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Just A Question! (Rethorically)

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 01:52 PM
Hey fellow humans! I'd like to talk about some stuff!

So what is this stuff? Nothing much actually. Now before you click X take a read at what I will talk about.
What leads you into living? (bare in mind it is a rhetorical question).
Human psychology is amazing! The philosophy behind it, the great thoughts and system behind it.
It's great! But something so great surely has faults right? Being led to do things that are "thought"
to be "best" for you. Today children are born without being able to choose freedom or security
although choosing security is like choosing neither, even if you choose freedom it is
deluded imagery of it, not the actual thing where you can run off, cause "they" wouldn't want
"their" slaves to run off. Oh no! The horror of it!

Perhaps what I'm about to say does not apply to ATS users in general, but YOU yes you the people
are afraid. "Pffffft I'm not afraid of anything" is probably what you just said but come on you know
you can't go to toilet in the dark without holding onto something! Although this is the earliest sign of "conditioning" in our lives.
(Darkness = Unknown, Unknown = Risk, Risk = Danger, Danger = Stay clear of it.) The thing
is most people feel that they "cannot" defend what they believe in, that kind of thought is danger!
The "fact" that people tend to rely easily means they cannot defend themselves even if they
had the body of the terminator. We human's are conditioned into believing that we are weak,
however we are not weak. The power to defend our beliefs is beyond what a bullet can apply,
try to change the views of a religious person who was raised in a strict religious society.
The "fact" is that you cannot change them, as they are not "willing" to change.

Sometimes I say something quite remarkable in the eyes of the other and I suddenly become "smart",
but hey that does not make me anymore different then you. I am still flesh and bone only capable of
what my body has to offer for movement, an armed person is not much different then you
(other than being full of himself). However being armed and being able to shoot is Very different,
and the same goes for the fact that we are slaves of a system yet we can stand against it but
choose not to. By not to it includes doing nothing, because you sir are just fitting into the "category"
of a couch potato, "sorry but you know you are one". Now if my statement did make you angry
and scar your ego, then why doesn't the idea of having to pay "rent", "taxes" and other loads of
bull make you angry? If it doesn't make you angry then you are afraid. I can make anyone do what
I want them to do simply by having the afraid of me, however if you can stand up to your beliefs and
yourself, then it is then that you have surpassed the feeling of feeling fear.

Lets put a picture to bright up the mood and make this thread colorful!

Cause if there is no color then you will most like tire your eyes out to the point of leaving this thread.

Back to the topic, why do people associate having freedom with death? Is it simply because we
cannot do anything except to die to achieve freedom? (Like how all people associate enlightenment
with doomsday prophesies). No I believe that it is simply because you want an outer force to help
you, a superhero or God to save your rotting butt on the rotting couch, (it started rotting because of
how long you sat on it). People only you can change, and if everyone decides to change the system
then NOTHING, I will say it again Nothing will be able to stop it because you have decided to change.
When you set your sights onto stopping smoking, nothing will be able to get you back to smoke
unless you want to or that your self created negative thoughts and doubts make you smoke simply
because you cannot being to imagine that quitting it like that will actually work.

I know that I have might have been blabbering my arse of but it's the summary I have made out of
my life being in a enslaved society. Critical thinking is the art of "not" letting our emotions make us
take sides, but to think independently for all to be there individual pattern. We are all "Humans"
differences are for improvement, not for us to take sides and harm each other with.

All I want to say is "I want to see adults not children wandering about what to do".

Thank you for reading my thread if you have, and if you are going to reply, don't insult because
it indicates "what" you are as an individual.

Catch ya later!

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:16 PM
At the risk of "showing what I am made of"...

what a lot of drivel.
There are so few things that irritate me more than those who have an overinflated sense of their own intelligence. Really, it hurts my brain. Please stop... for your own good, and for mine.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 09:36 PM
Good thread, though you're spilling some of your superiority complex into it. It fine though, also this thread is a little similar to my freedom is hard thread. Not saying you stole, just saying minds think a like and all that.

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