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OWS -- Ok, we get it.. so what are we supposed to do about it?

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 02:15 PM
I have some common sense solutions.

Worry about yourself, don't blame others. Personal Responsibility. Live within your means. Don't take on debt if you aren't prepared to pay it back. Don't expect anything is due to you. Don't be envious.

You'll notice that all these "solutions" involve the individual...and not a desire to lynch someone else for your own problems.

I am tired of hearing people complain about "bankers" and these high paid CEO's, they did not create what ever mis-fortune you are in...YOU did.

Should illegal activities be punished...yes, most definitely...but unless you are a DIRECT victim of an illegal activity...don't try to use that as a crutch for your own life.

One more, if you are SO against these corporations....STOP USING THEIR PRODUCTS/SERVICES. If I see one more hippy on their Iphone complaining about big evil corporations...I'm gonna blow.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

This is pretty much what I am saying in a nutshell -- with maybe a bit of leeway on the last part.

I have a saying.. kind of a rule of mine.. "You can do anything you want to in this life, so long as you are willing to pay the consequences".

What does that mean?

Well, simply put, don't go to college and rack up debt you will never be able to pay back just because society says that's what you should do. I am in a great professional job, well respected by my peers. I never graduated college. I have always taken the stance that what I do can be done by anyone willing to learn it. Some of the best in my field are self-taught. Lesson here? Personal Responsibility for my knowledge and experience was the saving grace. It could have been tragic... If I had allowed the industry to tell me that a college degree was necessary.. but I stood by my decision and took responsibility for it.

As for the iPhone thing OKS ranted about... well, yeah, I agree a bit, but I also understand that sometimes there are necessary evils.. I cannot afford to ALWAYS boycott Walmart... but I do avoid buying things from there that I CAN buy elsewhere. Always keep my eye open for options, too. If I had allowed myself to be suckered into buying a "fashionable" iPhone only to later discover that the PR and Marketing shtick was a setup from the begining to get people to buy an overpriced product.. well, I would complain on my iPhone up until the mandatory contract ran out, then I would do something differant.

A classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting differant results.

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by gameoverforyou

you don't do anything about it. everything is perfect. just continue working like a slave, paying taxes for services never rendered, keep bailing out the banksters, keep warring to spread democracy with a congressional approval of 9%, drinking fluoridated, radiated water, keep eating food that causes cancer and heart disease, and keep piling up debt so that your grandchild will have to pay for what you do today.

The economy is great.

Nothing to see here, move along. move along.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by rogerstigers

Hi Roger, nice to see you. Great opening post.

Here is how I see it and maybe its flawed but here goes.

The federal reserve is privately owned by a select group who also own the central banks of almost every country on the planet. They have the right to print money at will, with no backing. We the people are expected to use this as legal tender. We must use this currency to purchase what we need and want, but the currency can not be traded in for tangible value based metals anymore. YET, the central banks do not except their own printed money as payment. Why? because they know it is worthless. They only take tangible "things" in payment, ie gold, silver, land and mineral rights, etc.

The Governments, I believe, are beginning to take this mentality in that they just keep asking the central banks to print more with no regard to the cost to our countries, thus giving up all that we have left. The central banks know everyone is running out of tangible items to trade for this currency which causes the downfall of economies. These same practices caused the downfall of Egypt and Rome. It is their assumed ownership that has caused all of this to occur.

Are we, the People of Earth innocent? NO, we allowed it to happen due to our faith in the governments and the leaders of a system few actually understand. Its the blind faith in the system that has led us here. JFK wrote executive order #11110 which set us back to the silver standard. This was swept under the rug and not brought out into the open, nor was it rescinded due to it being hidden and it would take an act of congress to remove it thus bringing it to the publics eye. Instead the central bank began to whittle down our silver reserves, keeping the value low as to speed up the process, leaving us with not enough to revert to this system as JFK intended.

We the people do indeed need to become aware of who sets the values of these tangible "things" in order to see how we, the people, are being taken to the cleaners. We, the people, need to begin to work together on a neighborhood level, then a community level, then to a State level, etc. We, the people, need to understand there is more than enough to go around, if, it is all in the open market.(unfortunately it is not, due to the hording of the central banking systems and those that run them). We, the people, need to revert to the Mom and Pop style businesses that are supplied by Mom and Pop style businesses and this means knowing each other.

We, the people, need to stop taking credit and begin living within our means instead of buying into a system of borrowing with usury. This way of life is destroying not only our lives, but every life on this planet and the planet itself. We, the people, need to change the laws of a forced responsibility to making money for stock holders and put the power and ownership back into the hands of the everyday citizen. We, the people, also need to demand those that are supposed to pay taxes back to them. We have allowed them to charge us the sales tax which is supposed to be payed by the seller. It is not buyers tax. Put the payments back to the companies were they belong. We, the people, are charged to earn, charged to save, and charged to spend. Meanwhile we pay 3x what the value of what we buy and the banks use our money to invest for themselves paying us pennies on the dollar of what they make and it is us that must bail them out on bad investments, thus higher usurys and costs all together.

There are a lot of little steps we, the people, need to take in order to change the system we are in. Unfortunately there are so many people that still buy into this system that hinder any backing out as will be seen in the replies of threads and posts on this subject. These are the people who either are blinded by what is happening or subscribe to this way of life causing the downfall for everyone. Things need to be changed, power needs to be shifted, and value needs to be placed back onto life itself and away from assumed ownership. But hey as always this is all just my opinion.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 04:05 PM
If participating in sham elections is your thing.. vote your conscious.

If you like the aggressive wars history repeating NWO / fascist path.. and staining your spirit with innocent blood of the occupied allows you to sleep.. by all means, keep supporting dear leaders of the DNC or GOP.

If you don't like the way things are going.. support ANYONE BUT THEM... including Ron Paul.

I also did my small part by closing a rarely used chase account.. With history repeating all around me and three major stock market crashes occurring in October.. a short time will tell if I'll have to ever pay back the few k in 'credit' they foolishly gave me.. until then, I have a stack of freshly printed c notes in the gun safe.

In all practical reality, I don't see any mass generated solution in my lifetime.. money is power and they can print as much as they want. imo it's best to ignore the 2 party system as the joke it is vote anyone else, opt out of banks, shop mom & pop, ignore television leaders, and focus on survival / mental well-being for self & loved ones.

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