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Twin Flames and how I found mine.

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posted on Feb, 25 2013 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by seagrass
reply to post by Subconsciously Correct

Good luck with that. (I mean that in a nice way) If they really are your twin. There is no "end".

Well, I think it is done in this lifetime. I moved 3 hours south and I'm not even sure what she's up to. We were like mirrors of each other which wasn't a good thing in the end since we both have fears to face. I doubt we enter each others lives again in this physical world, but I guess anything is possible.

posted on Feb, 26 2016 @ 12:46 PM

One or both twins could have already been married when they meet. The eternal triangle is usually dealt by the almost enlightened individuals with accommodation to the existing families. If one were to hear that someone has walked out on the family to be with his or her twin soul, one can rest assured that it is not a twin soul union in their final incarnation. The already committed twin is too responsible and would continue to honour the pre-existing marriage. The twins will know that there must be a very good reason for this inconvenience. It could be a test or because of unresolved karmic obligations. The twins would then remain as loving friends or colleagues without marriage disruptions. This is due to fact that they are no more powered by passionate physical sex, as their love is above that. They may meet at night in spirit for the purpose of uplifting a common cause. They may meet in either the astral or mental world. They know that their separation is temporary and nothing in the world can stop their final union. Of course very occasionally their meeting could precipitate a marriage breakup, but this is with a marriage that is already collapsing. The breakup may induce some benefit to the aggrieved members, who can start anew with their own new partners. With this in mind, the twins who are uniting in this last incarnation, would have cultivated fidelity, joy, love and trust, and their union would be as solid as a rock. However, there may still be a few cases, where one soul has not reached the same level as the other. One partner may outgrow the other, and the demands of the less developed may be irksome to most other partners. However to the developed twin this mild set back must be met with tolerance and patience, otherwise the growth may be stunted. At this juncture it is a shame to let the stunting be a deterrent for further growth. For instance, if one soul were to suffer from some neurotic illness, this fact may be detrimental for both. So the care-giving partner has to sacrifice his smooth progression to confront the neurotic partner with the truth of the difficulty. This may rock the marriage, but it has to be done. You do not spare the rod because you are afraid to hurt the naughty child. The soft stance will hurt the child more at a later date. This self-sacrifice must be persistent and long standing otherwise it will not work, for most neurotic diseases are brought over from past lives. The effort is worth it for it is for the mutual good of both, and the reward is enlightenment with the ultimate union with one’s twin. Thence the cross over to the higher spiritual realms never to return to earth again!

SoulMates and Twin Souls

There is some interesting information on that site I listed above.

Time passes and sensing another is fleeting
Invasive and annoying
To have a connection with one as unclean
Pride and arrogance tainted that ego long ago
to continue as if what was practiced was acceptable is denial
seeking dark force energy is what brought on visions
The difference between us is that even though I also "dabbled" I
realized what I'd done was wrong and asked forgiveness. I asked to be cleansed.
Your weight is suppressing
the darkness infiltrated and took seed
You allowed that, even invited it
Your ego is preventing you from seeing the truth.
You were supposed to follow directions
It was clear and direct
You still ignored and will continue to because you are stubborn.
You may try to project an image of light and goodness but without acknowledging that
you've done wrong it is what is preventing you from clearing your karma.

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posted on Feb, 19 2018 @ 12:13 PM

Twin Flames = Serious Business.

(Underrated movie)


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