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Those OWS people don't represent the 99%

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posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by TheImmaculateD1
reply to post by seabag

Attack and demonize that of which you cannot control. A dictatorial stance that you were ORDERED to do by the banks because anyone who exposes the lies and cons are to be labeled instantly as Anti American.

Nice to see you lack original thought and be a puppet of the banks who this group is deadset against! Keep on doing the bidding of the banks and watch how far it gets you.

Now, go back to the little kids table and allow the adults to have a convo here.
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If anyone is at the little kids table it's you. Last I read you support taking from someone who has more and giving it to someone who has less. Sounds like a policy for losers to me. Can't become successful on your own in the free market so you wanna take someone elses stuff, huh? Real mature! Lol "It's not fair!! It's not fair!!"

Move to Canada if you're not already there. That socialism stuff doesn't fly here. We're taking back our country from your type in 2012. Go cry on someone elses shoulder.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 04:22 PM

Originally posted by plube
reply to post by seabag

why don't you put some honesty out there for a second.....instead of your great US of A rant.......

lets start with the 10 most happiest countries in the world

10. Luxembourg – 7.6 points
9. Guatemala – 7,6 points
8. Canada – 7,6 points
7. Sweden – 7,7 points
6. Australia – 7,7 points
5. Finland – 7,7 points
4. Iceland – 7,8 points
3. Austria – 8,0 points
2. Switzerland – 8,1 points
1. Denmark – 8,2 points

the great US of A was 17th


Funny how they are mostly socialist welfare states is it not...and i know you have called them lazy...but lets look at the unemployment figures...because i was born and raised in Canada and glady worked all my life...and i now live in England and hmmm still work and support others around me...ok lets look.

Denmark 4.20%
Switzerland 2.80
Austria 4.30
Iceland 6.70
Finland 6.60
Australia 5.30
Sweden 6.60
Canada 7.10

and the great US of A

United States 9.10


so you see i am sure that at least 10% of the US population right now are being represented by OWS.

You can condemn welfare states all you want but the facts speak for themselves....are they the absolute best best solution will be when people start to realize we are all the same and we start to work for each other on a global scale...not for the corporates but for humanity itself.

the Capitalist way of life Sucks...IT is dog eat dog...and shows not one ounce of respect for people...but only for the all mighty dollar....and personally i am happier being broke and helping pthers than i would ever be being rich and greedy.

You know why i don't have is because i choose it and enjoy giving away what i earn to help those whom need a start in life.

keep your capitalist ways.....keep your worthless money....keep your arrogant rant....because if your not happy in your life...why was it even worth living it.

It is not just the States that needs a good fixing...It is humanity itself that needs to be fixed.....Stop being brainwashed by TPTB and start to stand up for the rights of human kind.....way to go to all the people willing to stand up right now and be counted.....Is this about hanging the bankers....not really they are becoming the scapegoats just like back in the 1930's TPTB playing their trump cards to put the world to war yet again.... all to fill their filthy pockets through the blood of the slaves.

Ya know what I Learned? I learned that the only people who hate capitalism are the people who can't get ahead in a free market. It is a dog-eat-dog world and will continue to be whether you choose to participate or not. In nature, do you see full grown animals still sucking their mother's teet? Why then do you consider grown humans sucking the government's (taxpayer's) teet to be an enlightend behavior we should all aspire to? HA! Gimme a break.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by Convicted

Yeah everyone who does not support wall street "must" be a communist according to the mcarthists. Does this not ever get old? Its all about the corruption of government colluding with business to demolish america and bring about the capitalist world order.

In fact its almost done and they are putting the final touches with electronic survielance. I have been on ATS for years and frankely 3 years ago it was much more pleasant, although "outrageous". Now its all about "I see communists everywhere.......RUN!

If you see communists, then I see two GIANT UFOS hovering over my house with a green beam of light being focused on it. Holly # batman...maybe the greys are communists??????????


posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:39 AM
Welll that was such an intelligent reply not sure what to say to can bask in your great America...and all it's dreams and glory....just as the roman Empire did right up until it's collapse...I think you did not even bother to read the source of the information i provided or you would have learned a bit of what the above mentioned countries had contributed.

All i see is someone who might be angry at others for actually caring for fellow human beings....but what is okay is you are entitled to your why not go out onto the streets yourself amongst the protesters and preach the gospel of what you feel.....and sorry my friend ...i personally have been on both sides of the fence......through hard work.....but i choose to give to others in need rather than to rape the world for my own personal selfish greedy needs...where i consume on the backs of the poor and blindly tell myself i am more deserving than another because i have been told it is a good thing by the same greedy individuals who tell themselves that.

1% of the global population holds 90% of the global wealth.....and you my friend are not in that one percent....and never will be.....simple as that.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 04:46 AM
reply to post by Convicted

Are you referring to the made up list of demands that came from right wing media and not from anyone at the protests?

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