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What ya saaaaying?

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 03:07 PM
Hi all

My names Jake - 23, Im a cheeky english man (probably the best way to put it) The cheeky part, due to me being northern and yorkshirish aha.

Born in Bradford, 18 - 23 lived in the beautifully diverse, busy and culturally inticing city/county of Bristol, and now i'm currently shacked up in the beautiful city Kraków - Poland with my gorgeous polish partener.

Okay - so ATS aha, well. 'long time overdue' due to the fact ive been surfing this site daily like a crack addiction now for possibly 3 months. often contemplated joining, and then just ended up with my eyes stuck in a thread divulging in OP's, opinions - easily narrowed down to the great words of 'ATS's content' to which im sure i don't need to expand upon, as im sure many of you understand my addiction haha.

Why im here?

Simply - 3 or so months ago, i was discussing conspiracy facts with a friend over FB then skype, when he dropped in some phrase like 'Ahhh the joys of ATS?' to which i replied... Ass to Mouth?

Off beat i know, (too much Clerks 2, is my excuse) but hey I thought i was deeeep in the world of conspiracy facts with the mixture of theories, until he linked me - to which my addiction grew.

On a longer note - i was raised a Christian although loosely. my mother and her's were both mormons (my nan more-so) then age 16ish my mum converted to a Born again christian. The reason i mention this is, this is the reason my eyes became open. I won't bash the bible, nor the views held by many. I read many things, Anti christian, pro christian - further leading me onto the likes of aliester crowley, paganism, buddhism... The spectrum! anything and everything.

for example... Some people believe in jesus as their saviour, then theres mohammad, allah, krishna, horus, zeus and the huge spectrum of beliefs, aliens, easter bunny, tooth fairy, boogeyman...

So surely if someone can dedicate their life to christ (or they say so to christian friends/church goers and the people they need to keep face with) then surely an open mind of taking things in as information and not letting it effect me emotionally, but just storing it as knowledge, with the love to debate - led me on an interesting journey.

Through out my life, i've always been taught to question - maybe sometimes i took that a little further. (school = discipline) haha, but for sure, questioning, with an open mind has always served me very well.

sooo, 10 years ago 9/11 happened, i knew nothing about politics, other than some boring footage held daily on english tv, during news etc. yet BAM 2 planes crumble 2 towers. In America?

How? lol, seriously... its america. I watch their movies, i hear their propaganda etc maybe that could happen in a 3rd world country but not one of such apparent supperiority? anyways...

Loose Change led to all info i could absorb about 9/11 - leading toa vast variety of Theory and Facts.

Then in Bristol i met a guy by the name of Jphn harris, and some fellow TPUC and started learning about my rights as a sovereign citizen of england, through to police corruption, corporate law, county councils etc im sure you all know what im talking about.

Then i went for a day to london, to hear John Harris speak @ day of talks on 'Lawful Rebellion' which led to chemtrails, phil schneider, zeitgeist, etc

Anyway you know the story.

I feel this is getting rather long and is just full of things about me. Glad i've finally joined, look forward to contributing to the many discussons.

i'm open, honest, up front about anything - any questions feel free to fire away - any suggestions on content for me to divuldge in = muchly appreciated.

Safe, cool! sound! eeeeeeaaaasssy

and of course Blessed be

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 03:11 PM
Welcome Jake

You should enjoy it here, there are a lot of lively discussions

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Pixiefyre

Thankyou, Just have to get used to the layout of being logged in with access haha.

The second line... is the most important

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 03:16 PM
Welcome Jake . See you in Krakow sometime

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 03:41 PM
I like you already.

Great intro, hope to see you around the boards.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:17 PM
Hello and welcome!

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 08:16 AM

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 03:02 PM

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 12:08 PM

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