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Hulk Hogan could have made WCW bigger.

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 09:06 PM
Here's how Hulk Hogan could have made the WCW bigger than he did and it would still be around today. First he could've come in with the hype that Turner gave him and done the traditional fight with Flair and NWO #. Then maybe a year into it they should have had a Mega Match between him and Sting for the WCW title.

They should promote it as the best of the 80's verses the best of the 90's. Hulk Hogan should have lost to Sting. The NWO should have broken up and Hulk Hogan should have turned back good and ruled WCW until 2010 just like he ruled the WWF. He should have used his influence to have Eric Bischoff replaced by Donald Trump. Ted Turner would absolutely go for it since everyone knows that Eric Bischoff was no good. And Hulk Hogan and Donald Trump were made by the WWF so fans would eat up WCW.

Vince McMahon made Donald Trump the only person who could run a wrestling promotion and the fans would watch it still. It should be run the Donald Trump way though since nobody watched it under Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff. Maybe he could run it like a casino. He would get rid of the southern way that Ted Turner ran it and would bring in good Superstars. It should be sports entertainment then and not pro wrestling or rasslin. Donald Trump should make a new logo, a new WCW championship, a new slogan etc and surprise the whole crowd with it one day like the WWF did when they got a whole new look.

It would literally go off one week one way and come on the next week another way. OR it could show Hulk Hogan on WWF one Monday after winning the WCW Championship back and saying that he won't date a stick woman until they are fixed up. And then Vince McMahon could confront God "an actor" and ask him why women are the way they are. Then he could say something like "And Hulk" and then say, "What are we talking about, this is Hulk!" and pat Hulk Hogan on the back.

That would show that there would be no competition from WWF to WCW and would explain why there is no competition. Then Hulk Hogan would return the next week to WCW.

Then the deal is to pack it with Donald Trump sports entertainment and to take it around the world. That would work. And whatever you do make SURE you don't compete with Vince McMahon. WWF could have Mondays and WCW could have Tuesdays. And then when ECW came out they could have Tuesdays later than WCW.

WCW could come on at 8 to 10 and ECW could come on from 10 to 12. And make sure that the WCW doesn't compete with ECW either and that all 3 companies don't compete with each other. Now it's 2012 and the whole world knows who WWF, WCW, AND ECW are. And the good part is that WCW is still on the air.

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