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How to arrest an officer of the law?

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 12:59 AM
reply to post by outsidethesquare

People do indeed unknowingly commit murder, it's called manslaughter, and generally carries a lesser charge due to the lack of pre-meditation or the 'unknowingly' part. How is that relevant to a protest/mob/demonstration? It's not at all.

Manslaughter is not the "unknowing" act of murder.


The unjustifiable, inexcusable, and intentional killing of a human being without deliberation, premeditation, and malice. The unlawful killing of a human being without any deliberation, which may be involuntary, in the commission of a lawful act without due caution and circumspection.

Weren't you the one yammering on about fantasy lands and learning legal skills?

If people choose to not 'assert' their 'constitutional rights' when being arrested then that's their choice. And your lovely quoted phrase rings true in that sense.

I made no mention of 'Constitutional rights', and only spoke to unalienable rights. Your obfuscation doesn't change this.

As i said already, nothing in your reply has any relevance to my statement that there are undoubtedly laws already being broken, albeit most likely very minor infractions, which gives cause for arrests.

It has every relevance as you are mistaking law with legality. Legislation is not law, merely, at best, evidence of law. You, quite clearly, have no understanding of law, and really don't have any understanding of legal process either. Your first post, implying "reasonable cause" was a crime made that clear.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:33 AM
Similar thread...

"How to perform a citizen's arrest on a criminal police officer? policing the police?"

Originally posted by alaskan
This little article explains how to lawfully perform a citizen's arrest on someone when it looks like the authorities won't be around soon enough or be able to find the suspect to stop them.

But what happens when the suspect them-self is an 'authority figure' ?

EDIT; For the people who refuse to understand that I'm not just talking about dealing with corruption.
HYPOTHETICALLY, let's look at a case that just recently made the news, but for this thread let's just pretend it was only one cop instead of the whole squad.

You call 911 asking for an ambulance for your bed-ridden grandmother.
Instead, a cop shows up with his gun drawn, yelling and charging through the house.
He steps on grandma's oxygen tube and then tazers her when she "takes a more aggressive posture in her bed." Not once, but twice. He then manhandles her even further.

This thread is about how to lawfully take down scumbag pieces of trash like this BEFORE they get too far into their assault.

Not about corruption throughout the department, or the fact that there are a lot of good cops for every bad one, but how to lawfully stop the criminal from furthering the crime.


Obviously you stand a chance of getting gang-stomped without question when their cronies show up and you're squatting on their partner's back, and there are too many variables to count...
...but let's assume it's one bad cop VS. you, and a good cop shows up to officially arrest the suspect, or you're able to bring the suspect to a courthouse yourself without getting swat-teamed.

Are there different rules to follow?
Is it even "allowed" in the first place?

There are hundreds of videos I could post to show instances where the cops more than deserved getting tossed to the ground and handcuffed, or at the very least restrained, but I've never seen that happen.
I've seen people getting beaten to a pulp for defending themselves from such criminal violence, people beaten for just blocking the attack (myself included) and people beaten for no reason at all by these thugs in uniform who seem to have nothing to fear once they're "in control."

But you never see or hear anything about these dirty crooks getting theirs. Sure sometimes they lose their jobs or even do some jail time, but it's always through the court system, and they're never subject to the same physical policing that regular people are.

Anybody with more insight on this?

4 pages and not too many real answers

Originally posted by Bedlam
In most of the states of the former Confederacy, there are laws on the books that permit you to resist excessive force from police, up to and including using deadly force, in certain situations.

They're still on the books. Every year, they're used for a defense, and at least one or two people succeed, but in general it'll go all the way to the state supreme court before it's settled.

Unfortunately, there's a wad of people that try and FAIL, and those guys get charged with assault on an officer, obstruction, disarming an officer etc, and win the 20-life in the state pen lottery.

Personally, if it ever came to it, I think the only way you'd get away with it clean would be to back shoot the guy, un-ass the AO, and keep your mouth shut.

The safer way would be to call the state police in most circumstances if it's a local. Local cops really really HATE when you call a statie in a case of abuse of authority, because in a lot of cases they will show up tout suite and do that observation thing they don't want. It's a lot harder for a city cop or deputy to succeed in testimony against a state cop in court than against you.

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

Yes unknowingly was a bad adjective granted, i used it as an example. It is not the majority of OWS protesters' intention to go out and commit crime, but it may end up being a by-product of said demonstration. Likewise most drivers do not go out for a drive with the intention of killing someone, but manslaughter (killing by negligence) can be a by-product of the drive. But you're already on your tangent and set to continue, so be it.

My point which I've already stated is going to a mass demonstration with the intention of causing disruption, and drawing large scale attention is going to get you, in this political climate, exactly that. A lot of attention. Do you not understand that law enforcement will exercise every possible avenue they have to control the disruption?

Then threads that appear asking how to arrest a police officer? or a group of them?

Why am I even replying?

Don't play with fire if you don't like the effects.

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