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Not a recession. But who cares? CNN faking Numbers? and Canada Unemployment Rate Falls To 7.1

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 04:52 PM
source CNN

Yes, the good news from Friday's jobs report is that more jobs were added than expected in September. In addition, jobs growth figures for July and August were revised higher. Some feared that there could be a loss of jobs after the government originally reported that no jobs were added in August.

Yeah CNN Says the jobs data from friday is good news well thats qutie typical

heres a little more interesting note line here

Even though the economy is growing again, the percentage of people out of work or without a full-time job is only slightly below the peak levels from the recession.

Really now who believes CNN little lie there? the percentage of people out of work or without a full-time job is only slightly below the peak levels from the recession? come on everyone knows that jobs that are been posted are part time jobs.

Source cbc

Again the same issue the same story people arent buying it

i don't believe that.... the obviously made the number higher than what it really is... and i agree with a comment made here... what kinda jobs, jobs where people are getting paid min wage. A job where you flip burgers all day....

An increase in self-employment= Folks could not find work and have decided to start their own business.

"Unemployment rate falls and new jobs added" Real explanation: EI runs out = people have to go back to work = higher employment figures

Well there you have it, two jobs data were out and the news were all for cheering the supposed global recovery.

What kind of jobs? $5.00 an hour jobs. It is hard to believe. Many of my neighbours do not have jobs, so where are these jobs?

"MC Donald's, Tim Horton's, Walmart, yes, Great Jobs and if you are lucky enough to pay the Rent, Gas and Ontario Car Insurance................"

Did you bother to read the piece? Did you understand it? Are the companies you mentioned considered "public sector?" How does your "analysis" jibe with this quote from the article:

Self employment increased by 38,000. Any economist will tell you these jobs created are to be taken with scepticism. These are people starting there own businesses, if you look at the failure rate for start up businesses it is extraordinarily high. This is actually a bad sign for our economy. With failure rate as high as it is for self employment we will see these jobs lost within a year. The conservatives are giving businesses tax cuts hoping they hire. There is no incentive to hire. This government talks about economics like its a science, its not, its a guessing game.

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 05:02 PM
My post in the other thread:

QUESTION: Is the United States economy really in that bad shape now?

Sure the jobs numbers weren't great but they were an improvement.

There are apparent indicators that show GDP may exceed 2% in Q3.

I think the US economy can thrive with higher unemployment levels, granted ongoing low interest rates and other stimulus measures.

But at this stage I cannot see the US being an immediate threat to the global economy. Europe is another story though and I think the markets are reflecting some of this.


I reiterate it appears to me that the US economy can continue to thrive with high unemployment levels. Probably due largely to technology and lower wages and so on. Just think even with 20% unemployment for example, if the other 80% are productive and corporations are likewise productive and profitable, then why wouldn't the economy continue to grow while 20% of people remain marginalised from workforce participation?

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 05:18 PM
Just out of curiosity, what is the problem with the CBC article?

The article even questions the numbers and what they mean:

Beyond the eye-popping headline number, the employment details "were much softer and more mixed in the report than the headline suggests on multiple counts," Scotiabank economist Derek Holt noted.

Many of the jobs came from public sector job growth, while the private sector lost almost 15,000 jobs.

Self-employment rose by 38,900, "and we always treat this category with skepticism," Holt said.

And despite the job growth, the actual number of hours worked declined by 0.3 per cent. That's a troubling sign for GDP, since it's calculated based on the number of hours worked times the productivity of the labour force, Holt noted.

Economists had expected employment to be positive last month mostly due to a seasonal hiring spree in the education sector as schools returned to session. About 38,000 education employees were hired.

Holt said the start to the school season always distorts the numbers.

"It's not like there was a sudden rush to hire teachers and related workers," he wrote.

"The sector has posed a problem to StatsCan for years. The seasonal adjustment factors have been distorted by contract shifts in the education sector over recent years as we've long argued."

Seems to me that the CBC article is fairly balanced and as honest as it can be when using third party statistics.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 05:19 PM
There is nothing growing in this economy. I heard reports from 63,000 to 110,000

The fact is that unless this country is above 125,000 every month. Then we are decreasing the amount of jobs. Population growth accounts for a new 125,000 individuals every month moving into the work force.

Simply put. There is no job growth in this country.

Hows the Hope and Change working out for all of you?

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 06:40 PM
Why blame CNN when it's a government department ( ) that reports the jobs number?

The government doesn't care if you're making $19/hr or $8/hr, having any job is better than no job to them.

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