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A paranoid oil related cull of humanity prediction and why being "green" is pointless.

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 04:04 PM
Natural Evil-ution

Oil, most oil fields are allegedly past their peek demand therefore prices have got to remain forever high to keep demand lower than supply. Prices will continue to increase to make the supply last as long as possible. This has to be a fact, have we discovered any new massive oil fields? No - therefore its running out and I recently read we had a max supply of anything between 60-100 yrs worth at current rate of consumption depending on where you read it. We will be eventually priced out of our own vehicles.
Being "green", we can agree that oil is needed to make everything and is used in just about every industry therefore wind turbines, solar panels, nuclear power stations(green???), fertilizer and pesticides, wave energy converting power units all made from plastics (oil based) or high tech metals(needing oil burning machinery at some point of their production) can't really be classed as green then can they?
What we need is someone to invent a completely new material to build, create with and generate power from that has no reliance on any oil based's never going to happen in ours or our kids lifetime, if ever. So how I see it is oil is running out it's inevitable and because it is and there is NO alternative to our oil age we're going back to the stone age. The only slight plus is that we don't need to worry about being green or our carbon footprint because the one thing that causes pollution is dwindling away at a ridiculous rate.
Prediction, I can believe that as the oil cartels and the mega money makers and govts (or NWO for short or whatever "they" are) are needing to maintain their way of life as they see it and extend the need for oil they need to reduce demand while keeping the price high and the "easiest" way to do that would be a cull of the human species as a whole. How does 50% sound or 75%? It still leaves a useful working population. If you take the emotion out of the idea it almost seems acceptable (or is that just me?) Now seeing as my assumption is around 60yrs that means a cull could start slowly and discreetly with a virus maybe ...anytime between now and the next 30 years.
I hope I'm wrong, paranoia seems a preferable alternative.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 04:21 PM
I change the oil in all of my vehicles and it's nasty stuff and best left in the ground to lubricate the tectonic plates.

There is a reason as to why we are addicted to OIL and it has much to do with the wealthiest family in the USA the Rockefellers.

If you read and research the origins of the Rockefeller's Standard Oil empire, they actually used false flag terrorism to put their competitors out of business.

The future is Hydrogen and there is a reason as to why it is used to fuel our most potent nuclear devices.
There is a tremendous amount of energy in which to be had.....

There is this poor Fillipino inventor named Daniel Dingel that has had a functioning water powered car since the late 60's....but BP and Exxon don't want us to know about it.
I have posted a video about him below.

This is Also as to why another successful hydrogen powered car inventor by the name of Stanley Meyers is dead and never saw his invention and business ever take off...


posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 12:17 PM
That can't be true its too unbelievable though I dearly want it too be. How do you verify something like that?


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