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Sharing more of the unknown

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 08:02 PM
Hjello all,

Anytime I have an experience in life that feels genuinely out of the ordinary I like to share it here in the gray area. Well I had an experience today, could be something, could be nothing..but even nothing is something right?

I'm working at an old Baptist church in the middle of miles and miles of Mississippi country side, the cell phone is a no go until about half a mile in either direction on a 2 lane paved county road. It's a very quiet location where you would be lucky to see 10 cars pass by during the work shift.

The first strange thing I noticed was when my co-worker and I were outside the church taking our lunch break. There is a small but well kept cemetery right beside the church, a lot of members of the church are traditionally buried there after this life. There's a stray dog we've been feeding that looks like she just had puppies and is in need of some calories and protein in a bad way, very friendly female dog.

About a week ago this dog who is normally very mild mannered jumps up with her hair standing up on all along her back and ears at attention. She lets out this deep serious growl and slowly tip toes towards the grave yard like something was there. We could actually watch her eyes following movement but we could not see a thing at all. Next, she just froze up and observed, but her hair was still on its end and her ears still raised. She observed something for a good 4 minutes before she let her guard down and trotted down there to sniff around at the edge of the graveyard. My co-worker both discussed that she either saw a spirit, caught a scent, or saw a wild animal we couldn't see somehow.

Now, fast forward to today about a week later. I was working by myself this time, and the same dog was outside waiting for me to take my lunch. I hear her start howling out of the blue, kind of like when an ambulance's siren is sounding in the distance and triggers a dogs howl. I quickly got off my ladder and went to the door to look and see what was going on. Next, I opened the door and saw she was on top of an old pump house, and howling up in the air, but I heard no siren that I could connect her howl to.

I closed the door and turned to go back to work. This is when I heard something hitting the glass window of the door, it was a small mocking bird. This bird was acting like it wanted to come inside, seriously. Well, I opened the door and the bird flew right above the awning to a power pole. It sat there and made what sounded like to me 'fussing' chatter. Well I walked toward power pole and it went around the back of the church. It would always stop and fuss until I got near it, then it would advance farther towards the graveyard.

Once it finally landed on the fence at the graveyard it stopped fussing and flew away as I got to its location, but still observing me. So, at this point I'm thinking to myself maybe, just maybe the bird is trying to show me something, or maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I was curious for sure. I looked around the graveyard and read all the names on the tombstones, some common, some unique, one was my last name; which is also common, but nothing really stood out to me. I thought to myself, hmm, and headed back inside to work. The bird was still observing me and even making eye contact.

I had been working for about 30 minutes when I had to stop and make a phone call from their land based phone. I had made a previous call from the same location just before the dog started its howling, no one came inside or even in the church parking lot from that call to this one I was about to make. When I steeped in to the room to make my call, there they were; a pair of short green handled scissors, the kind you would use to cut up paper for decoration.

Immediately I knew something was off, after all no one had been in the church at all or even entered the parking lot. They simply were not there the last time I was in that room, and I didn't put them there. I know in my heart either a ninja spy scissor master had managed to get in that little room and escape my vantage point that was aimed directly at the room, the ninja spy scissor master was waiting in the woods and conspiring with the bird to slip in undetected just at the right moment when I was in the church parking lot looking at the cemetery, or something put them there for a reason.

After being stopped in my tracks knowing that the scissors should not be there, I picked them up to investigate. Well, nothing was out of the ordinary with them. They were normal scissors that even had someone's last name in magic marker spelled out on the green handle, the name was Goodman. Call me paranoid, but when I'm by myself and even sometimes with a co-worker at this church I feel something else is there with me, but I just wrote it off as me reading too much into it. Well, I went and finished the rest of my work day.

After I had everything put up and ready to head home, I decided to take one more look at the cemetery. I got chill bumps as I looked in the very corner of the cemetery where the dog had been growling and seemed so spooked a week earlier to find a tombstone with the last name of Goodman on it.

Like all things that have been unknown in life from my viewpoint...Maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's not...thanks for reading and would appreciate any insight or similar experiences anyone has had.

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 12:54 AM
Very interesting and kind of creepy. We all know animals can sense many things we cannot.

Have you ever felt afraid at this place before?

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by ReluctantBlossom
Very interesting and kind of creepy. We all know animals can sense many things we cannot.

Have you ever felt afraid at this place before?

Nah, never felt afraid, well not really. Maybe the fear of sensing something is there with you but not being able to see it, but never fearful or sensing a bad vibe.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 05:40 AM
That's when you want surveillance cameras inside the church.

Thanks for sharing the interesting story, makes you wonder...

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 09:08 PM
Wow. Great story!

Sometimes I believe we humans ignore our intuition and gut instinct too much. If it itself is not giving you a bad vibe, I say be open to whatever presence you're feeling and see where it goes from there.

Keep us posted!

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 09:18 PM
Hate to say it, and i truly hope it isn't true, but are all the good men dying?

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 08:50 PM
He would've spent a lot of his time there when he was alive and must have enjoyed being there.

He's probably still doing his own thing around the place now and then hence you feeling his energy at times.

I never understand how these poltergeists happen though. That scissor thing is out there alright.

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 09:19 PM

Well it's April of 2013 and we were called back to do some more work at this church. It's a beautiful church with a gorgeous paint job.

I was still feeling "it" as far as the lingering feeling of another force there with me from time to time. It never feels like a bad vibe though, just a tingling feeling on the top of my head, like head goose bumps if that makes any sense.

It started when my co-worker came to me and said you've got to come here a second and check this out. Next, he told me to switch the light off. I said "okay what am I looking for?" he said "Just wait." Well, about 10 seconds later the light came back on by itself but the switch never moved. He said "I just wanted someone else to see this too." I smiled and told him about my previous encounter. This happened off and on during the day on both sides of the upper room with two different lights.

We asked the secretary if she had noticed any lights acting funny and she said it was weird because she always found it strange that the carpenter would always leave the light on after he got through working for the day. The carpenter told us he always cut it off.

Next three of us were working in the upper room. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a silhouette of a person standing in the dark room right above ours, I did a double take and it faded away. This image had a faded, black like outline around it. My co workers were asking what I saw and I told them. We all just looked at each other.

The last thing paranormal that happened today was as we were all in the same room working I watched and they heard a vase of flowers fall from the room just above ours to the floor. Now, we checked the table they were on and tried to reproduce any movement that could have made them fall and we never produced the same result. I saw it first hand and I know this sounds "out there," but I watched this vase as it left the table and looked like it was set down gently on the floor with just enough noise to make everyone look. I had to ask if I really just viewed what I did. No one was in that room. No one was near those flowers in the vase. No air current was coming through the room, no tremors, nothing.

As I walked out of the church just behind the pulpit, I got the same rush of tingly energy at the top/crown of my head, it was intense and felt euphoric like. There is definitely paranormal activity going on at this church but it's nothing that gives off a bad vibe, it's almost like a "howdy stranger," kind of vibe, and now my co workers feel the same way I did a couple of years ago.

Just the day before the carpenter had come to us asking if anyone knew anything about diabetes and blood sugar devices. I told him I did and drove off with him to his co workers house. After calibrating the device and checking his sugar it displayed 2.2. Yeah, wow. Normal blood sugar is 70-110 so how this guy was even still awake and not seizing I have no idea. Just from assessment, he had lost his vision completely and was starting to crash fast. While he was still able we got some mello yello in him. First responders re checked his sugar 10 minutes later when they arrived and it was 35. As he lost his awareness we continued to assess his vitals and I kept his chin elevated to keep an open airway. Anyway the EMT's finally got there and they had a bolus of D5W to give him IV. The reason I added this is that when I was talking to him as he lost his awareness I sensed the same tingly feeling in the top of my head and felt a connection with him like he could still hear my voice as I was telling him to be strong and fight that help was on its way. I felt a real energy and visualized it passing from me to him with pure love and genuine concern.

One last thing I almost forgot. When I got in my truck to leave early for the day I noticed a key sitting in my console that absolutely wasn't there before. I thought my co worker who had rode to work with me that morning had left it so I headed back in to drop it off with him, only he said it wasn't his. Okay, so I thought it must have been the key we used to open the church up and he forgot to put it back...nope.

So I have this key that just appeared out of no where sitting in the console of my truck, I've checked with everyone I know including my wife and they have never layed eyes on it. It's a semi weathered key and the only thing on it is the number 68

Well that's it. Remembered this thread when all this starting happening and wanted to give an update. I gotta work there this week and some of the next so I'll update with any new info.
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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 02:17 PM
Lol I see everyone stopped responding after that last one.

Yeah, glad I'm not the only one who realized it was a made up story.

I realized it from the first post, however... I'm disappointed ATS, none of you did.

Wait, wait.. let me guess... you must use the scissors to cut off a lock of hair from Goodman's corpse and then deliver it to his long lost relative who lives in a San Diego apartment numbered 68...

Who, will greet you as the oracle telling you that you're Neo and that "there is no key" when she bends it.

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