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Steve Jobs, The Cultural Icon, is his Death an Omen?

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:04 PM
Or to some super conspiracy guys: did the Illuminati kill Jobs?

Indeed, Steve Jobs is the typical symbol of the postmodern material man: rich super techie, self-involved, itinerant inventor and entrepreneur. He satisfied the whims and desires for trinkets and super toys of that level of American between the middle class and the edge of the upper middleclass, the geeks and super-geeks amongst us who yearn so to be cool, hip, ultra modern, and in with the new thing.

Is it irony or just the whim of reality or something more sinister that these people—the JOBS customers—are the ones that are being swamped into postmodern poverty with their JOBS going overseas to the Chinese, Philippines and Ecuadorian neo-slaves, and their careers going to the pits with their 200 grand college loans around their necks for life, as they go around on their smart devices tweeting, face booking and texting themselves into economic oblivion.

Indeed with Obama going around the last month or so begging, pleading the elite to please, please: give the little man a chance again, withdraw not your lordly mercy and grace and employment boon from the little man and woman amongst all those millions who bought that iphone, iPod, ipad dream and fantasy, and please give them their JOBS back!

Please, please Oh Lordly 1 percent of the population (that owns 50 percent of the wealth) JOB creators, please we beseech your grace and beg thee for thy mercy, Give us our JOBS back.

Steve JOBS, the lower middleclass wonder-boy made rich and famous, the icon of the material man and woman of our age . . . for him to die now, with the fitting appellation—JOBS . . . . I kid you not folks . . . as also with Obama, the president; on his beg for JOBS mission to the elite; for—Steve JOBS—the icon of this material age of the grand dream to die now must be some KIND OF COSMIC JOKE!

And a greater omen is even upon us, that is what is going on in the Big APPLE, New York City, and the capital of the elite (JOB CREATORS). Are not their serfs in a state of rebellion on their doorstep, that grand lodge of depraved financial whoredom and economic debauchery, called Wall Street. Thousands clamor for JOBS, JOBS, good JOBS, and any old dam JOB, and economic justice, so we all can have our middle class right to an iphone, ipad, or iPod.

All this noise to the great elite 1 percenters, those who own 50 percent of all the wealth in the world, and what do we get back in return?


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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:07 PM
I definately think Jobs death is bad timing.
I wonder who get's dib's on his brain?
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:17 PM
no he knew he was doomed, Darth Vader found his lack of faith disturbing.
in all seriousness steve jobs is probably in a super ipod/iphone/ipad spaceship fighting evil aliens and leading mankind to places its never been before in the final physical frontier.

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