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The Journey Over The Rainbow, Draw Forth Your Light

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posted on Jan, 11 2013 @ 12:15 AM
The vidoes in previous post, had the 8 hz, dolphin frequency is at, and its very helpful in blocking out bad microwave technology according to some of the research on it, connected to the shuuman resonance and earth's frequency, creating theta state, and even telepathy. 432 HZ is very similar.

A friend is interesting in having practice sessions in hypnosis, and that also brings in the deep trance hypnosis that Dolores Cannon and Past Life Regression uses Just researching deep trance hypnosis or life between life hypnosis, and searching for induction scripts online as well, can be really useful, even changing them, wriiting them out for your own benefit, and purpose, and then using a program like audacity to layer voice, and binaurals, in a long enough session to be 2 or more hours. It takes time to go deep, and then export as an mp3 and practice your own connection to your Soul, your Super Consciousness, Subconscious, and really search for healing, for awakening, for getting on track in your life, for finding your life's purpose, and Loving others, being a healing partner to those around you.

Layering binaurals, and dolphins/nature, with induction scripts, and experimenting.

Ideas like this:

Life Between Lives - The Soul's Mission or Soul Contract

Dan Jones Self Hypnosis: Deep Dream Room

Past Life Regression Hypnosis
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