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A Disturbing Number

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 03:47 PM
For my introduction I post a calculation for you.

I'm don't think the fractional reserve ratio has been 10:1 since 1913, however let us calculate it that way for the query (maybe someone can bring up the date at which is was made 10:1 for me, if that's even out there anywhere).

Deposit $0.01 into your bank account, which will be the founding of the bank itself - 1913.

We'll use a simple 10:1 ratio which equals a 1000% interest rate when loaning out 10 times more than what you have in reserves. (not a 90% loan to reserve rate - that's a crutching number imposed on the "children" firms to ensure smaller growth rate for later acquisition, and not the more complicated 909.09% deductive 1:10 ratio simply because it's more complex)

All loans are made with 364-day terms - new loans are made at the completion of these terms to make this an easy calculation.

Loans are made with 0% interest & zero fees (0% APR), we'll pretend overhead is also zero for simplicity sake (or that they cancel each other out).

Loaning out everything you can on day 1 which is then paid in full by day 365, and the cycle repeats. Ignore leap days.

What is the account balance by 2001?

1 cent for
88 years
1000% APR (once yearly)
= ?

I can't find an online calculator that will go that high, but this would be the shadow money created by a fractional reserve banking system that had such parameters. This shadow money is not only the property of the fractional reserve holders from which it was fabricated, but is also parallel to the amount of slavery required to generate it, balancing the massive holdings with the same amount of labor required to "legitimize" the siphoned assets.

I can get this from webmath:

1 cent for
30 years
909.09% APR
$13 Nonillion (x10^30)

Yes, I switched to the 909 because the numbers look cooler given our current location (and I'm pretty sure that's the actual number needed for this mind boggling interest).

Seem impossible? Well, it's not. Granted the ratio has not been 10:1 for that long if I recall correctly, and there's immense overhead in running such an operation as you can see by the quantity and size of bank and federal reserve property accompanied by an equally massive and costly workforce.

So let's do my preferred approximation of how much shadow wealth has accumulated into the vampire from jekyll island and it's helmsmen.

We'll make it a 2:1 ratio, using up the other 8 for : bunker building, private wars, country & other massive property acquisitions, direct operations, indirect operations such as political funding, parties, cars, penthouses, hookers, drugs, health, etc.

1 cent
30 years
200% APR (once yearly)

Not bad - $2 trillion from a penny in only 30 years, with hella employees, buildings, and parties to boot (after some really tight years in the beginning, not that they started with anything close to that little).

How does one confront such power? And who now thinks quadrillionaires do not exist?

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 03:48 PM

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