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VA's Slip-Ups Invalidate 157,000 ID Cards

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 01:26 AM

Finn estimated the cost to remediate the deficiencies at approximately $6.7 million, and said the cost would continue to increase if additional credentials are issued.

Overall, the VA may have issued at least 147,000 credentials without determining whether applicants are known or suspected terrorists and presented genuine and unaltered identity source documents, Finn wrote in the report.

Also, VA may have issued at least 5,100 credentials without verifying applicants’ background investigations, and 5,600 credentials where staff circumvented separation of duty control requirements.

Finn made six other recommendations, and VA officials agreed with all of them.

Link to Full Article
Link to Report Cited

More proof that no matter how big a wall you build around yourself, it is never impenetrable. The sheer volume of incompetence in the VA is staggering, and I know from personal experience.

Bring this little gem up at the next "Government Waste" meeting.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 08:45 AM
reply to post by sbctinfantry

not being picky but the quoted part number is 140 gs not 157 but the article is 157gs

The VA is one organization that is the future of government sponsored health care... It is great as long as the issue is not health related...

I believe the source of this issue needs filling out for non vets...

1) most of the employees are non vets...

2) most of the doctors are foreign- or residents...

2a) the rest are a large number of pa and np's

3) some of the patients may also have security related issues- especially those in psych

hope this adds to this thread...

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 10:40 AM
I am completely fine with the VA being the largest training opportunity in the US for doctors, nurses and techs. However, when you don't kee the good doctors due to pay, and the bad one leech off the system because of the pay and retirement options, there's a problem.

The whole system needs a revamping. I'm leaving to a PTSD group here shortly, every week I go to one. I sit across the table from guys who were laughed at for Agent Orange for 40 years, and who stilll can't get help. Guys who have spent 10 years or more filing claims with the VA only to get laughed at, still unable to get a rating today.

I run into people who have no business being there, but still recieve full healthcare while others suffer.

It's not a perfect system, and that's been the defense for a long time, but that's the whole problem with the VA. It doesn't try to be anything other than what it is, it doesn't strive to be better. I recently argued over some pay I was due, but never recieved. I've lost a house already over my disability forcing me out of the military, making me unable to work and my lifeline (the VA and military retirement) failed to step in and help. I'm about to lose another house, very soon.

I called the bank looking for the payment, no luck. I called the VA, asking for some transaction number or ID, no luck. Finally a supervisor sent me to a 1800 Treasury number, which was a recording. I couldn't find that out till the next day because I got a call giving me that number late in the day, and they were closed. The recording told me to... get a tracking ID for the payment from the VA or banking institution before help can be given, thankyou for calling the US Treasury, goodbye!.

I could spend days talking about how the VA has failed, much like my liver is failing while they try to shove pills through it, and refuse to acknolwedge that my cirrosis is from them. I've never been a drinker, and never had issues drinking.

Eventually I'll die, and my wife will battle them for my insurance policy, maybe winning. My buddy died awhile back, and his wife got screwed out of $500,000. She isn't doing so great these days, but hey, neither am I.

It's bittersweet when buddies of mine finally get their claims through after 10, 20, 30+ years later and recieve $80,000 back pay finally getting all their debts payed off, plus interest, that the VA caused them to accrue.

I can't wait till I'm $50k+ in debt...

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by sbctinfantry

actually sir I have ran into this one...

You are being to nice... way to nice... picture the drill instructor greeting the recruits day one and start from there

Start with an email to them that unless they help you you are going to contact your senator or congressman...

Next call the patient advocates office... Outline the situation to them... Or if your close by go talk directly with them...

third, go to a veterans representative organization (ex DAV) immediately... make sure you let the advocate and the VRO know what you have done up to this step...

Fourth, go to the legal office and raise hell..

This was my plan for my roommate when his check was late for two weeks... I was at the advocates office when they called back (I had threatened them... I am insane dont do that part...) His check was expressed to him and was there the next day...

The same garbage happened with bamstomper... I had gotten to the VRO when they called the VRO office.. (they missed me at the patient advocates office

if you already have benefits it is different.... they will get to you... Remember they work for you not the other way around...

I personally have been fighting for over five years... (I am at zero percent disabled) ( yeah zero)

mods this is part of the thread because this is truly further highlighting the va's competence level...

As bamstomper says... you want a look at universal healthcare ask a vet about the VA... It is a purely government ran healthcare.... ask a vet here what they think of the VA's care...

Go eat them alive.... Remember they are bureaucrats... they are use to obeying and not thinking.... so do not cuss but be forcefull and demanding and start with the bosses... blow off the lower levels...

Mods thankyou very much for your patience with this but I feel this is truly related because it shows the depth of the organizations handling of multiple issues...

ty for your time... If any of you have any questions and think I may be able to help ask (u2u) ... the most I could say is no I am unable to process you request... error 404...

but unlike most others I might have an idea of where you can raise the most trouble.... this based solely on my own experiences....

edit on 7-10-2011 by ripcontrol because: becaause we leave no one behind it is that simple...(this includes airforce personel)

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 05:29 PM
Short answer, I'm not going to work inside a broken system to get results. I am going to get results, but I'm not selfish and willing to stop when my needs are addressed. This will not go away, and it will not go on.

Thanks for the help, but many veterans are doing what you suggest and getting no results for many years. I will get results, sooner, and cause change toward streamlining during the prossess.

Heads will roll, I just need to get them all involved and exposed before I act.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by sbctinfantry

also on a little side note:

rumor is that the DAV local have to refer you to a lawyer to handle your case... unverified but interesting idea....

The system will not be fixed ... Just remember...

"I have not yet begun to fight..."

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