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demonic possesion of eastern yoga religions

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:17 AM
Nothing better than some fresh christian propaganda in the morn..

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:36 AM

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:38 AM

which church/faith is popular for the need for EXORCISMS

and why would that be?

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:52 AM

Are wanting me to reply to that thread???

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 02:20 AM

I've studied yoga and that has as much to do with yoga, kundalini or otherwise as a fart has with fresh air.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 09:09 AM

reply to post by MischeviousElf

Show me a yoga practitioner who can do the least of JESUS miracles and i will take your response seriously.....

Pleasure though the onus was on you to show one that was not done before, after or even at this time, however i see your game so as Jesus was as in the accepted texts of mainstream and evangelicanism

( I take it you read and accept the bible as handed to you after the council of Nicea? after translation and deletion, distortion and generalisation according to the writers political belief, i.e. the entire current new testament as seen in modern bibles, that is being written as books at least 44 years after Jesus Died and sometimes a few hundred years later as told to the writters, by word of mouth from generations ago, as apposed to the actual proven archeological true gospels and new testament as found in the dead sea scrolls and hidden, left out gospels ie Thomas et al?)

Taking the above into account there is no actual Physical proof, or any other proof besides witness testimony that is at best second hand or even worse, hundreds of years after the vent of any of the "miracles" of Jesus. However I will only provide such testimonies as was written and recorded by the viewers and other witnesses, also as much as possible from those still alive to testify, also actual feats that have left PHYSICAL proof of such things as opposed to an belated ancient send hand Biography.

I do advise you to watch the entire docu you will probably get a close true look to real Yoga and Yogis as apposed to what some fear mongering hate filled demonic evangelicist may say in his lies... in the below though miracle one. can be testified on the following clips starting at 7 mins 10 secs however watch from the beggining if you want to see an practise that is often mistaken for "flying yogis" or meditation.

However from 7 mins 10 secs you will see yogis alive who can testify to what they saw when the Chinese invaded Tibet, the clip shows one testimony, there are hundreds and hundreds of others from both the yogis, peasants and also CHINESE MILITARY who were part of it, research fro more testimonies of something happening within last 50 years.

So that covers "calming the storm" and such like.

If you would like to see rain coming at a time of drought please research from the testimonies of both the native american Hopi, the film crew present and other witnesses when the last Karmapa Travelled to see the Hopi as prohesisied by both of their mystics. The hopis had had a terrible drought, the Karmapa said to the most old medicine man when he first sat down and started they shed a tear

I dont think we will meet again, but I think it will rain later
he laughed as he said rain, within 15 minutes from one of the longest droughts in Hopi modern times, a storm gathered only over the meeting and surrounding valleys and rained non stop until the meeting was over. The drought was broken. Both "grandfather" and the "karmapa" were seen to shed a tear each just before this event occurred.

There are hundreds of both modern with current witnesses, and into times of 1000 bce of yogis ability to change and later the weather.

If as in Jesus saw on the mountaintop his "gurus" as such or predessors, elijah, moses etc but no one else could (maybe peter but according to the unreliable mix and bastardisation of the true texts by roman/jewish/pagan/political/sexist/bigot Nicea written new testament) when Jesus asked if he wanted an tent made...

Again Current, witness observed by those who believe if they lie will go to hell for a long long time, there is also PHYSICAL proof, I know someone who has seen the imprint, and spoken to local sherpas it was not there before the "yogi" had the experience.

Same video as above from 8 mins 30 seconds.
This has been recorded through history by others and the handprints are still there and were observed and written about at the time by those who saw it not second hand the caves and handprints of both Jetsun Milarepa and also Guru Padmassambava here is one, where is the physical proof of Jesus?

From a different tradition not Buddhism but its roots and the grandfather as such as "evil Yoga" Hinduism in India, again for the sake of it not being a "story" or a "Fairytale" I will present both an witness of impeccable statute and of scientific mind and training, and as in his own words one who says knowing the works themselves before reporting them is important for the sake of truth and scientific recording:

(Prof N.K. Srivastava)The scientific method of observation is limited to the objects of the senses and intellect. It is yet too imperfect to be applicable to transcendental facts. Still the miracles of a saint must be reported objective

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 09:10 AM

At that time my youngest sister, Miss. Mira Srivastava (now Mrs. Sinha) had a peculiar type of facial eczema. The more it was treated the worse it became. The doctors were outwitted. We brought her to Swamiji. First he tried to put us off by suggesting the names of some big doctors in Delhi. But my mother and all my sisters who became great devotees of Swamiji afterwards fell at his feet as their last refuge. He chanted Ram Nam and gave an ointment to apply. In a few days she was radically cured. For her beauty of face and happy marriage she owes to Swamiji a debt of gratitude which neither she nor her husband nor her brothers and sisters can ever pay.

Curing the sick of skin diseases and afflictions where modern medicine had failed never mind 2000 year old witch doctory,

How about curing the dying from a distance, and knowing things that were seperated by space and time?

On September 13, 1952, the clothes of my wife caught fire. Her burns were of the third degree. On the 14th, I received a letter from Swamiji asking me her condition! I had not written to Swamiji since I left him in 1951! Nor had he! The doctors despaired of her life because the wounds had become terribly septic. But she got a letter of invitation from Swamiji to join the Sadhana Week in December 1952. We were fully reassured that she would not die. She is alive and kicking.

For this particular Yogi who lived recently and many witnesses are still alive there are THOUSANDS of reported cases, where modern doctors couldn't help and the sick healed, et al miracles of every type, though thse testimony above is the best as the nature of the observer being a professor of science and an respected one at that with every thing to loose with his testimony.

Ascending to the clouds flying?

I wont keep sourcing please read the life and times of Milarepa and the many many many written testimonies from the time in local villages and districts of this particular Yogi and some of his disciples flying over the Himalalyas. There is still even an song sung to the children in the area warning them not to go in the shadows of the flying milarepa as it was considered bad luck (it was not just some fear from the many many who observed this happening), we also have his own description of when this happened what type of yoga it was and what enabled him to achieve master it.

How about this one JC seemed not to be able to deal with this as he questioned his "father" that is change the time of your death live longer... ok then unfortunately this particular Yogi Passed away by now, but at the request of the Dalia Lama he lived a few years longer, you see as is recorded countless times, written about and observed from today going back many thousands of years, real masters of Yoga, Like JC and those shown here always know the time of there death. Its premonition etc well this guy knew prepared was asked not to as his love was still needed so did not:

I advise to watch the entire video 10 mins but the particular aspect I refer to above is found at 4 mins 5 secs.

If you would like to see some resources to Harvard etc on how modern science cant explain the breaking of the laws of physics etc and are being recorded today by them, how naked men are sitting in sub zero temperatures that should medically kill all humans within 20 - 30 minutes, but instead melt the ice and snow around them, and repeatedly dry out freezing clothes of glacial water from "evil yoga" please look at one of my sigs below, i am sure its obvious which one, with more videos etc and proof.

Please prove to me with physical proof or witness testimony of those present at the time and still alive, or of those who still carry out any of the miracles as told about JC by the Jewish Roman Pagan Greek Meeting held a few hundred years after his death created into the lie of the New Testament.

I have above shown many with proof and current witnesses.

Are the devils in with all of these healers and love bombs?

Are they there to test your faith?

Should I not state that as the only proof, as in what ive shown can be seen as the fact, therefore the rest ie claims about JC miracles is Lucifer as he is lying and deceiving (taking into account the known history and authors and editing of the NT) as this is often the approach taken by members of such churches as yourself?

You wanted it youve got PROOF of miracles but not christian, happening in modern times, with precedents and many witnesses, guess what they are not just "Islam" or "Jewish" or "Chistian" or "Buddhist" or "Hinduist" or "pagan" or "fairy Folk"


posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 09:11 AM
I am an Buddhist however it does not mean that I dont accept that these things happen in all paths. Buddhism is just the right path for me in this lifetime. It suits my taste and personality. But does not others. Maybe one day I might perform a miracle within buddhist practise, though I doubt it very much, as an thought exercise lets assume it does in the future. If however I today took up Islam or whatever as these other paths do not suit me even with the same commitment, devotion etc it would be unlikely.

If you have not started to work out all those who run and control all the churches or front them, want you to believe only there way is best, the only way, and to fight the others, is the obvious hand of the devil… well I suggest you leave well alone the new testament and start at the beginning and get into the OT first and understand some truth.

Though to be honest everything you state is soo far away from the sermon on the mount you really should start to question where any “demons” are truly sitting.

Trust me who may have met my own, they are always very active, multiply and like Anger, Hatred, War, Fear, Control and lack of respect of your fellow man and ways ie big ego no humility or compassion.

Good Luck & I do wish that truly I am concerned for you as its very obsvious to me the very thing you state you are exposing is very close to those who you go to for spiritual advise, and to do their work whilst saying it in JC’s name is very very slippery.

Take this or not, surely you cant argue with it, yesterday was the celebration of the feast day of the all saints, mainly the Archangels esp Micheal.

Ask for his guidance and protection, say an prayer for his help and intervention in your life every day, lest the very thing you fear most, just don’t surround you but take your free will for the rest of your life to, and use you as their instrument, as they seem to have a very very big foot in the door already.

Love to you really


posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

the council at Nicaea dint change the new or old testament structure at all..the king James was translated from the Greek Septuagint which was translated from the Hebrew in 300bc. predating any the modifications of the roman Catholics. four copies of the Septuagint remain today and even the dead sea scrolls are extremely accurate with our modern English translation. and i definitely know that there are very few people around the world with powers, all this achieved threw occult practices. my point of this thread is when believers witness miracles(healings,visiting angels,amongst other things) we are laughed at. or people are quick to find a "scientific" explanation for it but when pagans show there supernatural side(to avoid using the word demonic) they are applauded or even defended. i think all of the post here prove that to the extreme.
i clearly understand this world belongs to satan the bible makes that clear and even a 7 year old would know that.

it is well known to the occultic world that we have the HOLY SPIRIT< dwelling within ourselfs
click on "celestial magic" thats they name they use to categorize us

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 11:50 AM
The OP doesnt wish to discuss anything other than the agenda he has. "SOLDIERS-UNTIED-FOR-CHRIST".
Thats it, done. A very close-minded opinion. And thats all it is: and OPINION. And a limited and biased one at that.

Its so unfortunate to limit one's breath of knowledge and acceptance of other lines of thought. Well, no one will win this argument over the OP. His is the only way. And thats unfortunate.

Signed: An understanding Christian practicing yoga and meditation...and nope. The devil did NOT make me do it. You should try it yourself!...becasue your kundalini is WAY out of alignment...........

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

while there is no physical proof for Jesus do to the fact that he ressurected and is sitting in heaven, lets look at the historic side. flavious Josephus mentions him as a "great men if it is proper to call him a man for he is the worker of great miracles"
the writers of the Talmud say he practiced sorcery
not to mention he changed our time line to start counting from his birth
tastus romani
platie the younger
julian the appostate

all these PAGAN writers speak against the ANOINTED ONE most acknowledge his super powers.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 12:04 PM

I have never seen anyone practice Yoga like that, but I have seen a lot of people behaving exactly like that in "Christian" churches. I always wondered what "spirit" they were really getting off on.

Whatever those people are doing has nothing to do with any form of Yoga I've ever seen practiced. As we all should know, it is a form of disciplined mastery over your own mind and body for the result of attaining a peaceful state of being through self control - NOT as I have heard many Fundies claim - that you are letting go and opening yourself up to controlling spirits. And Christians DO seem to LOVE that spirit of fear, don't they?

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by warza

if you are as sure of your believes as i am of mine why FEAR what WE believe,

my point of this thread is when believers witness miracles(healings,visiting angels,amongst other things) we are laughed at. or people are quick to find a "scientific" explanation for it but when pagans show there supernatural side(to avoid using the word demonic) they are applauded or even defended. i think all of the post here prove that to the extreme.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 12:48 PM

reply to post by warza

if you are as sure of your believes as i am of mine why FEAR what WE believe,

When did I ever say anything about fearing what you believe? And what the heck would you know about anything regarding myself or my beliefs. How do you I'm not a Christian? Please, this thread is so telling. Hope you are getting off on your inner ego trip today...

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:14 PM

Straight out demonic possession. Couldn't be anything else. Looks like voodoo. Flagged

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by warza

how do i know your not christian? really? you pagans love to say we love the spirit of fear, tell me why do our believes seem fearful to some, maybe deep inside you are worried about the what if.... let me put it to you like this.if i am wrong and there is no GOD(lets say theoretically),than i die tonight, my believes still made me a better person here on earth, i am no longer committing robberies or in prison. i still gained from the biblical teachings, if you are wrong and you did not accept JESUS as your lord and saviour then here comes the fearful will burn eternally in the lake of fire prepared for satan and his angels.

i dint say that JESUS did

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 02:43 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
This has nothing to do with eastern or western practices. What this has to do with is, is seeking for experiences without seeking for unconditional love and understanding. There are infinite channels and its akin to standing out under the stars asking for a sign from ET, without having a real concern for the world and the suffering here, more just out of ego.

Christ himself was very connected to within, and spoke of things that hinted eastern. But he was walking in purity, and saw through the world, and selflessness, unconditional love was the example he gave. That is the connection one must find within, in order to shine the True Light into the world, and reach into more of themselves, pushing past their own limits, with Miracles and Help.

And its not exclusive, it does not exclude or judge those of another faith.

But you have no idea what kind of feelings or love these people experience. You`re applying your own perception and your own beliefs to something you have not experienced. I have had kundalini rise in me, and there are many things that happen. Some of them are outright WEIRD. But believe me, it`s part and parcel of the experience to have an INTIMATE connection with the creator. Unconditional love flows THROUGH you and can BREAK you because it FORCES you to get anything in your personality that prevents it OUT OF THE WAY. This can be traumatic, painful and scary. It`s here that you realize unconditional love is not just for other humans - it`s for plants, tables, chairs, telephones - ALL of existence. When you see it on that level - it`s almost beyond understanding. So it may LOOK impersonal to you, but that`s about the very very very last thing it is.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

VERY true! ``Demons`are just our own qualities that we can`t deal with objectified outward so that we can do battle with them. Once it`s outside, you don`t have to take responsibility for it.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 01:27 PM
That first video looked about like a Pentacostal Church service to me.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:18 PM
The OP clip seems like a "therapy session" of the Osho, who were founded by and centered around Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Older ATS members may remember the cult from the 1970s and 80s, when their scandals and concerned family members of cult-members were often in the news.

Rajneesh created a cult in India based on a hodge-podge of Buddhist and Hindu teachings, with his own spin that traditional religions were restrictive and miserable.
His practices were augmented by something called the Human Potential Movement from the West, which taught a range of highly emotionally charged techniques, including sexual and violent sessions.

Rajneesh was spurned by mainstream religions in India, and his ashram was mainly a haven for Western disciples, at the tail-end of the hippie movement.

First celebrated for its intense carnival-like atmosphere, problems soon arose when the devotees began raising money through prostitution and drug running, and the partner swapping led India's spiritual leaders to dub Rajneesh the "sex guru".

Soon the group was included in the wider cult warnings of the 1970s, with charges from ex-members and families of devotees that they practiced mind control techniques (and many of these tested techniques can be increasingly found today in mainstream Western religions) and brainwashed their followers.

Osho eventually had to leave India, and came to the US in 1981, where tax fraud and arms possession caused further problems and splits in the 1980s.

Some still claim that Rajneesh taught some valuable techniques and philosophies, and he remains a footnote in the New Age movement. Like all new religions (his defenders would claim) the early Osho movement made mistakes.

Although Osho used some of the trappings of mainstream religions, it is not an Eastern religion as such, and his cult indeed clashed with mainstream Hinduism and Buddhism.
Perhaps it was a front to try out effective mind-control techniques?

His remaining devotees and fans today would say he was a true mystic who was indeed hounded by the msm and CIA because of his radical truths, and that he was arrested on trumped up charges and killed in 1990 by (according to one conspiracy theory) having radioactive materials placed under his mattress.

Fascinating snippet from above link:

In May 1980, during one of Osho's discourses, an attempt on his life was made by Vilas Tupe, a young Hindu fundamentalist. Tupe claims that he undertook the attack, because he believed Osho to be an agent of the CIA.

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