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Is it possible to request (and/or get) a text dump of all my posts?

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 03:24 AM
Just a question for ATS Staff.

Is there a simple method developed where a member can request a text dump of all their posts?

I was just interested of having a copy of all the stuff I have splattered onto the site.

I am not going to go through with a search/cut/paste but thought you may have already set up a method to do this.
Maybe a 'grep "member name" > that##snipped##again.txt; or a simple DB select statement??

I know a lot of it would result in a *facepalm* "what was i thinking, or on that day"
but then, I may have actually written something clever amongst it all?

Any thoughts, plans, code in the works for something like this?

Other ATS members (or their defense lawyers
) may like this idea/feature??
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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by CitizenNum287119327

Some of us have been burned by writing a long post, they trying to post it and having a glitch somewhere erase it. Then we quickly learn that using a text editor like wordpad to write the posts is helpful. If the post vaporizes, you can just repost it from wordpad.

Once I started using wordpad, I just stopped deleting my posts from wordpad, so I pretty much have what you're talking about, except for a few rather brief replies where I didn't bother with wordpad.

I find it's very helpful because if I search for a word in my wordpad file, if the word is there, it's 100% guaranteed to show up in the search. If I do the same thing on ATS, it may or may not show up. So having that text file is really helpful when it comes to searching.

If you're not already using a text editor for your posts, you may want to consider it. Then just save the file each time you post, and you'll at least have all your posts going forward in a text file.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 11:57 AM
There is no such option in the works as far as I know.

The above mentioned solution is the best.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by CitizenNum287119327

I presume you are aware of your "Member Profile: OverView" page? There, it lists the last 800 or so posts you've made, in descending chronological order. A bit more work to cut/copy/paste perhaps, but easier than hunting in all those threads.

You have over 900 posts total (nearly 1,000) to date, so those prior to the latest 800 might be harder to scrounge up.

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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 04:22 AM
thanks for all your ideas.
will save my 800 posts page to disk;
grab of posts urls from it;
and fire up wget to grab the pages with my posts;
then awk out just each post.

again .. thanks. you got me thinking further.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by CitizenNum287119327

You could try searching in Google using the site specific parameters in order to try and get those posts that aren't in the last 800 or so. Just search for CitizenNum287119327. That will bring up practically every instance that you're screen-name appears here on ATS.

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