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My Experience with Occupy Phildelphia and Why I do not support them.

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 10:39 PM
I am the horseman of the revolution. In 2013 or sooner, America will face a second American Revolution. But, that does not leave me without hope for the current times. I have long since abandoned the belief that protests and peaceful acts will either accomplish nothing but false promises or a lack of support to actually make a change. I was excited about the Occupy movements and was thinking about going to NYC to see what all the talk was about but when I saw one closer to home, I decided to do a little bit of research before jumping in.

You see, the media was painting the protestors as a bunch of liberal hipsters who were looking for the socialist or fascist agenda. Me, being a pure Constitutionalist Libertarian, felt that I should get the bottom of it all and so I did the simplest thing - I asked.

The remarks I got were generally shifting around the issue. Most of the people said that it didn't matter what ideology we had, because we all agreed that corporate greed was bad, yada yada, the whole 1% deal. I got about 20 replies and no one seemed to answer my question about where they stood, so I took it as a failed experiment.

I have been following the Facebook page ever since and a few questions posted by the admin there revealed the truth of it all. These people really don't know what they want. A question was posed about who to blame for the mess we are in and there were answers all over the board, but when a question was posed as to viable solutions and changes that needed to be made, that was where the true colors shined through.

As I figured, the majority of the people who had anything to say were anti-capitalism and against the free market. Many people suggested forced changes to our Constitution, the killing of wealthy people, and most of all "social justice". Many of these protestors seem to believe that "jobs" should be a right of everyone to have and government should provide that for them if need be.

Yet no one would come out and say the term "socialism" or "fascism" so I once again took it upon myself to ask and this time, with more member coverage I got my answers. A lot came right out and admitted that they seek a slow change to socialism. Very few people appreciated a free market society, with most saying that they would like to see a "mix" of socialism with capitalism - which to me, made absolutely no sense.

The last straw which broke the camels back was the fact that the Mayor of Philadelphia came out and suggested screening the Philadelphia Phillies for the protesters to watch the "big game" . I hate sports because I know what they are and I know what public sporting events were created - to distract people from the political corruption around them. Check your Roman history for more details. However, I don't mind what people do in their own time, more power to you in a free society.

I digress. The Occupy movement chose to accept such a suggestion and tonight, despite countless protests to do it, they did it any way. These 99% showed their full loving support for corporate owned sports teams and the millionaire players who get payed more that doctors, teachers, and military men combined to throw a ball around. I tried to express the hypocrisy of it all, that if you are there to protest your should be PROTESTING, not sitting on your arses and watching a ball game, but it seemed to go over everyones head as I got threats from local Philadelphians to not "mess with their Phillies".

To me the movement is dead on its feet with a bunch of people who aren't dedicated enough to make a sacrifice of a ball game on a Friday night to protest a greater change in this country. They are unorganized no matter what they say, with their demands being vague and unproductive. I tried to point out that with a mix of so many ideologies, when the time comes to finally make demands and make progress, the capitalist and free market supporters are going to clash with the socialists and the movement is either going to fall flat immediately, or one side is going to leave for good. There is no middle ground with two such extremes as the beliefs that these people have, and eventually a choice is going to have to be made as to which side the protests lean.

I can so wholeheartedly that from who I have personally spoken to, the reactions I have seen, and the scenes I have witness thus far, these protests consist of a majority of extreme left protestors, the majority of which still support Barrack Obama and will be seeking a second term for him in office.

So please, if anyone has any information to the contrary to what I am providing here, then feel free to comment. However, nothing is going to change the answers I got from the local protestors, and nothing is going to make me want to get involved any longer.


posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 11:16 PM
Thankyou for taking the time to post
I suspected as much but had no evidence other than gut feelings

s&F my friend..


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