage as experienced by BlackBerry. I can't understand why it's taking so long to fix."

Here's what Limmy had to say about it...I think there is some truth to it

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 10:45 AM
Good thing I went for the windows phone over the crackberry. I won't touch iPhone with a ten foot pole.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 11:25 AM
i used to use blackberry 8900 curve and i loved it would still have it if some idiot hadn't took kids phone and ran up a 2000 dollar phone bill calling all across the world. and i think it is mighty suspicious how the whole network went down in europe. sounds like a nation government team of hackers disabled it . and i am sorry that uk had riots but you cant blame companies for individuals actions a government shutting down communications in a crisis time yeah that makes perfect sense way to go Britain.

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