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Sirte 200 Dead for 1 Minute TV Victory: "Jibril withdraws TNC-Fighters from Sirte" 10,10,11

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 06:37 AM
Sirte 200 Dead for 1 Minute TV Victory:
"Jibril withdraws TNC-Fighters from Sirte"

Mahmud Jibril
Chairman of the Executive Board of the National Transitional Council of Libya

The massive storm on Sirte that resulted in the brief occupation of a University Campus and Hospital in the South Eastern Suburbs.

After the battle raged back and forth all day, a massive counter attack that left 200 TNC-fighters dead and countless wounded was enough for Mahmud Jibril, who is pulling “the fighters with allegiance to him” out of the battle, calling “the death of over 200 fighters for a one minute Al Jazeera Victory senseless“.

Jibril´s decision is one more example that the NATO Narrative is discredited and of the inherent instability and infighting of the NATO proxy regime. The Libyan war is grinding into a stall, while the humanitarian crisis continues.

I tried to find the Al Jazeera footage, to post with this thread, but for the life of me couldn't find it, and it now seems like Al Jazeera, and other MSM have pulled this story, i did manage to find the telegraph had still got it, on there Youtube channel,so here it is.

Now apparently, after this was taken, the rebels came under a massive counter attack, and lost over 200 men, and massive casualties.
And apparently cut from the Original footage of Al Jazeera, that all the other news channels sourced from, it said, that the interview was cut short, with the screams of the rebels to withdraw immediately, so its turn out to be a costly piece of propaganda, at the expense of the rebels lifes.

Its all going badly wrong for NATO's puppet Jibril, who recently survived an assassination attempt where seven of his bodyguards were killed, protecting him, the question is, how long can he survive in Libya.

Also, the western media, has failed to mention, that the rebels have given up on Bani Walid, even after being given $16 million in cash to carry on fighting, by NATO, infact, Bani Walid, is not even spoke about in the western media anymore.

The only way, NATO can win this now, is by boots on the ground, it will happen without a doubt, because, even if the rebels do take Sirte, do you think, that's it, everyone will go OK, you win, here's my gun, the war in Libya, not even started yet.

NATO needs a face saving exit in Libya, and there not one, so now it's time to convince us all, we need to send our children to go fight for the Corporate gains.
Expect the media to go into brainwashing mode soon, that we must send in ground troops to help these allahu akbar screaming Islamist, from the other half of the Libyan population, who don't like the way, these rebels have conducted this Armed uprising killing there own people, and blowing the country up into the stone ages, for no good reason other then greed ?

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