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Quantitative easing (credit easing) UK

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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by woodwardjnr

It's all very confusing. Does the government actually make this decision or is it all controlled by the BofE and if so is the BofE a private bank like the Federal reserve?

The Fed isn't a private bank....... it's a government central bank.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 08:37 AM
Bank of England used to be privately owned. But in 1997, it was then turned into a gov institution under the direction and control by the Treasury. ( Banksters BECAME the gov anyway, makes no difference)

In 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, it printed $200 Billion new notes out of thin air, and bailout their fellow banksters, which otherwise would have had belly up then.

It balanced the bank sheets, but unfortunately did nothing to stimulate the economy

Many biz failed or went instead to China and other slave nations to make money, as there is no money from banks as loans to pay the high cost english workers in UK.

The banksters only hoarded up their wealth, and to show lending, they lent to NATIONS instead, with the belief that individuals may declare bankrupt, but nations wont and can be enslaved.

Greece proved them wrong.

Today in 2011, QE2 began. The bloody bastard banksters just love fooling the masses, thinking they have short memories and did not remember QE1, and tried to hide that fact by just naming this round of printing money as QE.

And again, the money to shore up banks balance sheets, or if they were to face a run, the banks will collapse.

And not a cent to the people, but instead given lashes of austerity drives.

When a nation goes on an austerity drive, it only drives a nation deeper into poverty and despair. The banks, once they balance their sheets, do not have money to lend. Companies have no money for machineries. Workers become unemployed. Smaller biz dies off. Many more end up on the streets, instead of using their productive time for honest labour with honest earnings that will keep money CIRCULATED, enriching all that it touches.

But no, the capital of banksters decides to use the whip instead. Fools. I only plead that the UK masses have mercy and none be hurt or harm when all hell breaks lose soon. It's only money after all, once set right, it will flow and enrich all. All it takes is for the puppet masters to come to their senses.

Money isnt everything. We came into this world with nothing and leave with nothing anyway. And our heirs, are not us - eugenics is not proven science. They have free will of their own - to do go good or bad on their own choices.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 12:33 PM
Currently, England is not facing even a recession yet, let alone a depression. But with its austerity drive, it will most certainly lead to a long lasting recession of the likes never seen before.

1. With its QE2 bailout, it printed money out of thin air to buy back toxic bonds from banks, ensuring banks become liquid. Unfortunately, such toxic bonds then belongs to the sovereign people now, whom can't use it for social expenditure or anything else.

Worse if some fanatic idiot comes along and demand those nations that issued the bonds be made to pay or face war, thousands if not millions of fellow human brothers and sisters will face bloodshed for the reality of getting the super rich elite off the hook for their greedy mistakes, while other innocents die.

2. As the BOE printed the money from thin air, it will only devalue the british pound further, for money is based upon confidence and such lack of confidence by pound holders will erode when BOE prints more than that pound is actually worth, whom will quickly sell it off enmass causing a drop in value.

With that drop, inflation creeps up. The pound can no longer buy that loaf of bread today that you could yesterday. It cost more now. And couple with austerity drives, it is a recipe for a long zombie nitemare, for the brits while seemingly cool and rational, do have limits with the BS that they can take daily. When it erupts, hell knowth no fury than a brit scorned, to paraphrase the Bard.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 12:34 PM
Thus a more critical and vital question EVERY helpless Briton must ask:-

Why the bloody hell did the Treasury use the People's money to buy over the toxic bonds from the heavily exposed but private enterprise banks?

At least in the 1st bailout using taxpayer's future generations funds, the treasury had obtained assets - real personal properties of landed property in UK that now belongs to the People and can be turned for a return if based upon rentals or longer leases.

But now with this bailout of toxic bonds, what can the UK gov do with it? And suspiciously coupled with the terrible zero growth austerity drive and soon comming inflation, what are their intentions?

Does the UK gov intend to pass the buck to the sovereign people, driven mad by the austerity drives, to sacrifice their sons and daughters in bloodshed to collect those payments on bonds of foreign nations, when the sovereign people had NEVER made those loans but were the greed and mistakes made by the banksters?

Seriously, it is time for Britons to ask that question, or blood will be wrongfully shed upon and by both sides of innocents.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by facchino

Cool post.

At least some people on this board understand the bigger picture; Im sick of hearing the endless claims from Tory supporters that the Labour Guberment were responsible for the economic dont think so!

Look at the bigger picture and the irony that the Conservative Guberment under Thatcher privatised everything and essentially encouraged the outsourcing of jobs to other countries under the Guise of the Free market Knows best....

Essentially we don't have any infrastructure left in this country, so we import almost everything; this creates a lack of jobs and on to my main point i.e. the racist undertones from certain areas of the MSM i.e. its all the illegal immigrants stealing UK There aren't any freakin jobs anyway, and Immigrants take the only jobs available which are low paid menial toilets and de-beaking chickens in a factory....

Cameron is a looser...simple. HE is so far removed from reality which was evident in his conference speech which IMO the main aim (like the whole global warming movement) is to put the emphasis on the individual...i.e. its your fault the environment is screwed, its your fault we are in an economic mess.. Lol

Yeah lets not talk about the £850billion paid to stop the banking

Or the estimated cost of the lybia conflict at £250million

etc etc......
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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 01:27 PM
with all the griping about how we all should have saved for our retirement, we should have saved!!!

well, this is what quantitive easing is doing to those who did indeed save:

ya....let's end that safety new here in the states for the elderly, the one every up and coming future retiree has spent their working lives paying into....
ya, they should have saved more!!!
just so the bankers, and their buddies in the gov't could destroy most of the value in those savings!!!

I don't think there is, or ever was a safe place for the average investor/saver to stash the cash.....
they seem to have a gimmick to take whatever you have away from you regardless....
maybe the mattress....but then, well, they will come and foreclose on your home, and well, the mattress as well!!!

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 10:52 AM
Beware of the nationalization of banks, such as what is happening in Belgium to Dexia bank.

It is one thing to nationalize banks if the debts are internal, but quite another if the debts are external.

Worse if the country has NO money or not enough money to balance the nationalization process.

a. Printing money from thin air will cause the note to devalue, driving up inflation.

b. Increase in tax revenues or the stiffening of means to enforce tax regimes upon the middle class and poor masses will only create riots of the likes unseen before, more so in this time of scarcity.

c. The owners of the banks gets a fat profit from the purchase by the gov, then runs away, while the taxpayers will be enchained with the debts that will suck up all social expenditure revenues, and many will be left out in the cold to starve.

d. Worse, should the citizens get mad, the gov will only direct the anger elsewhere, to those whom owes the money, and may even DECLARE WAR upon them - Greece, Italy, Spain, etc, whose citizens played no part in the loans that were made and squandered by their representative govs.

Seems like the bankers are dumping their mistakes onto the sovereign people, while scooping up all cash and fleeing dodge city on skids right now......


posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

It is not Just England who is effected by all of this it is Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland also. England might have a bigger population than the other three, but all countries within the UK and taxpayers are going to suffer as a result of this.

I do wish people would stop just saying oh its England that is just in trouble. One country goes down so does all the other countries within the UK. The UK is not just England.
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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by AnonymousFem

I fully understand your predicament, as such sufferings as yours is now worldwide. I wish I could do more for you, for you are only my fellow human brother, but I am not a UK citizen and would probably be deported the moment I land in Heathrow AIrport.

I could still write letters to your legislatives on your behalf or even PM, but it will never even go beyond their most junior interns, let alone secretaries.

This is something that you will have to stand up for, more so in these critical times, if you cherish your freedom instead of enslavement, if not for yourself but for the sake of the innocent next generations.

You will not and never be alone, for many, within the great united kingdoms, are feeling and suffering or soon to suffer as you. You need to discuss and debate such issues further with your family, relatives, friends and social networks. Get them to understand the fully and bigger picture of what is happening and what it entails, and hopefully, by their free will and conscience, make themselves be heard.

It is not enough to be just a voice on the internet, for one will be easily ignored, just as I am here.

Make your presence felt to your leaders, down your tools if necessary, for what is a job if it means you wont have even enough to feed on let alone feed your family after paying the various taxes to let bankers enjoy the good life?

There is no need for violence. Just make a stand along with your likeminded social circle, and with no one working the economy, the lifeblood of your elite's blood sucking, will for once sit up and listen, and being the supposed 'leaders', come up with better solutions, not that there aren't. They just need to think of the sovereign people for once, and not their pay masters the banking elites.

We, mankind, are not without hope or solutions for our delimma in the greatest test of our generation. Good luck to you and the all the good folks of the United Kingdom! :-)

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Well I will tell you this, going from what has happened over the past week or so and will happen as this progresses.

The Bank Of England Injects a large amount of money into the banks once again, to so call kick start the economy.

The banks will keep this money and will not give it to small businesses.

These banks have had their credit ratings downgraded.

The Quantified Easing will fail.

More people will loose their jobs as a result of the banks not given out credit.

As more people become unemployed, more of them will become unsatisfied with the way things are going.

This will lead to London if not UK Riots part two.

I can see this coming, a mile off, now I am not advocating violence in anyway. But the way things are going it is going to kick off again.

And the Banks will get away with it once again.

We the tax payer will have to foot the bill.

I had to add another thing, you state there is no need for violence. It is in the British Nature that there will be violence either by a certain few, who just want violence, or by certain Officers of the Law who want to kick it all off.

No one wins everyone gets hurt.
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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 06:27 PM
this crap really pisses me off

mervin king should be hung

I was in the process of putting together plans to start a new business, and that prick has just went and devalued the already plummeting pound even more


posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 04:51 AM
Well here you go, the gap between the middle classes and the working classes is becoming narrower/

Falling incomes will mean the biggest drop for middle-income families since the 1970s, says a report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

The IFS forecasts two years "dominated by a large decline" in incomes, pushing 600,000 more children into poverty,

By 2013 there will be 3.1 million children in poverty in the UK, according to the IFS projections.

I do wonder after all this is done and dusted and if we are still all here. How many more people will be made poor by the actions of the Government and the banks.

BBC News

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:11 AM

Originally posted by Rockdisjoint

The Fed isn't a private bank....... it's a government central bank.

There's nothing federal about the Fed. When congress needs money, that's where they go. It's money borrowed by the government that needs to be paid back with interest. Hence the national debt. If the Fed was abolished and the power to create money was given back to government, there would be no national debt. (However, my disclaimer is that our current government with the way it works probably woudln't do much better of a job and inflation would still be an issue.) Allowing a central bank to dictate a country's monetary policy is really, really stupid.

Central banking doesn't just plague America or the UK, it's a cancer on the world. Most countries use this system.
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