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Occupy wall street is a Psy op/controlled opposition

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 01:41 PM

Originally posted by Ellis1234
reply to post by nuttin4U

How do we get out of the system then? If you seem to know? I agree with what your saying, but to do this, you must own land and if you own land you pay taxes and are not free from the system?

I would love to live and be dependent only on myself and no-one else. Not attacking you, i believe what you believe.

Who "owns" land? NO ONE! We're FED the ILLUSION that 'someone' owns this place; that's WHY we pay taxes. Once we get to the realization that no MAN owns this planet....we can move to step 2: Produce! hahhahah

In all seriousness......we're gonna have to learn to do things......THE HARD WAY! We're gonna have to learn to love each other, and SHARE with each other. First, we need to get the titles to the land, that someone says they own, rip them up....and throw them in the garbage. The only entity that can claim the person that actually CREATED this planet. And, to the best of my knowledge....i think HE gave us this place, by way of BLOOD SACRAFICE!

RELIGION has LIED to US; or, at LEAST misinformed us!!!

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 10:23 PM

Originally posted by nuttin4U

Originally posted by morder1
So what is your solution?

Just hope everything works out in the end for your grandchildren, and their children and so on?

The answer is so easy....a CAVEMAN could figure it out. Do you people really NOT know what to do? Nah, you KNOW what to do...but are too AFRAID to do it. It would take COURAGE! More courage than pulling the trigger. Today's! Truly PATHETIC.

Back in the day...they used to CHURN BUTTER....grow their own food...make their own clothes...bake their own bread. But, i guess, you think they had SUPER-MARKETS. My GOD! You people REALLY DON'T get it, DO YOU? And, why should you...when you have luxury s.u.v.'s, 15 different fast food spots, grocery stores, clothing stores, bakeries, liquor stores, movie stores, shoe stores, restaurants; internet, cable, i-pods, black-berries, computers, flatscreens; gyms, theatres, adventure parks, baseball fields, football fields; soccer, basketball, tennis, golf; horse races, dog races, UFC, WWE; credit cards, debit cards, gasoline cards; government assistance; child support; spousal support; schools, colleges, universities; running water, bottled water, electricity; Need i continue???

I wonder how people...hundreds of years ago....'survived'? Surely, they must've died, without their MTV!

Maybe you replied to the wrong person eh? What your saying has nothing to do with my post...

Besides, you have no clue about me, or what I do... stop tryin to dig for troll stars...

And if this post is really at me... Thats fine to do it myself, but if the whole system is out of control, sooner or later they are going to come after me... look at the amish, getting harrased by the feds for raw milk, getting jailed for not having a stupid orange triangle on the back... the whole system has to change, 1 person deciding to change for their family isnt going to fix everything... so why dont you start a movement to get everyone to be self suffecient, quit their jobs and farm for a living

So please save your assumptions for somewhere else, maybe GLP?
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