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my rant for the day..maybe the last

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 05:32 AM
hi atsers,lurkers and the recently joined

this buggering thread is more a confession than a rant

where do i start? the begining of course
first of im not sorry for rambling on because this is the rant thread.

stiltskin said "if you believe it dont keep it all inside"
well im going to empty myself

my name is dave i was born in glasgow 1977
by the time i was 6 yrs old i knew about drugs
there in the early 80s it was glue sniffers
pokes everywhere (pokes beaing a see through bag with dried up glue in it)
at that age id seen that and also felt the pain of having a half brick thrown in my face
wen i was 7 my dad said to me "davey were moving to england to give you a better life"
i knew he was running from something. (i had 3 other brothers)
so in a few weeks we moved to england and got a BnB
myself and my brother spent a year sleeping on an old couch whilst my mum dad and 2 brothers shared a bed
during that time my dads brother used to come around and theyd get drunk but my das brother was a bastard
i woke up 1 night with a wet cloth on my face that my dads brother had thrown on me
about an hour later he was pissed up and tried to throw his friend out the window
my dad tried to help him and his brother broke his nose.
then he went even more skitzo and knocked the telly over(black n white portable with turn dial 4 tuneing)

this bit is trippy
the cabinet which the tv was on fell like a drunking man straight forward
the tv landed on my little brothers face i seen it smash into him he was 2 yrs old
then i ran downstairs and foned the police
then all of a sudden the fone was wrenched from my hand, it was my uncle leaving
i ran upstairs and my dad was there sort of rocking backwards n forwards his nose pissing with blood
the police pulled up within 10 minutes, and i said to them uncle phil broke my dads nose
my dad denied it saying he was drunk and fell over.
i seen that tv smash into my brothers face and not a mark upon him
roll on a year later
my dad says to me
davey theres some people coming to take you away to a new mum n dad

what happend a few weeks before was this

my mum done a runner as usual
dad went to the bookies
i took my eyes away for a few minutes and my little brother wanderd the street naked
social services were informed and we all went into care
during that time the police went to our house and dug up the garden looking for my mothers body

any way myself and my 3 brothers went to foster parents 1 to 2 weeks maximum they said
my youngest brother couldnt sleep without me, so i cuddled him till he slept
then went to my bed and cried myself to sleep, i done that every night for about a month
then 1 morning my foster parents said to me

david you know this is temporary place, and we only have room for two of you
we wanted to keep t**y and G***y (the two youngest) but we have to keep you cos garry wont sleep by himself

ok summery
spent the next 8 yrs in foster parents and childrens homes
i came out met my ex had a buetifull little girl
she was very ill shes had so far
2 heart surgerys and 1 throat op and shes not 5 yet

ok ive gone on a bit ive so many experiences to tell
it would take many books

my confession?
i fu**d up wen my brother walked around naked
were all split up and its only recently that ive found 2 of them on the net

sorry for my rant, but i always think

you dont know how bloody good youve got it....till its gone

thx for reading
i have not posted this for the boooohoooohooo im so depressed my life is crap boohooo
no not all
if i can cope with all this so can anyone
positive attitude folks

oh yeh PRACTICE makes perfect
what a load of of bull
if your practicing wrong you wont perfect
perfect practice makes perfect

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 05:37 AM
Was a good read, wasn't really expecting a story though.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by BigBruddah

im glad it was a good read for you
but this all truth
i seen so much
glad u enjoyed sir

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 06:03 AM
Wow Dave you've been through some s**t!!!!!
I genuinely wish your daughters health problems improve and you can enjoy some time with your newly contacted siblings and just generally start to enjoy a bit more "luck" in life
How true what you say - sometimes you have to read about how rough other people's lives have been to appreciate quite how lucky you have been - and kudos to you for being positive despite all of thus.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 06:23 AM
What a hard time, man!
I had to reply, because when I read stories like this about folks, it just makes me so angry and frustrated how self-pitying I can almost constantly be. I know you're makin' the most out of things and yet I can't seem to do the same with my life.
Another reason I posted was to say sure, you had some dysfunction goin' on in the family, but I'm not sure it warranted the removal of all of you kids. Or maybe it did. Of course, you can't probably know the whole story yourself. I just think it's a damn shame how many kids get pulled from their families because someone decided they weren't good enough to raise 'em. And then there are parents who should lose their kids but never do.

Either way, I'm glad you've stuck it out so well and are doin' the best to take care of your daughter. I hope she has a full recovery. Thanks for posting this - I think it's important we share the real stuff and you did!

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 06:36 AM
I'm sorry you've been through such tough times.

It's a reminder to me that "no matter how bad things seem to, someone else has things worse off than me"

As for your "confession"... you were only a kid and it was not your fault. Don't blame yourself.

One day I was doing yardwork in the back yard. My 3 year old daughter went in to change her clothes and after a few minutes when she did not come back I went to check on her and she was gone. Could not find her anywhere. I had to call the police to help me find her. A neighbor a couple blocks away and around the corner finally brought her back wrapped in a blanket. She had run off stark naked looking for her friends house 4 houses down the street and turned the wrong way at the corner. The police threatened to call Social Services.

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 01:28 PM
hi all

thanks so much for your responses
its only recently ive realised how people wallow in their self misery
i look bk on my life,well i used to but im still living the life so therefore cannot look bk
ive so much more to tell
but il save it for another day

thank you all
and thx ats


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