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I just got back home from Occupy the Fed Dallas/Occupy Dallas. with pics

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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by billy197300

Some protesters seem to have a problem with the FED. The FED was created to keep US banks from becoming unstable or go bust. However once created the FED decided to act as an international bank and then bailed out England. The depression soon followed. It is these secretive international activities that draw curiosity and distrust to the FED.

Where Wall Street investors write off losses, international banks want their money back, look at pressure on Iceland for example.

The FED could bail out Greece for example and we would not necessarily be informed of that fact, this is why the FED is distrusted.

The FED certainly did not stop the investment banks from trying to sell federally insured mortgage packages with bad mortgages included. Hardly seems like the behavior expected from the FED, to protect the American banking system. But then again, investment banks weren't part of the federal reserve system per SE.

Investment banks didn't create the bad mortgages, they simply treed to sell the packages created by the federal government's private mortgage operation to domestic and overseas investors. These investors weren't stupid enough to purchase this bad debt, and then we had the bailout. To me the villain was the federal government in creating the mess. Encouraging banks to make loans that will go bad is not good government policy.

I think the left fails to see that freedom is an extension of the basic principle of evolution. Make good choices and survive, make bad choices and die. You certainly don't need government deciding what is a good choice choice. Just look at some of the lunatics both parties attract to power.

I guess if you want a banking "system" you need some basic regulations and safeguards. But telling a bank they must make bad loans is going too far.

I guess the left doesn't appreciate the fact banks loan out private capital. The rich could just buy a tropical island and say screw you with their capital.

posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by A52FWY

It's not that simple, that someone with money can go out and buy a tropical islands and say "screw you". The money in question is paper, not real. This paper, needs to be converted into something material, like gold. But, if anyone thinks that a millionaires wish is to live like Robinson Crusoe on a tropical island, they're wrong.

You have two things, the lending system, that is used to maintain cashflow. Or paper money, or coins, whatever you want to call them. In the case of the US, this is an IOY statement, that gives the holder the ability to buy American goods ... and that's just about it. For every dollar, there must be an equal amount of GDP.

And then there is wallstreet, that buys crops, and other products, and sells them. They are making money, by buying a tomatoe for $1, and selling it for $1.25. Now, pay attention ... the problem here is, that they are leeching on society ... pay attention here. this $.25 they are making, comes from where? They are buying and selling GDP, and if this GDP was produced at $1, they are taking out $.25. Which is inflation. Now the government is controlling inflation, by turning it down a bit ... but the $.25 is building up ... this money doesn't exist ... it's air money.

Then the air money bubble bursts, causing crash ... but, the most important thing of all, is that those that made their fortune this way, must take this air money and turn it into hard currency. They must buy land, gold, etc., for it.

This is a pyramid game ... the entire monitary system is. Remember thos schams, where you put $1 in an envelope and send it to the top of the chain? Somewhere, there will be losers, down the chain ... this is the bubble that bursts.

What you are living is such a bubble ... trillions of dollars, air dollars ... were cashed out.

The danger to your economy is, the following ... let us assume China buys a lot of dollars. Trillions of dollars ... what are they doing? Saving your economy? No, China is another economy just like the U.S. and for every Chinese yen, you take for your dollar ... you must buy Chinese goods. Because the only thing, you EVENTUALLY get from this currency ... is the product of that country.

So, if Iceland goes into the EU monitary system ... they lose a lot more, than only their sovereignty. But that's beside the point.

Now, what would happen to the U.S. economy if the Chinese decided to flood the U.S. economy with the very dollars they bought?

Think about it ... what did we do to Russia?

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