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The NWO is being evicted from their power... slowly...

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 04:50 PM
I have seen what is happening in the Occupy Wall Street Movement and I am beginning to understand something very important that I would like to share with all of you. There are people in the media and in here that will occupy their time to erode and confuse the masses and destroy the movement from the inside. This is why you are seeing a lot of: Communism this, No leader that, And A small bunch of people dressed like vampires with tattooed skulls and stuff. You are seeing the influence of media and how the first impressions are being used against you and the movement. This is because the NWO is loosing its fight slowly. This is not part of their plan...


They are scared and they know that its almost ……. You know … that…..


That moment where they finally loose their self indulgence with power.

That moment where they finally loose in their game of cat and mouse.

There are more mouses than cats….. 30 to 1 and no matter how fat the cat you are.... hehe

You are looking at what; could well be, another American and Worldwide Revolution.

The bankers and fatcats are getting scared. There is no relief to the contagion of this knowledge. And I advise you to get more information and spread it TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW… Try to learn more about the FED, Educate yourself about Default Credit Swaps. Educate yourself about how they create credit and create debt out of THIN AIR. How the governement owns the banks and how the banks own the governement. How a few people related to the Bilderbergs have gained a long time ago total control over America and the World. Learn how they make you think you owe them.

You do not need to be a part of that system and your constitution protects you against just that, even if it has been amended. The Constitution is just a piece of paper. The ideas and the people they serve and protect are what it is really about.

The movement of Overwelming Wall Street is a very important event. It shows just how much people no longer believe in the media, or what they are told to believe. They are smarter and they do not want them to overthrow everything.

Sure every system that you can think about has its faults and capitalism did work before it was overcome by the FED. And as usual you always have a few people that are good at finding the cracks in the system and making it work to their advantage. But its by ACTING that we change things. And what the people are doing is uniting. THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY HAPENNING. No matter what they decide…. The people... They are the ones with the choice.

They do not want …YOU…. the people to go any further….. This means exactly that…. . Just look at how they took so much time before answering or even showing the movement on TV. They are scared of the repercussions of diffusing something. They know they are slowly losing their rope on the cage they have built for us.

(But beware they have a contingency plan for everything I remember seing an episode of conspiracy theory that was talking about American fema camps and coffins…. It’s always in the back of my mind when I think of CROWDS of people going against those in power that want to stay in power)

In the next few weeks, If those making a difference, CONTINUE TO DO SO, then you will see their system struggle for survival. The economy is frail and very much on the verge of tipping either way. They all know this since 2008. As so many people will be uniting together in one voice but as an ANONYMOUS group of people with no leader.

I hope this continues as it is. No let me rephrase that. I WANT IT to continue as such!
I want to warn you…. Yes you…… the brave person that would like to take the head of the movement for any reason whatsoever….

Do not go there......

IF there is a leader they will try to kill him/her. They will try to kill the movement. THIS MUST STAY AS IT IS WITH NO LEADER but with a handful of people with the same opinion and the same voice. This way they cannot cut the head of the snake opposing their beliefs.

Truth is… IF the People do not believe in the system they live in and do not want things to stay the same, they have the power to change it. It must be the people that decide.

Now if you consider resources on our planet, the food needed, the number of us... we need to take more care of our planet before it goes to waste. And believe me it is not getting better don’t let any CLEAN COAL commercial convince you that COAL is clean…… If you understand what I mean.

This is what our system permits. It preys on the innocence of people. It try’s to convince you that evil deeds will turn positive events. It hides what really happened on 9/11, creates a commission to hide the truth, slowly buried the truth and you are left with a comfortable illusion that you are safe because of a bunch of liars.

Furthermore the loss of life caused by these people, the loss of natural resources, the total pollution of our earth for profit….. All so we can have jobs, to have money, just so we can survive and make the fat cats richer…..
This is not choice…. Its a forced situation....

Do you know how many industries do not come up with the electric car, for fear of loss of currency with the petro dollar? Or even why they never even let cures for a lot of diseases including cancer? Why we seem to stay with Nuclear power when Tesla invented free energy for all to use? You know why? Because money … is the real problem. What it brings is complete greed and corruption. It provides means to control.

We have enough food to feed everyone on this earth…. Money should not be the reason why people should not eat…. Think about it for a second….. we let people starve to death....Are we so inconsiderate? We let dictators control nations so that we can have cheap labor…

When you realize that Earth is such a small planet to what is really out there…. Do you not want your children and your brothers and sisters to not suffer in the same fate that is greed and pure anger. Pocessions will never bring you true joy. True joy comes from within. It is not baught and it cannot be packaged.

When people go crazy over some product, it is not actually the product they are buying but the idea that it generates. You buy into trying to be part of something most of the time.

Humanity has taken itself out of it’s dark ages. It must learn like every teen to respect what is around him as nothing is eternal. It must not overuse, overspend, over-exagerate and get home stoned and wasted every night... just because it is bored.

The Bankers are NOT the real problem BUT they must be stopped. We are the real problem. Our apathy for each other is the source.

They must not be allowed to go any further and to remain in control of what they have. They will bring nothing but pain and suffering to our future generations.

We must think outside the box and find a way so that this never happens again… So that corporation and entities never get the right to choose how a government acts. So that people that get into power do not do it to get power, but to help the people.

I am sure some of you in here have some awesome ideas of how another type of system could exist… Please feel free to suggest

And to everyone in new York I say Please do not Quit! Continue to fight peacefully with your voices and your ideas and your presence. It is the pressure that will make this system CRACK.

Peace to you all

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by KpxMarMoTT

I agree with you and feel that when Occupy goes global on the 15th October, maybe it will get the proper attention it deserves.

We need to do more though. I implore people to withdraw their savings from these Banking Establishments and let them rot.

I appreciate that they have us by the nether regions with regards to salaries, I mean who pays cash to their workforce anymore? But we need to take control back until these Establishments realise that they can no longer walk all over us and dictate which austerity measures should be intoduced.

My own country is introducing additional Quantative Easing to the tune of 75 Billion. We are being told that this money will become available to buisness, when in all reality it is another bail out by another name.

Words like Credit Easing have been used, project Merlin etc.

The balance needs to change. As tax payers who inevitably have to pay for all of this, we should be the first ones who are rewarded with Bonuses and higher wages, not the Bankers. It's OUR money not theirs.

It's time to demonstrate our feelings and Occupy, although not perfect is much better than sitting here and typing our dissent. Get out there on 15th October. Tell your family. friends and colleagues. Occupy YOUR City.

Peaceful Non Compliance.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by KpxMarMoTT

What do you base your claim on that "they" are slowly losing power? I see no evidence of any change whatsoever. Sure, plenty of protesting and in some countries even rioting in the past but what has changed apart from (possibly) the leaders? I do agree its not just the bankers though. Its the government and its fascist-like mentality, along with that of the vatican, large corporations, etc, all working together to stop change. Its been happening for centuries, so again, what makes you think that anything is changing now, or will change?

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by KpxMarMoTT

KpxMarMoTT: You are asking a lot of a nation that has been brainwashed for what... 60+ years? The majority of people perhaps sense something is wrong, but they are still sucking on the teat of government run media. They are still completely transfixed by shiny hightech baubles. It's pretty tragic really. Man feels he is so superior, so evolved, and yet we are for the most part predictable, easily manipulated drones, that wonder through life never questioning our social programming. We want to be accepted almost above all else, and that is used against us.

I feel a drastic change in the western "democracy" (it's actually a corporate dictatorship of course), will be a long time in coming. While there is still electricity, gas at the pumps, and food in the shops it's unlikely to kick off in a major way.

I was hoping it wouldn't happen in my lifetime, but now, who knows...

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:09 PM
What if I was to tell you the NWO owns both sides and they are doing a controlled collapse of the world economic system to herald in a new world economic system.

Guess what?

Most all of you wont be able to refuse the deal it will be too good to be true when they present the solution.

Of course they will allow you to feel a part of... giving you the illusion you had a say in the matter and helped to effect change. Keeps the illusion running smoothly. You will still be cattle...Consider it a raise.
Best slave to have is one who truly believes he is free.

They arent stupid. Reckless and sloppy at times yes...but not stupid.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:34 PM

Originally posted by LightSpeedDriver
reply to post by KpxMarMoTT

What do you base your claim on that "they" are slowly losing power? I see no evidence of any change whatsoever. Sure, plenty of protesting and in some countries even rioting in the past but what has changed apart from (possibly) the leaders? I do agree its not just the bankers though. Its the government and its fascist-like mentality, along with that of the vatican, large corporations, etc, all working together to stop change. Its been happening for centuries, so again, what makes you think that anything is changing now, or will change?

Power is based on the confidence the people place in an individual, a group, a political party. Be it all the same, the less people ready to believe the less power they really have.

We in fact think that we are powerless to act to change, but it is our power we give away when we let people decide. People DO NOT BELIEVE anymore. That ALONE is the basis for what I am saying.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by superluminal11

I agree they have planned out many things. But what if.... WHAT IF... The population just doesn't give a .... (Insert your swear word here) and just throws them out?

What if they loose control? Doesn't seem to me like there is anything you can do if the people revolt.... They will just do so and not even look back on their choice. A crowd of 2000 People does not stop until an equal force of mass will stop it....

Now we are not talking about 2000 people here, we are talking about cities mobilizing, Marines, Nurses that I know off... Etc Etc. Of course the NWO want to collapse the whole thing and play both sides. But What if they cannot keep control... WHAT IF THE PEOPLE don't care anymore and just wants to cast the whole clan out..... We are not the Only ones who know about the KABAL of people trying to control world finance and governement.

Life always finds balance. And hold someone long enough.... Liberty will be sweeter than anything you can offer.
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by KpxMarMoTT

I disagree. People (not me, I don't vote, I don't live in the country I am allowed to vote in, as a foreigner here I am not allowed to vote) get one vote every 4 years. All they do is change the players, not make the rules.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by LightSpeedDriver

Those same people could work their way up to become
a 'player' and then make the rules. How about that?

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 06:58 AM
Whatever happens, theres a plan for it.

All calculated with the precision of geniuses to keep us enslaved forever. We are cattle. We are constantly mislead and brainwashed.

Accept it. You are cattle. Now what are you gonna do?

Live your life the best you can under the circumstances. What else is there to do?

The elites losing power? I would wish to see that day but lets be realistic....
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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 07:00 AM
you said " This is because the NWO is loosing its fight slowly. This is not part of their plan..." It's called controlled chaos.. and it IS part of their plan. There was an article that came out in 2006 abot this exact senario... I have not been able to find it again and really regret not saving it.. it had to do with a man who told a past U.S. president Woodrow Wilson.. that what was about to unfold in the coming decades is exactly.. what IS unfolding right now.. AND he went on to say that by the time the american population realised what was going on....IT WOULD BE TOO LATE..!! The media is controlled by this force.. this power behind the power (if you will) correct me if I'm wrong.. but did not TIMOTHY GEITNER get quoted not to long ago saying that " PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NOT IN CHARGE".
History shows that we here in the U.S. as were the people in 1936 Germany became sooooo complacient with the problems they were experiencing that they blindly accepted Hitler as the one to ressurect their country. this... is really disturbing to me.. you also said " it's just a piece of paper".. well unless "WE THE PEOPLE".. do something... your right .. thats all it is.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by KpxMarMoTT

Yes the New World Order will be destroyed, and replaced by the One World Order headed by the Anti-Christ. Everyone line up and get your RFID chip mark of the beast placed under the skin in your right hand. It's handy, and controls your bank account and acts like a drivers license all rolled into one! Now thats what i call a deal! Sell your soul so you can keep on breathing air for another couple years!

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 10:27 AM
There is much more going on than just this movement. Sites like this one are providing the people who know to expose there every move and the NWO has failed. Their every move is being countered at every angle and they have failed. NWO will not succeed now, due to the internet. Every single time they try to come up with something thousands will be waiting to counter them.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 12:19 PM
If such a thing as the NWO exists, either fully fledged with secret handshakes and all or just through mutual understanding amongst power elitist, I too think that they are losing this war slowly... and they know it.

The information age brought with it not only communication and information on a large scale for the rich, but also the general population. Wether or not this was a mistake caused by sheer greed I don't know, but it's a curious mistake don't you think?

I think they were very blind at first to see what could come of this and it's only in the last 5-10 years they've come to realize that they started something which is now unstoppable and in-containable.
In fact... there is absolutely NOTHING they can do.

Look how we are creating joint peaceful protests all over the world at the same time. It takes no more than to open my computer then I'm in contact with my fellow citizens of Earth on the other side of the planet. I can share photos with you and moral boosting texts.

And this is what we have to do now. You started something amazing over there in New York: awareness, and it's spreading like a wild fire.

For those of you who have only just arrived and those of you who haven't yet learned to appreciate what is happening here. October 15th nations all over the world will be Occupied by sympathy protests. I'll be going to the main square in our Danish capital of Copenhagen and so far I noticed quite a few other people joining up as well.

This is no longer only about wall street. Even though a lot of the fat cats sit in there, the problem is the same for everyone. We are all in the same boat, regardless of skin, religion, age or sex.
This is a joint fight for equality for mankind and a better more peaceful world.

And such a world can never exist as long as big corporations and banks exist with a motivation caused by greed.

Please remember, they can do nothing to harm us. If they buy the police like they tried in New York this july... stand with your arms by your side, exercise your right to speak and let them baton you while the press documents these crimes against humanity.

I'm not asking you to become martyrs, but to claim your right to a healthy good life in peace governed by the principals of fairness and equality.
I'm not suggesting that you walk your life into something that fear mongers will have you believe is the same as communism. This is not the case, but you have to understand that the form of capitalism we have in this world and control every little aspect of it is not the way of equality and a better future for our children.

Lastly... stop listening to numbers, statistics and politicians rants, except those who openly support you. The only thing that matters right now, is what you can testify to is your life... do you have a hard time? Do you know a lot of people who are unemployed or are in poor health and can't afford any help? Then stop listening to tales posted through the media by the corps and corporately owned governments that the job numbers are going up... stop listening to them when they say everything is going to be ok.

You know in your gut that these are just words of false reassurance. They need to dampen the protests, and they do this by feeding you propaganda.

Stay strong, stay peaceful... and we shall succeed.
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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by snewpers

In an ideal, honest and just world your statement would be completely true. However, our imposed reality is far from based on real things unfortunately. I wish it was not so but those in power have too much control. How would you suggest an honest man enter a dishonest (politics) world?

For example, look at Ron Paul. Every video I see of his he speaks nothing but "common sense" and yet he is ignored or ridiculed by the media and has been "busy" in politics for ...30 years (?) or more. Its a sad, sad, mad, mad world. I hope for change but see little evidence. Hopefully all this Occupy stuff might wake up some more people to reality but when you have a busy life, a #ty job, a family and not much money, real change or indeed enoguh time to think about things is hard to attain.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 08:31 PM
Im not sure if i buy into that this isnt part of there plan. I think if they have as much control as we make them appear to have. I.E. controlling the banks the goverment the media and the military. That everything we know everything we think is "leaked" information and all the recent alien sittings are just part of there plan. How do we know this just inst there idea of everything coming to light slowly. I dont know if that is whats happening, i sure hope not.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 08:41 PM

Been seeing a lot of people on ATS with the "nothing we can do about mentality." lately. Thats what they pretty much want you to believe. That they are sooo powerful and intelligent that there is nothing we can do to stop them. Or on the flip side, that we need them. That if we the people were to once again to hold the power that it would be utter chaos that we simply couldn't be without them. Truth is, they are just as weak and stupid as the rest of us. They are human after all. There is something we can do about, and people are starting to see through the lies. So don't give up, and don't give in. The fight for freedom and the fight against corruption is hard. Its a consent uphill battle and sometimes it feels like theres no peak at the top to reach.

I'll tell you something, we may not get there now, or tomorrow or even within mine or your lifetime but thats no reason simply let go and fall back to the bottom. With every passing generation we become a freer and more enlightened species and the elite? They're a dying breed in world that no longer wants and soon won't need.

And thats all I have to say about that.

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 10:59 PM
Like it or not there's still a slight stench of doubt amidst the growing reasoning of this the said OWS. Something similar i.e. enormous debt's etc. did help give birth to what happened in Germany and to the leader style antics of Hitler. Perhaps the said Elite are not losing their power's.

Yes, all said by me can easily be questioned and ditched, but better to research as much as may be possible. Especially when unions give support.
Check the above and read 2nd or 3rd part 'German Workers Party 1923

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