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Barack Obama, the Fraud-in-Chief, and the Wall Street Occupiers

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 10:00 AM
Obama all of a sudden going around pretending to be an economic populist by exhorting the passing of his Jobs bill [something he should have done in his first year in office when he had a chance to get it passed] only when he knows he won’t get his jobs bill through congress now that the GOP controls it, is indicative of either Obama being the most dense politician ever; or the more likely case is that he is a phony and using his present rhetoric, to deceive again his liberal base, to get reelected.

The seeds for President Obama’s demagogic press conference on Thursday were planted last summer when he assigned his right-wing Committee of 13 the role of resolving the obvious and inevitable Congressional budget standoff by forging an anti-labor policy that cuts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and uses the savings to bail out banks from even more loans that will go bad as a result of the IMF-style austerity program that Democrats and Republicans alike have agreed to back.

Obama is a corporatist stooge and pimp pretending to be for the people, and in reality he is only faking and again scamming the American people by this pretense. If Obama was a legitimate and honest politician who wanted to help the ordinary hard working American against the corporate blood-suckers of Wall Street he would have never put in as Secretary of the Treasury Geitner, a Wall Street errand boy, or the other Wall Street lackeys he appointed to his economic team.

The problem facing Mr. Obama is obvious enough: How can he hold the support of moderates and independents (or as Fox News calls them, socialists and anti-capitalists), students and labor, minorities and others who campaigned so heavily for him in 2008? He has double-crossed them – smoothly, with a gentle smile and patronizing patter talk, but with an iron determination to hand federal monetary and tax policy over to his largest campaign contributors: Wall Street and assorted special interests – the Democratic Party’s Rubinomics and Clintonomics core operators, plus smooth Bush Administration holdovers such as Tim Geithner, not to mention quasi-Cheney factotums in the Justice Department.

Any political observer with half a brain knows that if Obama really wanted a progressive people friendly jobs bill he had a chance for it only when the Democrats controlled both houses of congress before the 2010 elections. So for him to go around pretending that he is all of a sudden a populist is a blatant reelection scam.

Obama is, as a democrat on the surface of course, always better than a GOP corporate sycophant who doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that they will kill you for their rich benefactors. But in reality, is Obama really for the people and not just continuing a mass deception? Indeed, the democrat/republican political polarity in America is a fraud: good cop—democrat, bad cop—republican scam by the elite to control us and return the American culture back to serfdom. And it is working because the conundrum of the republicans being overt and blatant mandarins for the elite and the democrats pretending to be on our side [but secretly as bad as republicans] is a problem that at this time is unsolvable. They have set up an oligarchy so powerful that we are helpless presently to defeat it, and all we can do is to continually expose it for what it is.

That is the spirit of civil disobedience that is growing in this country. It is a quandary – that is, a problem with no solution. All that one can do under such conditions is to describe the disease and its symptoms. The cure will follow logically from the diagnosis. The role of OccupyWallStreet is to diagnose the financial polarization and corruption of the political process that extends right into the Supreme Court, the Presidency, and Mr. Obama’s soon-to-be notorious Committee of 13 once the happy-smoke settles from his present pretensions.

This brings us to the Occupy Wall Street movement. This worthy group of people are doing a great service to the cause, but in fact it has no obvious means to make a dent in the octopus of Wall Street and their bribing of the American political system. What can they do? Even if there were millions on the street the oligarchy still wouldn’t budge an inch . . . though with most of the American people in support of the spirit of what they are espousing.

Which brings us to the present day. Barack Obama is many things but he is as far from left-wing populism as any Democratic president in modern history. True, he once had the temerity to berate “fat cats” on Wall Street, but that remark was the exception – and subsequently caused him endless problems on the Street.
To the contrary, Obama has been extraordinarily solicitous of Wall Street and big business – making Timothy Geithner Treasury Secretary and de facto ambassador from the Street; seeing to it that Bush’s Fed appointee, Ben Bernanke, got another term; and appointing GE Chair Jeffrey Immelt to head his jobs council.

Obama and the democrats aren’t the solution because like the administration of Bill Clinton [whose policies with the same Wall Street advisors as Obama] began the destruction of the American economy with the repeal of the Glass-steagel act, an overt boon to the corporate pigs of Wall Street. And Obama the Fraud-in-Chief is continuing the act of pretending to be a friend of the ordinary people but in reality is doing the bidding of the Wall Street criminals to the detriment of all.

Maybe one solution is to support those few politicians that are decent Americans who really fight for the American people.


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