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The timing of the occupy movement

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 04:21 AM
Hey guys,

I was thinking about the timing of the occupy wall street movement, and hoping someone can help me out.

When you take into consideration some of the main factors the timing of this movement seems a bit off.

First off, students, who make up a large part of the movement, have alot of tests in october, which will not only affect how many can continue to deemonstrate, but it might also affect the grades of those who are demonstrating.

Secondly, it's the end of the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year. As far as effectiveness,end of 3rd quarter is a slow time for business, the end of tourism, construction season, government summer programs and the like, so the occupation is at the worst time for effectiveness.
The reason I say that is because unless this occupation endures for at least half way through 4th quarter it won't have eny effect on the economy. It would be much more successful to occupy wall street mid-way through 4th quarter when expected earnings are higher.

I mean it really couldn't come at a better time for the business sector. It has the time to deal with it, and not make much of a dent. Also with much of the world fearing an global recession it will be easy for the media to display this as an act of youthful rebellion, because that is what people want to think.

I mean if I was going to organise this I wouldn't start it till mid-november, because it is colder it would garner sympathy and show commitement on the part of the demonstrators. Not only that, it would also force the stock exchange to deal with it because of the large profits in late 4th quarter from holiday sales.

Those expected earnings can be more easily offset with a large movement, which they understand and they would be forced into a situation where the populace would veiw them negatively, making money while being protested against.

The basic idea is that its hard to sympathise with protestors saying that they are robbing them, while the ones being protested against aren't making money (at least visually on the market).

What I am trying to say is the timing is off.

P.S. as for the attack on the NYSE by a certain group, it's timing is also off, it would be much more effective mid-quarter. The losses they will suffer will be nothing in comparison to the losses it would take mid-fourth.

The market being low now is a good thing for business people, they can buy the companies that will profit come holiday season dirt cheap.

As for the attack itself, I don't think it will be just ddos, I was thinking if they can plant say a worm(s) that is hidden, that activates on a reboot, then they could use a ddos to force a reboot. Which would completly destroy them. I mean they would have it transfer through the whole exchange like that. Just my two cents.

We will see,

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 04:49 AM

As for the attack itself, I don't think it will be just ddos,

A nice thought. But this may not eventuate til much later in the game.
When more people wake up TPTB will realise that the 99% are:
Their Electricians
Their Plumbers
Their Car Mechanics
Their Janitors
Their Barristas ("does your latte taste different today"?)
Their Dry Cleaners

The 99% can be a lot more effective (and inventive)

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 05:00 AM
That is funny, reminds me of fight club.

I think that is something most TPTB don't even think about, most likely they suffer from extreme narcisism.
I mean anyone can see this is coming to a point of no return.

If things continue the way they are going, my prediction (haha I love those on here) is that there are going to be more protests next year that will make this one pale in comparison. Next fiscal year is going to be a tough one.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 06:18 PM
I was thinking, how much longer can this Occupation really go on, alot of the people there don't have money or much of anything, how can they continue to go there.

I think a bit of siege strategy is going to be the key to success.

All Wall street has to do is wait them out really. They have very limited resources, and what else is kind of funny is that some of them must be on wellfare, so in turn the taxpayers are maying for the occupation haha I don't see anyone handing out supplies there, and if they are they are finite.

I can't imagine this continuing for long.

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