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Hoping someone has had a similar experience

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:40 PM

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by SmoKeyHaZe

My thoughts are she dabbled in something at a young age she couldn't understand. She read occult books with her friends and decided to do a ritual and unfortunately books don't teach you all you need to know before messing with it.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:49 PM
First you MUST remove all occult items from your home. These entities tend to attach themselves to a book, or item, especially those used in ritual. You have to REMOVE ALL of them. I would even suggest dragons, horror movies, everything. As it can and will attach to anything like that. Don't know why but they do and for those spiritually sensitive they appear as a thick black fog/smog that hovers around these objects. Then do the following once the items are OUT of the house.

1. White Sage burnt throughout the house. The good stuff, if possible find a local native American that sells it, if not just order off eBay.
2. Real Sea Salt barrier, thickly laid, around the house. A mix of the large granules and the fine granules but it has to be REAL, if possible, NATURAL unrefined sea salt. If it is refined it may still be okay. Not just a sprinkle either, an unbroken line, around the foundation of our house outside. I'd suggest buying a 5lb bag of the stuff.
3. Anointed oil on all the windows and doors. You may even pour a sprinkle of it around the foundation of your house near the sea salt on your home as well.
4 .Bibles in each of the rooms of the house (you can get free ones from your local Gideons). If possible, have a local genuinely spiritual/gifted/annointed individual bless the bibles.
5. Loud Christian Music, the hardcore worship type played in the house
6. Go around the house and sincerely, and mean it, rebuke it. Say "In the name of Jesus, by his blood, I rebuke you and cast you out."

Do this for as long as it takes, and make sure the music is played loud, and in repeat, nonstop when you aren't home. The stuff that really works is the ones where folks are singing and speaking in tongues, etc.

If you can, once you've done all that, I would highly suggest you go to your local Pentecostal / Assembly of God charismatic churches or any prophetic/prophesy churches and appeal to the pastor. They tend to like this sort of thing and will send a "Team" to your house to pray, cleanse, and scream to rebuke the spirits.

This WILL work, but if you get back into the occult or bring any of those items into the house it literally punctures a hole in your home's protection and it symbolically is an invitation for the entity to return.

Let me know how it goes.
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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by SatansGift

so she's the problem, and your the cause.

in my personal opinion, you need to let go of her, as the only way of help is through her own will in a battle against whats now within. get off the drugs, stop sedating her, and allow her to find proper spiritual or professional medical aid so she can differentiate what is and is not a reality of truth within her own mind.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:54 PM
Have you tried relocating here? I know that you have said that she has seen or felt this demon before, there is a possibility that it is attached to an item of hers that was possibly moved into your house. With the veil between worlds growing weaker maybe it has just now gained the strength it needed to break free and bring hell down up you and yours. Many common objects as i'm sure you are aware can be used as "gateways" for rouge entities.

There are more than demons among'st us angels are also out there and it is some times forgotten that they have the ability to possess the human body as well.

assuming that this is not a hoax, i would recommend talking to people outside of your circle of "ocult" followers who also happen to have a studied interest, I.e. priests, and other occult factions.

assuming this is true and not a hoax this is what i would recommend.

thank you and good day/night depending on your location in this universe.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:18 PM
your girlfriend is possessed with a demonic entity that you do not have the power to control. If you are truly concerned I would recommend renouncing the occult and every thing involved with it and you and your girlfriend giving your life over to Jesus Christ. This is the only way

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by SatansGift
This thing has told me I know it's name and it wants me to suffer. While I am able to stay strong she's to weak to fight it off properly.

This thing has told me I know it's name

What's your name? your gf is probably just some super sensitive person and she picked up some thoughts from you or your presence and is reflecting them... is she really is going through this "Hell", maybe you really are a "gift" from Satan...

"ROTTen heretic"

I see a Rottweiler (hound) from (self constructed) Hell

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:15 PM
I'm not wanting to sound like a religious nutjob, one of those bible bashers or anything...but you should consider demanding it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, if you didn't try that yet. Maybe you feel foolish about doing that, but it really helped me with some issues I had in the past. Maybe you know someone who has accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior who could do that for you, if you really don't feel like doing it.
Yeah, I know what you may be thinking, but it won't hurt you giving it a try, will it?

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:37 PM
Your in over your head and you need some serious help. Your biggest weakness is the fact that you are scared. Fear is the mind killer. This thing can only be defeated by someone or something stronger than it is. You are clearly not that person. I'm not a religious person but religion may be your best hope. In theory banishing the creature is a simple enough excercise you just need to be stronger and smarter than it is and you are not. Get help before it's too late. Your more likely to have sucess with a good psychic than any one else. They deal with this # all the time.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:14 AM
G'day mate.

I've experienced something along the lines of this but not to this extent, same type of history I smoke marijuana and I know what everyone will say thats why thats why, well honestly if you aint ever had it or had it a couple of times don't even bother giving me your reasons I could smoke 7grams and perform better than I am capable of sober and have proven this to myself and others several times, why is marijuana bad? why because TPTB tells you. everything is bad mobiles give you cancer alcohol cancer (personally I would rather have a mental disease that is treatable than 1 less kidney or death.....and I would rather have a room full of 100 stoners laughing then 100 piss heads punching on) I mean I thought by this stage I wouldn't have to be writing DENY IGNORANCE.

anyways sorry for the rant. when I was younger I was living with a friend and his mum had been there for a couple of months hadnt smoked any weed that day/night infact that week as it was harder for me to get, I was laying in bed listening to music with my headphones on.

Probably 12:30am and I felt something like watching me (my bed was one of those bunk beds but instead of a bottom matress it was a desk/wardrobe" so I look round from my bed and noticed a sort of dull greenish light, so i looked down and these two little green hideous looking things about 5ft with white robes and there hoods on just standing there smirking at me with the most hideous evil looking grin I have ever seen in my life and I'm from Frankston. pun itended

Anyways I immediately screamed at the top of my lungs "ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh**********************tttttttttttttttttttttt"
my mates mum was in the room next door ran booted my door open and in that split second of me looking at the door they had vanished.

I did everything I could think of back then (wasn't much but made me feel a tiny bit better) like the salt,garlic etc etc all the norm stuff. but I could still feel them there theyre presence eye raping me as I would put it.

Following next 2 days I went to the 2 churches of the town (tiny country town everyone knows everyone but I was from the city so no one knew me) and talked to the priest theyre and he told me a bible some holy water and bless the room and you should be fine.
So he came round after giving me a bible (and a vial of holy water for under my pillow if i ever needed it), with some holy water blessed my room and made a barrier around the bed base (at my request) and blessed the room and taught me a chant.

That night I tell ya I have never ever had such a peaceful rest in all my life and doubt I will again. well now it's 6 years down the track and I havent seen those gutless bastards since but here and there I do hear my name being whispered or have that eye raping feeling.

So my advice is a priest, bible,holy water,blessing and the chant it worked whatever he did I know this isn't in the same ballpark as your events but something to help you out.

Now for those a** clowns that will say I suffer from mental illness well I was sent to a mental institution a couple of weeks later after my school inevetably found out and suspended me indefinately (over a fight that I didn't even start with 2 other blokes and I'm crazy?) until I seeked mental health help, so I did they told me we will need to do tests.

I did all theyre tests and they could not provide me with any mental disease that I had not knowing what to do they put me on a bit of everything, on the medication I was not the same person depressed lazy my personal beliefs changed, I stopped taking meds as soon as I was out.

I hear no voices I am cool headed I dont have random outbursts I have not seen anything else like this since.

The "demons" for those who care reminded me of the saibamen of dragon ball z.

sorry bout the long post

Ps: I am neither christian nor catholic.

Edit: Feel free to pm me if you ever want a chat and stick in there
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:22 AM
It appears you have been given another one of "Satan's gifts". Stick your gasoline-doused hand in fire and see what happens.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 11:33 AM
I have had a similar experience a few years back. Only it was just dreams and the feelings of something similar. But when my girlfriend at the time did a reading she said that it wanted something and that something was from a past life. And an eye for an eye and she couldn't go any further. after being tormented by this thing for months I figured out what it wanted and let go of the friendship I had with another person. Hope that helps at all.

(sorry my grammar is so poor I'm replying on my phone)

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 02:06 PM
You said you know this entity's name There and alone you already have more power than you think over it.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 02:23 PM
Sorry that you must dealing with it. It can be really frustating and dangerous in a long run.
I cant say much and i dont want to offend your believe. I know some people who have the same situation like you, a friend of mine and his family got worse even.

When this thing possessed your girlfriend and can change her voice and strenght, it meant you dealing with something powerful, medium power at least. It doesnt matter what it looks like, learn what it ability and behaviour will be better. It would be better if you can confront and fight it, but it will need something more, either with your own power or with some help. Would be good if you can find someone who can do it for you, fight this thing.

The problem with your girlfriend, she might be a "sensitive" person to this kind of things or have power influence from around her, that lead the "opening" in her that make things like this can enter her body. If it entering her body, the more often, the bigger the opening by force. Using drugs is not a good idea. It will make the opening getting bigger even not much, and make her soul harder for her to control. Will make this thing get in more easily and faster later.

In the long run, it will make her body more"comfort" and"fit" to it, and will weaker her body physically that will lead to make her weaker mentally.
If you can get rid of it around you and her permanently, the next thing to do is to close her opening. Find someone who can do it for you, and if the process need a long time or cant find one yet, you must make her stronger, physically then mentally gradually.
She must never do any kind of meditations, using any spiritual ability in any way, thinking too much or too deep, emptying her mind, get shocked or scared too much, and screaming loud. Use an uv bright lamp at night might help a bit when it start attacking.
Hope she will be ok soon and you and your family will always good.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 02:28 PM
Keeping her sedated? Crikey! Is that legal?

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:39 PM
I've known and dealt with beings like this before. I am a paranormal expert both in the demonic and angelic realms and everything in between. What that is attached and partially possessing ur gf is a threat to her soul, ur safety and ur childrens safety, thus escalating ur circumstance to deafcon 1. I highly recommend accepting the fact that light and dark coexist outside of mainstream religion. U need to accept that a dark entity, wether demonic or just a dark spirit or creature. This thing can and has the power to destroy her life and ur life. I'm talking murder, suicide, death. Renouncing this entity by her And especially you and calling on the help of the Archangels for protection is ur best solution. Archs exist wether u believe in them or not and they may be ur only solution. You must surrender ur soul to the light, reject the darkness and allow Gods army to save ur lives. I'm not talking "born again" as god is not Christian god is above all religions. Surrender itself to him with her, using ritual, and I garantee this dark being will leave and never return. Should u need further advice message me I am here to help.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 03:48 AM
First I want to preface my comments by stating that I've been in the "paranormal" for quite some time and had experiences since I was resuscitated from death 2x as a child. I have a great deal of experience in psychology and am one of the few in my field that understands that paranormal experiences are not always symptomatic of mental illness. I have participated and served at the behest of the Church in sanctioned exorcisms, not only as a consult but as a charismatic. Needless to say I know what is behind the veil and I have enough spiritual pressure to be aware of it. Lets move on to you, I'll try to help as best as I can. I have a few questions 1st.

1. Have you seen the entity? Have your kids seen it? Kids, it's impossible to tell if they really see something or don't without an examination. So if you've seen it, for the purposes of this conversation I have to accept it as fact. Now, if you haven't seen it, you must ask yourself why haven't you seen it. Why do some people see spirits and such and others do not? It has to do with the spiritual pressure of the entity and the person trying to see it. If the entity has overwhelming spiritual pressure, even the person with no spirit energy can feel it's presence. But they can't see it. They will feel queezy and maybe even blackout, there are other symptoms of course-these are common for high spiritual pressure entities, some people may feel cold or just generally afraid. These low spiritual pressure people won't even perceive an insignificant presence. Now if a person has high spirit energythen he will most certainly be able to see the entity in some capacity. Visual perception isn't an issue. That's why some folks see them and some don't. Why some believe and some do not. After my next question I'll dive in a bit further.

2. What is your spiritual pressure like? Are you able to perceive insignificant, random spirits on a fairly regular basis? If your comfortable in saying your spirit energy is at least at a moderate level compared to Joe Average, I assume it is if your able to properly control blood magic, then you should visually perceive the entity. No ifs, ands or buts about it. If you don't then we have one of 3 things happening. The 1st is you aren't as powerful as you think you are, your wife is mentally ill or the entity is able to intentionally mask itself from others and has a reason for doing so around you and your kids.

3. As with any potential case of possession you must exam the possibility of Mental illness, make the assumption that mental illness is the cause of the problem. Why? Because I'd rather your wife be schizophrenic than be possessed by what my initial thought process points at. Eliminate mental illness 1st and always. If you saw the entity with your own eyes then you know your dealing with a paranormal issue. If not then eliminate mental illness, her increase in strength is easily explained by a variety of mental ailments. 110 pound mothers have picked up cars to save their babies, a psychotic or someone catching an adrenaline release induced by fear from a hallucination is no different. This is a better outcome than possession, it's going to be far easier on your wife, yourself and your kids if she's simply mentally ill.

4. Let's assume it is real. Why your wife? That's the million dollar question. Blood Magic, interesting. What have you used Blood Magic for in the past? Be specific. It can have ramifications, and what I think your dealing with, provided the wife isn't mentally ill could be the result of BM. Wait, are you and your wife bound by blood magic? You are. Not even sure why I'm asking. Tell me about the charm. You mentioned you did some blood magic to try and help her, are you talking a simple protection spell that you used your charged blood on? Or when you say blood letting are using animal sacrifice? YOu need to elaborate, if your uncomfortable doing it on the forum them send me a message. What has your wife been into? No generics. If you want help this is confession time.

5. There are a couple of different types of demons that I've dealt with in possessions. THe 1st is your typical religion specific demon. Christian, Muslims, etc... have demons which are beholden to their religion. A Catholic exorcism can handle most of these because the exorcism itself is Jesus casting out the demon through the appropriate agent. And Jesus has power in several other religions. SO a catholic exorcism is like the penicillin of casting out demons. That's why it's so effective. YOur religion specific demons have purpose in their targets but the purpose is largely irrelevant although it may ease the casting process if the exorcist possesses said knowledge. I'm running out of space so I'll continue this in the next post...

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by DrJay1975

The other thing which if your wife isn't mentally ill I'm almost sure of is a prechristian demon. Whenever I hear blood magic and possession in the same conversation I immediately have that thought. I've dealt with it a couple times before. YOur typical exorcism rituals have no effect nor will your smudging and sage burning. These cases are rare. Most of the time these creatures don't venture into our realm often but when they do it's with specific purpose. They are seeking to manifest in their true form or to control a vessel capable of containing their power. Generally a very very powerful medium. In which case your wife would have an exceptional amount of spiritual pressure and significantly more than you. Another purpose other than manifestation is to collect on a debt, which sounds like it's a possibility as well. These entities are very difficult to force out of the vessel, and require a powerful charismatic. Fortunately your not dealing with the entity at full power, a demon that originated in the void which was spawned from chaos before order came into being would be far too powerful to handle for almost anyone. But it's only as powerful as the vessel allows. If it hasn't assumed full and constant control over the vessel then your wife is fighting it. Her condition will deteriorate psychically and on a physical level. THe demon will seek to ruin her physical condition without costing her any of her spiritual pressure. But if the latter deteriorates too much she won't be an appropriate vessel. There are ways to deal with this situation but from the information I have you aren't capable of it.

Depending on your location I can hopefully refer you to someone in your area who can assist. But give me the rundown, public or private, and don't leave anything out.

The biggest problem here is that your going to get advice from people out of ignorance. They don't know what your dealing with. Until they do, there is no point in trying to sort out how to deal with it. Interestingly enough, you said it doesn't feel evil. Many of the pre organized religion demons are not inherently evil. Most are going to be nice because they feel you are so far beneath them, we're like ants under their boot. They won't feel evil, but you can feel their spiritual pressure. And it's overwhelming to most. That certainly make sme think I'm leaning in the right direction.

But let's get some more information and figure out who or what we are dealing with. Then let's find someone to help you deal with it.
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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 05:04 AM
You need to get your girlfriend out of the house - the house is where it is entering her - where it found her.
Even just sit her outside - get someone to watch she does not wander off - tie her to a chair - whatever it takes.

As was stated earlier - get everything related to evil out of the house. Break things - smash them - tear paper - ruin everything - be sincere when you are doing it - you need to do the cleaning out for you as well.

Salt everywhere and burn incense - don't stress if you cannot find sage. Leave lights on continually.

The most important thing is to eradicate fear. Her fear - whether conscious or subconscious is the entry point.
You need to show no fear & get her to a Priest or appropriate person who has dealt with this before.

God must be present - not to be confused with religion - God - Love - Peace - Become EVERYTHING that is the opposite of evil - be sincere.

Take great care and Godspeed the lifting of the earthbound soul.

Much Much Much Peace for you - your children & your girlfriend.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by SatansGift
reply to post by redstorm

She has said she's seen it before about 6 years ago about a week before she performed her first blood ritual and

That's where it all started, if I may say so. She practically 'invited' it into her life. And if you want an honest opinion/views/help, pls refrain your own anger. You won't get your problem fixed by being angry. If you can manage to stay clam, then people will be more willing to help you. Right now, the best thing you can do is, lower your ego, and start listening FIRST, to what others have to say. There are others here who may be able to give you some really good advice - but holding back because you are being too defensive. And when you do that, you tend to NOT listen. And that, is my advice to you.

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