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This Is It!! ((Just My Opinions Please Add Your Thoughts))

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 01:08 AM
OK we've got Libya being rebuilt back to the stone age
Protesters In wall street for DAYS and they really are P'd off
We've got people claiming Asteroids are coming close earth
We've got MORE protest planned for England, Germany, Spain...

Whatever you think, the human consciousnesses is connected. We all fell the anger and rage at the 1% How DARE they leave us "lower class" people try and pay bills, feed families etc. .. There was a story of a family who got kicked out their home and ended up living under a bridge.... This is not right and we all know it... We are all in the same frame of mind.....How ever you feel about this, you ARE connected by vibrations and energy. They try to split us by starting wars. Look its a Muslim, dirty things.. NO!!! Muslims are people and are some of the nicest people to talk to.. They screw the law and make us hate one another. A banker got 6 months for fraud, A man got so many YEARS for taking $100 and he GAVE IT BACK LATER ON.This isn't a Law System this is a playground to divide us.

The Media report on constant fear and make people afraid to leave their homes. Constant reminders of the dangers outside. A black teenager stabbed another person, when was the last time you heard of a WHITE person doing something like this?! I haven't seen one single report on the Occupy Wall Street protests.. which means it's working. They are afraid. They won't tell you anything about THEM being bullied and left at the mercy of the ones who REALLY own America, England, Spain, Germany and other places ready to get these scum out of power.

So Let it be known the 1% are mocking us, spitting on us as we try to survive.



Watch this live stream. it's the people who are there... the Soldiers of Freedom. It's on 24/7. They said yesterday the cops took there floor and today cops jumped out a paddy wagon and hit people with clubs then fleed. I don't think they want to push these people some have lost their home and their lives are messed up.

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 09:53 AM
Try msnbc, they are covering OWS.

As far as "This is it", I really don't care for Michael Jackson.


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