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demonic possesion of eastern yoga religions

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:53 PM
I've searched Youtube to refresh my memories of Rajneesh and Osho.
Surprisingly it is still active, although it seems that some of their controversial practices are defunct (not sure), but it attracts little attention nowadays.
It appears that after two decades of scandal there followed a period of accommodation in the East, with some scholars now praising Osho.
It appears that an HIV test is still required to live in an Osho ashram, and those who are HIV positive are not allowed to live there.

Unfortunately it is hard to find a clip suitable for ATS.
Rajneesh once taught that the f-bomb was the most important and spiritual word in the English language!
(Actually, in the 1970s that was not very unusual).

Here is a clip of the cult's compound in 1982 - Rajneeshpuram in Oregon (apparently after the cult was booted out of India, and a Hindu fundamentalist had attempted to assassinate Rajneesh, believing him to be a CIA agent).
Here the group came under the command of a hardcore female leader dubbed the "tigress", and internationally family members became concerned that a clash with locals or law enforcement seemed likely.

Rajneesh remains a rapist and self-enriching opportunist and fraud to some, and a misunderstood, persecuted mystic to others.

For further research see also the Rick A. Ross Institute's website on various news related to cults and fundamentalist religions, which also has a link to the current Osho websites:

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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 04:03 PM
The Osho is connected to several other conspiracies, or "proto-conspiracies".

One of these is what is considered to be the "salad bar poisoning" in 1984, when the group contaminated several Oregon restaurants with Salmonella cultures developed in their compound's laboratory.
The aim was to incapacitate voters so that Osho could manipulate their own local candidate into power in order to gain building rights on their ranch.

What is surprising is that two members (including the "tigress" Sheela) received hefty 20 year sentences, but only served relatively short sentences (two years). In fact, according to an interview on the Rick Ross site above, Sheela left the group after her sentence and spent time in the European restaurant business (bon appétit to that) before fleeing to Switzerland fearing new US charges.
Furthermore, a fundamentalist Muslim was arrested for bombing the cult's Portland hotel in 1983.
All very murky and strange, considering the themes that would soon explode on a much larger scale.

The case is often regarded as the first modern bioterrorism attack in the US, and was re-examined after the Anthrax scares following 9/11.
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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 04:38 PM
Just a word on the OP.

Perhaps due to a younger age the OP was not aware of Osho, and seems to have no clue on what he/she posted.

Suffice to repeat that at the time the clip was made Osho was largely regarded as a cult that borrowed from several Eastern and Western philosophies, but represented non of these.

In fact it came from the same period of cults as Jim Jones, Charles Manson, The Moonies or The Children of God, and it does not represent Eastern practices, just as little as these groups represented Christianity (despite their references to Jesus).

There are many conspiracies connected to the group and its origins, as I've hopefully illustrated.

Wholesome ecstatic dancing and devotional trance is found in many groups, but so is the old method of stressing people with emotions, guilt, music and repetition until the "release" (when the "preacher's" hammering actually stops) is then experienced as a temporary high.
This technique can be done in one-on-one sessions (Scientology) or in mega-churches.

So mind-control techniques seem to be relevant, rather than any sign of the supernatural.

Well, Rajneesh went from scandalizing the Hindu community as the "sex guru", to becoming the "Rolls-Royce guru" in the US (different appeals for different folks).

However here he was far outdone by Christian mega-sects and their "prosperity gospel" (the ironically labelled "Moral Majority" of the late 1980s), and hence a whole generation knows nothing about him.
At least, some would say, he was more honest, and practiced the freedom from convention that he openly preached.
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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 06:13 PM
Jane Stork in an Australian interview on her 9 years inside Osho, and her book "Breaking the Spell".

Rather predictably some of the commentary below the clip on Youtube criticizes Stork rather than Osho.
It appears one can show some people the dark side of what they are actually following (and to me there is sufficient evidence that all religion accommodates sects that focus on conning money out of people and mind-control), but they still will not accept it.

I just hope in future, that when people from one faith post with sweeping statements on another generalize on e.g. "Eastern religions" or "demon possession", they can be a bit more specific, and thereby they will also appear less bigoted and ignorant, and could even avoid having a finger pointed straight back at their own religion.

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 01:55 AM

these are people with deep devotion to yoga and are trying to release the kundalini(or sleeping serpent) believed to be in their inner spine.clearly a demonic spirit was summoned and they can feel it,short clip but shows a lil bit of the other side

Isn't this the problem with calling something "demonic"?
It is such a pre-resolved solution to stifle any further free thought and research.

Oh no, everything that doesn't agree with our sect to a tee is just "demonic".
Case closed.

UFOs and aliens are demonic.
Case closed.

I mean just imagine everybody thought like that...oh you have a kidney stone, it must be a demon!
Let's pray for it to go away!
Yeah right.

There would be no modern culture at all if everything is demonic.

And eventually it comes full circle, because the best place for a demon to hide would be to disguise himself as an "angel of light" who calls everything else demonic.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

1-What can you possibly research about these people?. and do you think your conclusion will be better than mine?
what kind of society would we live in if EVERYBODY practiced such events like these?. ask yourself the questions you ask me and see how absurd you sound to defend such practices, because if your not against something you are for it.(in this such important topic)
2-what can WE possibly prove about UFO's real agenda or origin? inter galactic?we know that the nazis where building ufo's and the U.S. continued, and we have prove of this. but there are real unknown creatures out there
and we know nothing of their agenda or origin. -- highly evolved or enlightened people?.(assuming this was possible)
has as much or even less evidence than MY BIBLICAL VIEW does. fallen angels is the right word i would use not demons(big difference),.

and modern day society is the most laziest,ignorant,lustful,brainwashed,selfish,and lost. of all the societies since the BEGINNING of the world. i believe this is why we would see the END in our LIFETIME.

only us in this day and age would accept the things the elite do to us,without knowing how to unite despise of our differences

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 11:07 PM
I think I have shown extensively what one can research on "these people".
Oh my hat, what a question!

You titled the thread "demonic possession of eastern yoga religions".
You could not even name or specify the group, and there are many different forms of yoga and Eastern religions (but you probably think they're all demonic so they're all the same).
Osho is not an Eastern religion (I mentioned their diverse influences on the previous page), and there are many fascinating conspiracies around the group relevant to this site, including their links to the CIA.
You are surely entitled to your view of the proceedings in the clip as demon possession, but the thread's title is offensive to Eastern faiths (especially as you speak of "religions", but show a very specific group).

I have not defended their practices.
In fact, I brought up many things that they would probably rather not have mentioned ever again.
I tried to give a balanced overview of the situation, and its different angles.
There are followers of Osho today - why should I only bash them and not try to give their views, or contextualize their history?

Every religion has scandals, and as many have pointed out, without some of the nudity the clip actually looks like a modern US-styled mega-church, who seem to use the same mind-control techniques developed in these cults. There is also sexual scandal going on in all religions (evangelical Christianity springs to mind immediately), The only difference is that they don't preach it openly like Osho did.
And let's not even begin to mention Christianity and the massive self-enrichment of the sect-leaders.
So it would be absurd of me just to bash Osho.
You may think your religion is the only one and you can therefore insult others, but we do live in a multi-cultural society and everybody deserves some sensitivity.

Why make a thread about a group you don't consider worthy researching?
The motto here is deny ignorance; not willfully embrace it about people you don't like.

As for UFOs - there are many threads on the fundamentalist Christian perspective, and it will derail the topic, although to me personally it doesn't matter if Christians speak about "demons" or "fallen angels".
Your OP again illustrated that calling something demonic, or "demon possessed" means one doesn't have to know or research anything more on a topic or group of people.

If coming on ATS to do research and to share and learn makes me sound absurd, then I am proudly absurd.

In any case thanks for at least drawing my attention to the group, and I found the little research on them that I've done so fascinating that I'm planning my own thread on them in future.
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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 04:12 AM

reply to post by prevenge

the fiery serpent was to heal from snake bites during the exodous, not to posses the individual and all they had to do is look upon it to be healed not to go in to a trance while naked. all of GODs divine interventions are instantaneous and require no occultic knowledge and no i will not damn Moses because it was a order from God, however God did seem to damb the israelites and put in the heart of king Hezekiah(6 century bc) to destroy the smake because they had chose to worship it .and the 33 degrees come from the 33 percent of the angels that fell with abaddon. not your vertebrates. i bet you are one of those who believes the Hebrews got their religion from the egyptians too right( the whole isis ra and el thing).no sir you been following false teachers (texe marrs right?) without questioning what they have to say.

no. the "Fiery serpents" were the ones that came from the clouds.. and bit the israelites.
the "brazen serpent" is the one that god told moses to tell the israelites to RAISE UP ON A STANDARD...
brazen means brass.. brass is made of tina and copper.

so by my correction.. you're telling me that God telling moses to tell the israelites to look at a brass serpent that they raised on a staff would protect them against snake bites in th wild... snakes.. that.. came from the clouds.. and were fiery....

I have to say that without any introspection and deep study of this scenario.. it seems completely ludicrous and without sense.

and seems to rely heavily in sorcery or magic ..etc....

"look at a brass snake you pushed up a staff and you'll be saved from poison snake bites" ...

nah.. there's a deeper symbolic complexity to this area of the judaeo-christian mythos. and it's what I proclaim.. and has everythign to do with kundalini. (the western version of the same circuit of spiritual energy up the spine) .. except it's hidden well.. hidden so that swine do not feast upon these pearls... hidden in prose.

and.. who cares if these people are writhing on the ground! let them ... lol seems harmless enough...

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by prevenge

of course this is more symbolical than anything. the SNAKE in a BIBLICAL view symbolizes SIN, a brass snake would symbolize strong or many SINS. the pole being used would clarify that this is propheticl of the MESSIAH being made SIN threw us, and HUNG on a Cross or pole ANYONE WHO PUTS THEIR FAITH ON HIM WILL BE SAVED. as all the old testament points to the MESSIAH. nothing to do with peganism though i agree it is a form of magic. true truth is never hidden. it is just not allowed to be understood by some

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 11:29 PM
I watched a disturbing film on Rajneesh on Youtube titled "Fear is the Master" by Jeremiah films.
I cannot post it here because it is simply too disturbing.
It documents the era of the cult in India, when dubious western psychologists (mainly from the Human Potential Movement) came to India to experiment on the followers.
One can understand why people became suspicious that the ashram became an experimental laboratory on mind control.
The therapies conducted by these psychologists took place in locked, sound-proofed rooms.
They included nude, sexual and violent sessions, that apparently left some followers dead, disabled and insane.
Most of these were penniless Western followers, most of whom were simply abandoned in India when Rajneesh relocated to the US, and they were never heard from again.

What is clear from the documentary is that Rajneesh rejected all religions.
In fact, in India they were simply a charity organization, and only tried to become a religion to gain tax-free status in the US (a move the followers actually found laughable, since Rajneesh had often denied that his cult was a religion, and critics called it a "religionless religion").

So one should again reiterate that this had nothing to do with yoga, although Rajneesh copied some of the dress and music of legitimate Eastern religions.
However, the therapy sessions were purely based on mind-control, and violent forms of psychological release.

Here is a short snippet of the documentary, which stops just before things get too nude and disturbing.

This clip titled "The Cult of Christ" (from the Discovering Religion series) uses the narrative of a classic anti-cult video, and shows very clearly how modern Evangelical Christian groups use the methods of 1970's cults to brainwash Christians today:

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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 11:38 PM
That guy wearing the fish net underwear... I want to party with him..

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 11:51 PM
I'm just going by memory and a little experience (very small) with kundalini

Seems to me it was refered to as "the serpent spine"
It is located somewhere around your tailbone area.

There is an energy source there that is usually not active, if you turn it on you can cause it to spiral up your spine. It is a very weird sensation. As the serpent reference suggests, it feels like a coiling snake.
I have heard that it can be dangerous if left turned "on".
Thats about all I can remember.

I once activated it, but after a little while it became to real and I never tried again. I would hate to accidently mess my energy up more than it already is.

posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 12:10 AM
reply to post by Darkblade71

Well, not to worry, because what we see in the OP clip and the Rajneesh cult had nothing to with Yoga.
The cult bandied about that term, but they were not even a religion and reinterpreted dubious practices under religious terms.
Nobody is performing Yoga in any of the Rajneesh material.

Mostly they are dancing with their hands in the air in public - charismatic Christian style (and for some reason some people find this behavior as evidence of something supernatural, and terribly impressive).
In the US the more violent rituals actually stopped, and one just sees people making fools of themselves, thinking they will impress the potential converts, as one finds in many ecstatic religions.

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