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For those of you (bottom feeders) who would pay for a prostitute.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by ColoradoJens

So my morals are evident. Please tell me what they are - given they are so evident.

Much Peace...

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 02:29 AM

Originally posted by knightsofcydonia
For all of who support paying for sex. You need help. The long term psychological damage done to the women involved doesn't matter right? Forced into submission and aggressively raped for a fee.

I think there's some misconceptions here about what kind of men actually buy prostitutes. The worst offender of prostitution IN EVERY COUNTRY is the military. That's true even so in the United States. In the port cities (San Diego thru Oceanside- Florida), the soldiers call from the ships trying to buy prostitutes...all trying to get a lady before they get shipped out of the U.S. Although I'm not sure how Florida handles San Diego they opted to get rid of their streetwalkers since they were so diseased. In otherwords so many soldiers were catching diseases from the streetwalkers right before they shipped out that it was causing all kinds of medical problems (which the taxpayers had to pay for) on all the ships. So San Diego passed laws to get rid of their streetwalkers, which meant it ended up in backroom hotels.

The 2nd worst offenders of prostitution after the military is COPS!! Yes, that's right COPS. Same is true in virtually every country even if cops deny it. Many cops do come from a military background to begin with which is how some learned the behaviors. When I was in college getting my bachelors in Sociology there were all kinds of people taking sociology classes planning on becoming cops after they graduated. So I asked each one Why they wanted to be a cop. Each gave their rehearsed "to help people speech" after which I coaxed them into telling me the REAL reason. Some said "To speed and get away with it." Others said "To beat people up and get away with it." But no matter what the end answer, it always was along the lines of a power trip "To be able to break the law and get away with it" because they were going to have a badge. Cops and prostitution are pretty much the same power trip...."to break a law and get away with it" in the case of prostitutes that means using, buying, pimping or taking bribes from prostitutes.

I still think Attorneys are the third worst offenders of prostitution for the same reason as the cops only attorneys think that they are the law because they got a law degree. But after them....the 4th worst offender of prostitution is COMPUTER INDUSTRY. That's right...those in the computer industry whether they deal with hardware or software, programming or security....

...with that said being this is the internet..starting off a thread attacking men that engage in prostitution means that the 4th group is jumping in (hence why a thread gets 16 pages of posts in less than a day). And I've seen some cops and military jump in as well.

Although I agree with much of what you said about forced prostitution and the trafficking of women and children...gear down on the attacks of the rest of the men. Because realistically....

In each major city, cops usually are the pimps as are soldiers in the military.

The feds are usually behind the operation of the internet pimping sites such as TER, TDB and Feds can pull those sites off the internet at any time but they don' long as the feds get money in their pocket and favors from those running the sites.

Hey...I can even think of some funny Secret Service incidents where the Secret Service got into trouble because they were trying to buy prostitutes. The incident I can think of happened sometime in the 90s...Clinton's Secret Service agents not sure if it was Clinton or Gore. But they were staying at the Phoenician Resort and they were trying to buy escorts but wound up with the dancer-show girl escort types. The Secret Service got angry, demanding the stripper-show girls have sex with them when they weren't those kind of girls. Apparently the Secret Service held them hostage, demanding sex or their agency money back. Local cops came in to rescue the girls and had to talk the Secret Service into releasing them.

So now do you have a better picture as to WHO and WHAT kind of men use prostitutes? All kinds. Doesn't really justify the actions of say the Secret Service...but, that's who buys them.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by nh_ee

It's the oldest business in the history of mankind.

Much of the stereotypes of Prostitution here in the US are a result of it being made ILLEGAL.

In Europe where Prostitution is widely accepted and Legal, you don't have these things.

No different than any other self employed business , they are licensed and are required to have medical examinations

No. It's not the oldest profession. That's really what an uneducated pimp tries to propagate. The Food Industry (hunting-gathering) is the oldest profession. Think about it. You know I'm right.

Besides there's many different societies that never had prostitution in them. For example, all sorts of different Native American tribes never had any form of prostitution in them. So prostitution is not a universal thing among all human societies.

Prostitution really stems from patriarchical societies. I know a lot of men think that women invented marriage, but in reality matriarchical and matrilocal societies had no marriage, no marriage was simply cohabitation between the sexes. So marriage was a patriarchical society invention and prostitution came with it. And as women gain more rights in patriarchical societies--marriage disappears and things return back to mere cohabitation between the sexes. It's a result of women gaining status, so things look more like matrilocal or matriarchical society structures between the genders.

I will say this to all the men who think that prostitution is in some way "natural" when it's not.

For 2 million years of humanity, whether homo sapien, neanderthal, homo erectus...if a woman allowed hundreds of men to have sex with her...she died of disease and each of those men also died of disease. That means the only natural thing with regards to NATURE is that those who are incapable of controlling their sexual urges died. Their genetics not meant to pass on.

Mankind invents the condom. Mankind invents penicillin. But mankind also invents bioweapons. And many bloodborn bioweapons are sexually transmitted.

Where did the 1918 flu originate? Some say Florida, that it shipped out with a group of American soldiers making them sick on their ships and when they got to Europe...the 1918 flu wiped out so many soldiers from every army that it ended WWI. And where did those soldiers get that flu before they shipped out? They were visiting the Florida brothels...trying to get a piece of American arse before they were shipped away.

Those women that you refer to in the European brothels. They can't test and don't test for every disease out there. You know as well as I that they aren't screened weekly for every flu strain. None of them can test for the wide range of stealth viruses on the loose around the globe. In reality they only test for a fraction of diseases that they could possibly be infected with.

The military is the worst offender of prostitutes...yet it's always the military that also gets wiped out by them. The 1918 flu being the prime example.

Some countries, like the Ukraine, have set themselves up for a complete country-wide wipe out. They legalized prostitution-the brothels government owned. Then they require all adult men to join the military for 2 years (forced militarism). Then when the men are in the military they are expected to support their government by using the government owned brothels. Have you seen some of the stuff that winds up in the Ukraine brothels? Crimean-Congo virus, Black Lung mutation of H1N1, odd mutations of SARS (SARS hits the Ukraine at least once or more every 2 years).

So....using the Ukraine as an example, legalization is about the worst thing that could be done. If they want to wipe out their own country...fine...but us Americans will stick to being called prudes so that we can close down brothels in the event of epidemics.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by knightsofcydonia

I never have (even after trips to Amsterdam) and never will pay for sex.

That being said...

Do you think that there are women that love sex so much that they want to do this. That no one could tell them not to?

Sure, it might do psychological damage. But what doesn't? Our modern society, even without legal prostitution, is damaging enough. Who are we to stop these people?
I bet there even males that have benefited from bedding a prostitute. And by benefit, I mean on a personal, moral, and ethical basis.

I do think that there is prostitution, mostly ILLEGAL, that is harmful for all parties involved. But there are plenty of LEGAL, safe, sanitation practices that women flock to that are beneficial. And by beneficial I mean provide a safe place for people to make their own decisions.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 04:09 AM

Originally posted by Immune

And can you name any and i mean any job an uneducated or even a moderately educated woman can make 100k a year? that's a lot of money that these girls can use to pay for college, she could even pay for the counseling she apparently needs because according to the op she was molested anyways, raise children in a nice middle class lifestyle, provide a great standard of living for them spurring the economy all for doing what comes natural

Im not sure if it were legal if they would be making that much.
The price would definitely go down.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:15 AM
I may have joked about taking a woman up on her offer for money a couple of days ago. I tuen was admonished by a female MOD and threatened to have points removed or to be banned from ATS. But in retrospect, she brought a little clarity to my thought processes. Wen a recession or a depression hits, women deserve no easier way out than men. To have the option of "sex for money" to fall back on is the primary reason women have taken most of mens jobs today and why they do so much better in recessions.They have an ace card that men dont have. SEX. Men should stop paying for sex, because we are just giving women a stimulated economy and a free ride (no puns), that we men dont even have the option for. Now, I know,...I can hear the hooves coming my way as we speak. Women are going to claim how unpleasant it is for women everywhere to have to do this for money. Then dont do it. When you are out of work, do the only thing that men can do. Pull up a curb, pitch a tent and beg for money. Unpleasant or not, money is money and no one forced women to put themselves in that situation. A prostitute still makes more than a man wirhout a job and it is an "out" that we men just dot have. So, I take it back. I think women shaould be held to task like men, during a recession and hard times and lets stop giving them our money and our power And let them suffer like we men have to when we are out of work. Either that or, as equality would dictate, women get your money out and start paying men of all types to dance for you around a pole..........and pay us well. As far as that goes, go ahead and pay us for what you are getting paid for period. Our economy will then be better........because BOTH sides will be working then, not just females who are adeptnat manipulating men out of their money. The OLDEST profession that exists. why is it the oldest profession? Because women have been paying this card since the dawn of mans existance. Its time we wise up men and take back our power. They say prostitution is horrible, but then they keep doing it and keep making the cash. Sure there are women that do it against their will, but they are far outnumbered by women who do this willingly, every day, to men all around the world, ....they are now called "wives", as they tempt you wit sex and the promise of a life-long relationship where it will always be available, then they wait until they have children, they then take you to court and divorce you, take the kid and get alimony and child support and even make you pay college tuituion and they have to do nothing but sit back and wait for the checks. You, as a man, have to prove to a court how much you pay a month.....a woman has to prove nothing. They complain of 9 months of discomfort while ignorine YOUR 18-20 years of financial hell. This is just another form of prostitution. Marriage. We should stop doing that as is just another one of their tricks. So, we should not pay them for sex, nor should you marry them....its not like it was in the old days. Marriage, is just another form of prostitution for a woman today....just another way to make money by manipulating men. Sorry for any mispellings, men. I am using an iPad.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by PennyQ

Everyone has a price they'll bow down to, sweetheart.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by Phenomium

I agree with you on the part of marriage. I do not and have never believed in it. Amid my research on the cabal/illuminati/whatever I recall some references to marriage being something contrived by the church as well as TPTB to control people - and to that end it does serve its intended purpose. Also it was intended that with marriage that divorce and separation would wound the family unit and that has certainly been achieved.

I do know that some people actually get married for sincere reasons and actually make it work - so to them I can only say good on you.

The literal meaning of prostitution tends toward - to sell for money and I guess anything we do for money is a form of prostitution...any thoughts on that?

Much Peace...

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:28 AM
Why don't we all put a price tag on our lives and make up excuses about how its okay to do it because it doesn't hurt anybody.

Say you're against greed and money as universal power... but there's nothing wrong with selling your body for a certain price.

Say you're against greed and money as universal power... but you'll still buy diamonds that people were butchered for.

Say you're against greed and money as universal power... but you'll still buy those naughty movies hoping none of your loved ones know you do.

I hold prostitutes in higher esteem than bankers, but I would still try my damndest to convince them they can find a more respectable occupation that contributes to something other than peoples selfish desires.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:41 AM
Yaaawwn.. Thrilling.. Morality lessons from sexually repressed westerners who try to force everyone to conform to the oppressive, narrowminded, primitive views of their barbaric , bloodthirsty religion.. Yep kill for sport and profit but ban love and pleasure.. Typical.. World would be less bolloxed if people stop forcing their false morality and primitive views upon everyone around them. Newsflash bub everyone pays for sex regardless - i.e dinners, movies, concerts, drinks, flowers etc. dont fool yourself you are paying for it and in most cases getting less value for cash than in going to a prostitute and getting what you pay for without the headaches and hassles..

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:51 AM
I'm not even going to get into to some argument over forced prostitution - Fact remains I have known many a woman in my time actively seek such work. True, some girls do have drug problems but the same can be said for many people who work in any field. What they most want is a safe environment to work while they require to work in that profession. It's not forever. Some I've known to flit in and out just to pay some whopping Christmas bill.

What they need is serious health care and screening, to be safe off the streets from violent pimps and punters and to be given the opportunity to pay an amount of tax on their earnings to cover their stamp. Hell, I know of a few who claim they are self employed hairdressers and pay tax that way.

Bottom feeders? No not really. The only ones regarded as such are the men who actively seek out such women with the express intention of non payment and violence thinking they can get away with it. Sadly though, the way things are at the moment most of the time they do.

Also I'd like to point out that in some cases men seek out these women in a totally unsexual manner. Willing to pay just to talk with someone, either for advice, from sheer loneliness, to talk about the grief of loosing their wife (In cases of old gentlemen). Some might think that wholly sad but the fact remains these women can often be employed as some sort of shrink.

No I haven't read the whole thread, nor do I wish to...In this instance I just feel I should state my case on the matter in hand, show what side of this supposed moral fence I am on and thus take my leave. If feel no reason to belittle those who choose to seek out the oldest profession in the world whoever they may be so long as it is a wholly consensual business between two adults.

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 06:02 AM

Originally posted by Amanda5
reply to post by Phenomium

I agree with you on the part of marriage. I do not and have never believed in it. Amid my research on the cabal/illuminati/whatever I recall some references to marriage being something contrived by the church as well as TPTB to control people - and to that end it does serve its intended purpose. Also it was intended that with marriage that divorce and separation would wound the family unit and that has certainly been achieved.

I do know that some people actually get married for sincere reasons and actually make it work - so to them I can only say good on you.

The literal meaning of prostitution tends toward - to sell for money and I guess anything we do for money is a form of prostitution...any thoughts on that?

Much Peace...

Well first off, I would like to commend you for not getting all "naggy" and retaliating like 99% of other women on here when I dare to mention one of their fallacies. You are trying to see my point, as opposed to just jumping straight to a defense of all woman-kind....which #1, suggests that I am usually right, or there would be no need for such a rigorous defense for all women, and # 2, it does suggest a conspiracy against men...which is why there is, well, such a vehement defense for all women when only one may be reading my topics. #3, quick agressive, defensive responses suggest guilt. I commend you, personally, for being the 1% and trying to understand my meaning as opposed to some of the more, unpleasant or unfriendly words. The dictionary, expressly points out that there has to be sex as a trade for it to be prostitution.

1) ( - a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money.
2) the act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money.

I suppose things like telemarketting, where you "prostitute" your wares while people are having dinner together could be considered, but that's more backwoods patwa than anything,....
That would be more slang, I suppose. The topic here, that the OP is speaking of, clearly suggests women manipulating MEN for money. I know what women everywhere are thinking. How is it NOT a man's fault, if he is usually the pimp. Well,....there are just as many female pimps today, pimping out there own kind, because they know the true value they can get in return. Furthermore, selling sex to strange men for money, to make ends meet.....comes with it's dangers.....dangers those women got themselves into for running away from home or for dabbling in ways to make easy money and then they get trapped, or more often thasn not, satisfy a need for drugs. To all women out there who think of prostitutes as victims of men, it is not. It is your own fault for selling YOUR body...not the men's fault for buying what they have to work too hard to get anyway, just to find out that it wasn't even worth it.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 06:34 AM
From my recollection brothels and prostitutes have been around since recorded history. royalty and those close to royalty etc were commonly known to use them, AKA people who would be considered not bottom feeders.

Kings were even known to appoint an official mistress for goodness sake.
As long as there is consent its not my problem, and considering how much of a coin flip marriage is the only relationship you should be poking your nose in is your own.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 06:43 AM

Originally posted by Charmed707

Originally posted by PennyQ

Of course sex can be a mere recreational activity!

...because people are so narcissistic to treat it as such. It doesn't mean that its purpose is intended merely for your apathetic enjoyment.

If the participants in the sexual act are taking precautions (ie the pill, using condoms etc) then the act is purely for pleasure and entertainment not the creation of life.

I've known so many girls and women who have gotten pregnant despite using contraceptives. It doesn't matter what your intention is, the possibility of pregnancy is always possible unless you are sterile. Thus, sex should not be taken so lightly. The world would be a much better place if the people who only want sex for recreation got themselves sterilized.

Have you ever actually had sex?

If so, have you ever actually enjoyed it? Seems to me you just hate sex.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 06:56 AM
1st FORCING, TAKING ANYONE is kidnapping and rape and more itself ---- Those who do should be taken out in a public square and hung! ---- Of course the same can be said about those who steal, kill, lie and cheat and abuse anything or anyone in any way!!!

Now as for prostitution, I think it should be legalized, regulated and controlled. WHY? 1st let me say in my business/carrreers I have had the opportunity to discuss, survey and test many involved in all ways.

Findings: Of course some people have GREAT sexual lives, many more "just OK ones" and some TERRIBLE ones. i.e. Many women never get the chance to have "good lovers" so they only know crude, "rough", wambam types who lack both technique and the proper physical equipment (sorry but within reason, size does matter). Some men on the other hand (some females too of course) are sadly born with not-so-attractive looks and worse or something happens that causes those effects later. (my heart goes out to all of these and more).

Man, as you so well stated is "a Sexual Animal" and through sex (done properly), especially takes man to a higher level in so many ways. It unites the physical and spiritual world and are awareness of the universe.

All humans should have the opportunity to experience this oh so wonderful entity and I say very frequently. By the way, my wife and I make love normally at least daily and often more and have for the past 20+ years. Again, it is both a great physical and emotional, spiritual experience. (of course when "forced by circumstance to be separated by distance due to work or other affairs such as family matters elsewhere "everyday" has had to wait 2 or 3 times for us for a few days (seems like weeks at the time though ---smile).

Because some people are not "lucky enough to find the right one, or to have physical or emotional or other traits that in spite of their "trying" or attempting to find "partners" ---- Simply put, they cannot! Maybe no one "wants them" and sadly finds them disgusting to look at, touch, and be with. Maybe the person is paralyzed and cannot function normally ------- MOST LONG TO BE TOUCHED, and TO TOUCH and attain the physical (mental too) "relief" that "sex" gives.

------- SHOULD THESE UNLUCKY PEOPLE Be Cut Off From Normal Functions? I think NOT! ------
Man "manufactures" devices and ways of giving people full functions everyday: Eye Glasses and surgery to "See", Hearing Aids and surgery "to Hear" and prosthetics to function as arms, legs and other body parts. Heck, they even are trying to recreate full sensations for those people, which I believe is WONDERFUL! We invent ways to give those with no legs the feeling of running, of parachuting, or skiing and more -----

Is it so WRONG to ALLOW these people to EXPERIENCE SEXUAL THINGS" ----- Of COURSE NOT -------

Should prostitution be allowed ---- of COURSE --- Just as "nursing" is, as an example. Regulate it, No One Under 21 for example. Tax it so funding for Health is funded (sexual disease and abuses, etc.). Let ALL EXPERIENCE SEX --- NOT JUST US LUCKY FEW who have all of its gifts!

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 07:18 AM

Originally posted by batgirl
Wow, just wow. Why bother trying to convince these people that there is anything wrong with prositution.
Quite a few seem to see a woman merely going out on a date as prostituting herself for the meal. Wives
are prositituting themselves for the house.Women are prositituting themselves to go to a movie. Are there
any women in your views that are not prostitutes. There is a real deep level of contempt for women in this
thread. God forbid that anyone has a problem with it, then they are imposing their view on others. The OVER
SEXUALIZATION of women is IMPOSED on women all the time but you are not allowed to express yourself from
a so-called moral viewpoint. That is not allowed. We really have become a degenerate society here in the West.
We've gone from one extreme to the opposite extreme. From a very judgemental, condemning, guilt riden putanical viewpoint to a anything goes anytime anywhere everything is acceptable no matter who gets hurt
viewpoint. The only thing off limits is children but they are becoming over sexualized as well. Soon, and the
time is coming when people will be screaming for the rights of children to be in sexual relationships with
adults. This society really has become quite animalistic and not in a good way.

Society is 'getting' this way?

Society has always been this way, it was once acceptable to marry children. If anything, things are 'getting' better. You seem to think that prostitution is a new thing? I agree there are some questionable views in this thread but having a penis or a vagina sexualises us from a very early age. If you think society is 'getting' more sexualised then you obviously know nothing about history or the human body...

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by MapMistress

Nope. Hunting-gathering wasn't a job. It was survival. Definition of job: paid occupation: an activity such as a trade or profession that somebody does regularly for pay, or a paid position doing this.

Think about it. You know i'm right.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 08:40 AM
In these united states you cant have sex without paying for it one way or another.
The only difference is the reasons that people tell themselves to justify it in their minds.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by knightsofcydonia
I don't normally respond to any of the Twits out of Sedona but I will this time. You do not know what the hell you are talking about lady. How many men have you fed on; how much of your life is the result of some man you have used? Don't kid me lady, I know a Divorcee when I hear one; as much a whore as one standing out on the street corner but certainly not as honest.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 09:23 AM

Originally posted by dusty1

post removed by staff

I was just going to ignore this and stick with my U2U I sent but I think I will respond here. I just wanted to let you know you are wrong on all accounts. My mother was not a prostitute, but I did see pretty women. That was a movie though and has no bearing on real life. You ought learn some manners though, considering I never spoke to you before now so there was no need to attack me. The OP was the one calling me out and insulting me, so please get off your horse. You probably didn't know there was another discussion about prostitution and probably didn't know that I talked about my experiences there.

Think what you want but at the end of the day its you with the blinders on, you can't see the forest for the trees.

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