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Anyone need help with Meditation/Astral Projection/Lucid Dreaming etc?

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posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 04:16 PM
I have tried to have an OBE and i think i have gotten close.

I lie on my back, relax, use deep breathing techniques, and think of nothing.

I get to a point where the world around me feels like it is shaking and there is an earthquake.

In that state I have also heard my name called, along with a tingling sensation all over but i cant get any further after the shaking.

The shaking will just stop or slowly fade away.

Is there anything anyone can recommend to help me? Or has someone felt this before?

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 04:26 PM

What an amazing opportunity you offer - I thank you! I first heard about Astral Projection from my brother, who is the LAST person who you would ever expect to hear anything spiritual about. Something happened in his life, well to his twins, and since then everything changed. But that's another story. This originally happened about just over a year ago. It was around that time that I started to try and project. I have always been into meditation thanks to my martial arts background, so I found it pretty easy to get into an almost "zen" state of mind. I've tried several techniques, and one in particular seemed to be working for me. I would lay down on my back with my arms at my sides, feet slightly apart (as you suggested) and would relax until I could feel "vibrations". I would then attempt to move various parts of my body without physically moving them; I would start with my fingers, then my toes then eventually my hands, and so on. After a few weeks I was able to almost raise my arms but I could not get past this point. There were also many times when I would just fall asleep because I would become so relaxed. I stopped trying to project a while ago, but I want to get back into it. Do you have any suggestions to help me achieve my goal?

Thanks so much in advance!

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 04:33 PM
I came across lucid dreaming after i randomly had a couple of them a few years ago... i looked it up and did some research and practised it for awhile. I reached the stage where i would set my alarm for 2 or 3 hours before i woke up with my natural body clock. I think this is when your REM is at its most active and awakening yourself at this stage and then going back to sleep keeps you in a conscious but still alseep state. Worked every time for me. Although i could not manipulate how the dreams panned out i could always realize after being in the dream for so long that i was actually dreaming, and whenever i realized i was in a dream i woke up.... it became a normal thing to me i would lucid dream every now and again and enjoy it. I eventually stopped for a long while and it was only until recently the last 3 nights included i have woke up at certain times in the night and passed back to sleep falling into lucid dreaming again.... Only this time, i dont wake up when i realize i am dreaming, lets just say stuff gets very real although i cannot manipulate my dream to make myself fly or have magik powers i can turn the direction of a dream/story if you would like to call it that.

I find i always seem to be lay on my back facing the ceiling when this happens. Sometimes resulting in a sort of sleep paralysis. Especially during an afternoon nap.
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posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 08:36 PM

I would like to ask you about chi cultivation and close range chi projection. I have tried cultivating it before, but I'm not certain I was doing it properly. I had the same feelings with the projection, but I think that had something to do with the lack of chi cultivated to begin with.

My question would be; Do you have nay experience to share/techniques to lend that might help with this?

Thanks, and you're really putting yourself out there I can appreciate that.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 04:00 AM

Originally posted by TechUnique
Before we start let me make it clear that I do not think I am better than anyone else in any way. I write this thread because I see a thirst on these forums. A thirst for spiritual enlightenment. I am hoping that I can help people find answers for themselves and possibly guide them with meditation techniques to get started.

Many people are realising that religion is not for them and instead they want to experience something spiritual directly, others are just hungry for something new and magical. It doesn't matter, all that matters is that you are curious and are willing to try something new.

The areas I have had experience in are meditation, chi cultivation, astral projection, minor chi projection, lucid dreaming. But please be aware I am but a novice, this stuff goes so deep you couldn't even touch the surface in a lifetime!

So feel free to tell me any problems you are experiencing and I will try to help. On a side note, Skeptics, this thread isn't for proving to you that these 'phenomenon' exist. You can only prove that to yourself that is why it is called your own spiritual path, so please don't even attempt to debunk this thread.

I am going to bed soon so if this thread gets a good response I promise to try and answer all posts tomorrow morning. Remember this.. there have always been things more magical than we could ever understand, going back an amount of time we couldn't even comprehend. Technology is so quick to take the wonder out of life we have to maintain a healthy philosophy, one which is open to new concepts. Otherwise we are oppressed.
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