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Gears of War or Gears of Change

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 02:05 AM
As I sit here watching intently the events that unfold before my eyes, the state of the world itself and humanity as a whole, I’ve come full circle to a very dark realization. The world in which we all once knew is slowly falling apart at the seams and the tapestry as whole is coming undone. For the past bit of my life, I’ve watched and listened to Media Reports daily, multiple sources, television and internet and I am amazed and almost stunned at how fast our world stage is changing around us. Anyways, I’ll try to keep my rant in a nutshell.

I do have a lot to talk about and quite a bit to get off my chest so to speak and a number of topics to cover that result in the stage being set for the Endgame Symphony that lies in the not so distant future. First off I’d like to say that it is sad to see that in this day and age fellow citizens of the United States and Canada would rather burn their whistle blowers at the stakes than praise them for what they are trying to do for them at great risk to themselves. That right there shows how dumbed down our societies really are over here at this present moment. Don’t even start with me about being patriotic neither, I’ve had two cousins that have served their time on the field and two cousins that have came back ****ed up because of these pointless conflicts, one very recently. Yet, till this day nobody knows what in the hell we were truly over there for in Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place with any conclusive evidence to back it up. Then to top it off we ****ing start bombing Somalia and Yemen with CIA drones, then establish a no fly zone over Libya, then bomb the s*** out that country to oust a “dictator” who we were just doing business with. Now we’re trying to inch our way towards doing the same thing with Syria who just so happens to be allies with Iran whom else we want send our mighty military might after. Wish it ended there, but it doesn’t. We still have boys stationed in the Philippians under the “War on Terra” engaging that local populace with the current Philippians Government under the guise of training the current authorities to combat the local terrorist groups. We’re still bombing designated targets in Pakistan with UAVs with unneeded civilian casualties as the result. It was just declassified that we had human experiment programs in South America that we recently had to apologize for. We also had the infamous MK ULTRA program that not only seen operation on citizens of America but in Canada also. We back Georgia and Georgian forces when they stormed South Ossetia and attacked Russian soldiers and then to top it off we try to justify Georgia and blame Russia in our media and politically. Russia and the West’s military muscle flexing towards one another is at its highest since the end of the cold war and if anything the COINTEL and off the record operations between the two is more than likely higher as seen with testing of boundaries with Russian bombers and Naval equipment, a spy swap where BOTH Russia and America exchanged agents. Now China is being made out to be a threat all around to us when in reality they already own a good portion of Americas debt, but don’t be angry at China for that, the people that you’ve elected seen that it was fit to send our debt that way.

However, we killed Osama Bin Laden so that’s a plus.. they said anyways. We could’ve brought him in to face actual justice.. but there were no legal grounds on the fact that OBL was never charged with the 9/11 attacks in the first place. So putting one in his cranium was the only way to close the case for good. They changed their story 4 times at least within the days of the operation that took out Osama, with no evidence to back it up except a downed Black-Ops Blackhawk in the compound and a nice little story where we “respectfully placed” a man who took more than 3000 innocent lives in the sea. Shortly after, the same unit that being SEAL TEAM 6 took a Mass Casualty loss on an attack on a Chinook while carrying out an operation. Then my cousins unit was ambushed carrying out an Op with his fellow Green Berets in relation to tracking those same Taliban that took out that Chinook which resulted in him taking a round in the head. Damn, all we need to do is establish a No-Fly Zone on the moon to piss E.T. off now... wait, a few are already established.

While we’ve had all these things going on, our economies aren’t doing any better. Be it Canada or America. Canada is tied directly to America and once that domino topples yours is next. You can also forget about a recession too, we’ve had a decade long recession. Get prepared for full blown depression. Right now, we’re in the bubble and mark my words, come next summer of 2012 the very latest that bubble will have popped and we would’ve already begun our decent into chaos by that point. So now because we can’t trust the morons in either establishment of either country to come up with some sort of solution that works, well we as a commoner can only handle so much bulls***. So now the people are upset with their governments and it’s quite a possibility that you’re a Home-grown Terrorist about to go all Timothy McVeigh because you’re views contradict the current reigning supreme beings.

Our list of threats have expanded from a group of people in a cave, to a country, to a region, to neighbouring sectors and now it has come full circle where we citizens of these great countries of ours are now viewed as threats when in reality we’re just a tad bit upset for the fact that nearly every promise that every elected official and party has made hasn’t been fulfilled. Yet, change is something you can’t stop. Governments have tried to stop it but have only prolonged it and you’ve tried to subconsciously ignore it... but it’s here

Keep in mind, it is not ourselves that we need to think about neither. That’s where we keep messing up. We have to put the next generation first, something that no other previous generation has done and I’m willing to put my heart and soul into watching the next generation have a chance, especially for the fact the mine didn’t have one... and I’m only in my 20's. I want to see a better future for my little brothers, sisters and future children. But not at the expense of my fellow beings no matter the race, creed, religion, political views ECT. Violence, greed and ignorance will not obtain this future vision for the next generations. Just as these times are going to get a little crazy, there’s always a bright light after this passes and I hope you are all safe for what’s around the corner and treat one another with some humanity and respect on all sides so that we can achieve this goal...

...or not and stay on this lovely road the descends into madness and chaos at the cost of all future generations. Like I said earlier, the gears are turning and there's no stopping them now. We can only dictate where the go from here and we can only do that through unity and clear objectives.

Deny Ignorance.


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