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264 arrested in NYC bicycle protest

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 08:17 PM
I was listening to Manhattan PD and FD yesterday and today on the scanner... Many of these people were littering and defacing the area...They arrested a bicyclist that used a laptop and special spraypaint to spray their good thoughts and well wishes on the sidewalks of New York as they rode. They werent all peacefully demonstrating. I listened to it for hours and some of the antics sole purpose was to taunt the police department--complete with unauthorized transmission on EMS frequency.
During this time, There was a terrible accident involving a car v truck in need of extrication that the fire department had difficulty getting to because of the "peaceful demonstrators".
There was also another incident involving an injured party, and 2 seperate incidents of lost children in this mess because some idiots thought it would be cute to drag their kids into it--All hindered by peaceful demonstrators.

Oh and traffic backup..F OR GET IT! it was so bad that the pedestrian traffic was backed up!

And that group that wanted to congregate on the lawn at central park and got denied...They left so much garbage on their "route" police began citing them...After the group stated they would leave the park just as they found it if they could get a permit for the gathering.

I was listening to this as it happened... no room for editorializing BS..actual events as they transpired..The police were quite frustrated, but maintained professionalism..Im sure we wont hear about that though, or any of this for that matter

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by James the Lesser
BasementAddix, yes, it was backed up, by the police! Read it. The bikes were going on the usual path they ALWAYS TOOK ONCE A MONTH! Then the police set up roadblocks and things that disrupted traffic. THE POLICE CAUSED THE BACKUP! NOT THE BIKES! Read it all. The bikes did not cause the backups, the police did. It was stated, and quoted from the article about what, 3-4 times. Hell, you quoted the person saying it! It clearly says in the article, and in the quote you quoted that the police, not the bikes caused the backups with roadblocks set by the police.

It is security. they have to be there. groups had specific areas where they were ALLOWED to congregate. There were groups of thousands. They had designated routes they were allowed to follow that were blocked off to vehicular traffic...thousands of marchers and hundreds of bicyclists cant be allowed to freely rome all of new york city. You must have an idea of how many ems calls transpire in one day in many firetrucks and ambulances are dispatched in the course of an hour? It does not stop, not for 1 second. It can be catastrophic. They were using helecopters to communicate to ground control where the groups were traveling. The beginning and end of each march and their heading..when it got so large, you could here the distress on the radio. The police tried to control the mass. What other choice?
There were so many calls of suspicious this suspicious that..packages..One group of bicyclists stopped and opened their backpacks and the police swarmed them...can you blame them?? EVeryone is so on edge, you must see the otherside. I listened to this all day and I can tell you, I cant believe that it went so well, but many EMS calls were hindered because I heard them begging for alt. routes.

The poor guys driving public trans were dying out there today. I listened to them also. public trans was a damn mess.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 12:02 PM
How come no-ones mentioned how these "peaceful" prostestors beat a NYPD officer yesterday almost to death?....He's in stable but critical condition in the hospital AS WE SPEAK....peaceful my ass...

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 12:17 AM

Originally posted by muppet

Originally posted by ANOK
I don't understand ppl knockin' protests, especialy ppl who post on this site.
If it wasn't for protestors, we would have,
1. No free education
2. No 40 hour week
3. No Vote for Women
4. No alchohol
5. Segregation

Bravo..ANOK. Well said! (though I wish you hadn't wasted all that lovely tea by lobbing it into the Boston harbor, you incorrigible rabble, you!

It was past it's sell by date anyway

(actualy I had nothing to do with it, I'm ENGLISH. I came to the US to re-claim it, but when I got here I decided it wasn't worth it...LOL)

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