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I just got back home from Occupy the Fed Dallas/Occupy Dallas. with pics

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posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 04:53 PM

Originally posted by Namaste1001

Originally posted by illuminatislave
Ah Alex Jones, the fear mongering voice for controlled opposition. Nice to see that he's out and about.

I hope you are aware that ATS is also part of the controlled opposition.

You cannot control a free thinker who comes up with their own ideas.

Maybe you can control half of ATS, but a lot of us ask questions and think about things.

So I am afraid to tell you but, ATS would be the hardest group on Earth to control. There will always be naysayers, always.

And why is it that anyone who wants Freedom and to be left alone by the govt = controlled opposition?
Through what mechanism are we being controlled?

And IF we are controlled, than isn't it better to be controlled to lead you to demanding your own Freedom rather than controlled into being a mindless slave that watches and believes everything on TV???

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 05:00 PM
Omg .. did you shake hands with Alex Jones

now you just need to shake hands with Ron Paul
and you will have very famous hands ahah
wish i could be there

Continu the protest it is spreading accross the USA and soon to Canada
we will not stop protesting until there is some major changes in those hypocrites policies
so all can have a better lifes and better futur

This is for our futur generations sakes


posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by jam321

Great post! Good job. I've got a post from the Boston protest last night with pics and interviews as well. I'll be putting that up at some point tonight when I get a good hour to myself to craft it.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

You cannot control a free thinker who comes up with their own ideas.

Maybe you can control half of ATS, but a lot of us ask questions and think about things.

Well said!!

The thing is some people assume that ATS members are crackpots because we dare question what we are being told.

I think Occupy Your City will not necessarily be about one particular issue and I don't think it should be.

I read an awful lot of posts on here from people worrying what the demands are. Well all I would say is we need a Government by the People for the People. Not for the Bankers or the Multi Nationals who buy political influence, buy tax breaks or demand bailouts.

I also read alot of posts claiming that there are people within the movement who are protesting welfare cuts or demanding hand outs. All I can say to this is what about the Banks who have taken Billions in Handouts? Are you happy with this? You see, its all double standards whichever way you look at it.

October the 15th. Get out and see for yourselves. There are events taking place Globally. If you feel you have nothing to protest against, then at least go along and see for yourselves, rather than relying on written reports you have read on the internet.

You will hold much more credence if you can actually formulate an opinion from what you have seen and experienced first hand.

October 15th, tell your family, friends, colleagues. Peaceful Non Compliance.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 05:53 PM
Here's another video with someone other than Alex Jones speaking.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 06:56 PM
very cool pics. hate or love him i like that alex jones was their. to me he is a real american hero....

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 07:02 PM
Here's another thread that someone posted earlier this week.

It includes video footage and interviews with protestors.

I hope you don't mind OP, but thought I would share this with ATS members. Peace.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by buni11687

You being in Dallas, Texas, it's likely that a fair number of the police officers were in agreement with some of the sentiment and even wished that they could join.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by jam321
Did you ask anybody any questions on why they were protesting?

or better yet what results they expected to achieve by protesting?

I'm starting to get the feeling that these occupations are filled with a bunch of followers who are being told what they should be protesting about or demanding.

Thanks for the info.

Well may be alex was trying to get his message to end the fed and restore the constitution to the occupy crowd.
All week he has been stating that.
His message seems clear to me unlike the occupy movement.(The Weather vane movement)

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 08:08 PM

Originally posted by meatpie40

Originally posted by Screwed
Thank you for your service.
I mean that with all of my heart.
You and everyone who attends these protests are American heroes
and will go down in the history books as such.

So again,
thank you for your service and keep on keepin' on.

edit on 7-10-2011 by Screwed because: (no reason given)

hero's ?? really, you have set a very very low bar for what it takes to be a hero.

Everyone has their own definition for what a hero is.

In my book,
if you have the courage to peel your fat ass off of your couch, close the laptop, wash the lotion off of your right hand, and get the hell out and defend our freedoms by merely being a warm body holding a sign then you are every bit as much a hero as anyone pinned down in a firefight outnumbered 10 to 1 with only 30 rounds and a frag who drags his buddy to safety and kills all of the bad guys in the process.

Not everything that constitutes a hero can be found in a cheezy 80's action movie.
You don't have to be Chuck Norris nor do you have to be a Marine with 4 combat tours under their belt.
Sometimes all you have to do is have the balls to show up!!!

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 09:51 PM
Ironically, Occupy Dallas decided to protest infront of the Fed today. They didnt join us yesterday, aside from a small group coming to protest with us, but they also were infront of the Fed on Thursday.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 10:11 PM
Thank you for sharing this with us.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by buni11687

Thank you for the info and pics! Alex did organize this right?

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by BillyBear74

Alex did organize this right

Yes, he organized the Occupy the Fed movement yesterday. Im not really sure who organized the OccupyDallas movement though.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
Looks like the real original tea party infiltrated this OWS rally. Good for them.

please, how could you think such a thing could and would ever even happen ??
how should it be possible a neo-conservativ tea party group should join a anti-establishment manifestation ?
tea party will never discuss the fundamentals of this society because they are the puppets of the ones mastering the system !!! ( Koch etc ... ).
Tea party will discuss masturbation ( hahaha ... ) and other moral questions but never neo-capitalism or neo-liberalism or corporatism like Monsanto, BP, etc .. or FED or banking system ..
they never will fight against their masters !! they will fight Obama yes, but never Bush ..... understand ?
they are puppets not aware of their being manipulated !
Here in this demonstrations we do not see manipulation, it's about all kind of people coming together and being aware of the system killing all humanity everywhere, here we speak about being lucid and responsible for our world ! Chapeau !! nice to see people becoming AWARE of the manipulation and evil forces of the actual system !

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 11:52 PM
I am confused as to why no none questioned has mentioned the need to ending the wars that are costing lives and money that is being absorbed by corporate coffers... There is many things that need to be changed that has been implemented since the 1980s but military spending is right at the top and would bring home people that would be pleased and very capable of being part of the numbers that need to be heard... Way too much money has gone into the hands elected officials that have allowed the non breathing corporations and bankers to be funneled into the pockets of those that have the huge tax breaks that they haven't seen since the 1880s.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by buni11687
OSD seems more organized then OD who come across as spoiled kids when it comes to working together with OFD I am afraid that OD has fallen victim to in-fighting between those who know that the left/right game is a sham and those who are totally locked into that mindset and will continue to refuse to work with the "right leaning." OTF.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 07:12 AM

Originally posted by buni11687
I just got back home from the Occupy the Fed Dallas protest. Turnout was more than a few hundred people from what I saw (I arrived a little after 5 but I heard people were out there for hours before). Quite the variety of people there. Most signes were End the Fed related/anti-bank, along with Anonymous (the Guy Fawkes masks to), Ron Paul, and more anti-government. Alex Jones was on the mega phone, doing interviews, and shaking almost everybodys hand there. One of the funniest things I heard him shout was....

"You know why the police brought out the gang unit??? Because they also know that the biggest gangsters in America are the bankers and the Fed!!!!!"

I wasnt able to catch all of his speeches, but they should be up on youtube pretty soon.

Unfortunantly, OccupyDallas didnt really show up. Almost all of them decided to stay and protest in Pioneer Park. A couple groups of them decided to show up though, but not very many. The Occupy Dallas groups stood on the west side of Pearl Street, while Occupy the Fed stood on the East side (where the Fed building is). You can see the Occupy Dallas group a little bit in the 2nd to last picture.

The police again were very respectful. They stayed on the sidelines for the most part, plus they halted traffic when some of us needed to cross the road.

That was pretty much the jist of things earlier today. Completely peaceful protest, no violence no arrests, atleast from what I know of. I havent been hearing much about how OccupyDallas is doing at Pioneer Park, other than the police said its okay for them to camp out again.

Oh yea, there were quite a few beautiful women there to.

(Pics were taken on my phone, could have been better but its better than nothing)
edit on 7-10-2011 by buni11687 because: (no reason given)

ETA - Forgot to say we, Occupy the Fed, stretched around most of the east and south sides of the Fed building. Also, I will put some videos up if I can find any either later tonight or tomorrow.
edit on 7-10-2011 by buni11687 because: (no reason given)

The guy in the gray shirt, with the money sign, gives off a vibe that he is "working," there is just something about him that makes him not fit. Antagonist?

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by buni11687

Someone please help me with this. These people are protesting banks?

I just don't get it. This is what my bank has done to me. Loaned me money for the house I now own. Helped me buy the two cars I now own. Gave me money so I could get an education, and once again for an education for my child. I just can't imagine how sh#@ty my life would be without my bank. I really don't understand what the problem is. I NEVER could have afforded any of these things without my bank, they have done nothing but make my life and my childs life better. I just don't get it.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by buni11687

Atleast you went and all those other brave people keep up the good work. I noticed one guys pic had a serpent on it. Good writing not enough people link the next level up of the same pricks are not even human so offcourse they dont care about our money they created the finance system thousands of years ago.

Either way good job and keep fighting.

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